Mattie's Birthday Campaign
July 17 - Birthday Week! 

The peace mission of Mattie's Foundation relies on the support of people like you. 

Each year, we encourage individuals, families, and organizations to celebrate "Mattie's Birthday Campaign" with gifts that reflect his years and support his peace mission. 

In 2014, we are asking you to please share a gift of $24 (or more) to celebrate Mattie's 24th birthday this month. We are grateful for your support.

Our list of champions so far...

 2014 Special Birthday Campaign Gifts

The Algeo Family, Rockville, MD - $48
- for Mattie's 24th birthday and
their daughter Molly's 24th birthday


Michael Whit Conway - $100
Washington, DC


Dorothy Dimick - $100
Rocklin, CA

Lorraine Dusseau - $25
Owings, MD

Bonnie Eglin, Akron, OH - $30


Katey Hasson - $48
San Leandro, CA
King Farm Citizen's Assembly - $1,500
Mattie's Rockville, Maryland Neighborhood


Justin LeBlanc, Clinton, LA - $50


Nick Lowinger, Cranston, RI - $240
From a 2013 Global Teen Leader
$24 for each of Mattie's 10 legacy years


Libby Moore, Pacific Palisades, CA - $125
"I love Mattie, and I love you, Jeni!
Celebrating you both on the West Coast!"

Patricia Palmer - $100
New Orleans, LA


Ben Quinto, Pompano Beach, FL - $96
Celebrating Katie, Stevie, Jamie & Mattie


Donald Tappe, Murrysville, PA - $100
A new friend of Mattie's Foundation


Jeanne Volk, Miami Lakes, FL - $48
Love from Little Mattie Puppy and Jeanne

Lola Whalen, Grantham, NH  - $2,000
Lola helped transport Mattie to  Chicago
for his very first interview with Oprah 



 2014 Birthday Campaign $24 Gifts

Nisha Batra, Ontario, Canada
Matthew Baughn, Gig Harbor, WA
Timothy Bellavia, New York, NY
Andrew & Mary Connelly, Waldwick, NJ
Terry Drake, North Olmstead, OH
Roberta Dugas, Brandon, FL
Christine Dull, Union, OH
Linda Hays, Humble, TX
Jacob Jones (Peace Club Kid), PA
Greg & Janc Jones & Family, Pittsburgh, PA
Terri Kennedy, Chesapeake Beach, MD
Kenneth Keohane, Chilmark, MA
Frank & Frankie Konovsek, Brownsburg, IN
Tamah Letteri, Deerfield Beach, FL
Maureen Lewis, Bernville, PA
Rose Anne Mangarella, Philadelphia, PA
Azeb Measho, Alexandria, VA
Marybeth Newcomb, Hopewell, NJ
Alba Romero, Sylmar, CA
Lyn Scalzi-Anderson, Ashland, OR 

Anthony Scardino, Jr. Lyndhurst, NJ
Ann Y. Schmidt, Rockville, MD
Joe Southard, Trumbull, CT
Lynn Steigerwalt, Midlothian, VA 

Jeni Stepanek, Rockville, MD
Peggy Stypula, Alexandria, VA
Kel Nicole Sutherland, Georgetown, OH
Kim Boyce Talbot, Columbia, MD 

Gary & Betsy Thompson, Rockville, MD
Jo Tummers, Sittard, Netherlands
Mary Usrey, Americus, GA
Candace Webb, Lakeland, FL
Rob Windrem, Ventura, CA
Mary Wise, Spotsylvania, VA 

It's easy to add your name -->
-- THIS WEEK!!! ---  
The Mayor & City Council of Rockville, MD are declaring July 17 
Mattie Stepanek Peace Day at a local level as we journey towards a national day!  
Read the article here... 
Peace Gathering in Mattie's Park will celebrate Mattie's life, legacy, and peace day journey -- July 19 from 10:30 am - 12 noon -- Free.
-- A documentary project 
on Mattie's life, legacy, and peace day journey is in progress. Participants in the July 19 
Peace Gathering event will have an opportunity to share reflections for the film.  
-- Birthday Peace Champions and Peace Club Members -- share a PEACE MESSAGE for Mattie's birthday (in words, art, or photo). --- Sample template and information here... 
Mattie J.T. Stepanek Peace Day
Exciting Campaign & Petition Updates

A growing number of politicians and national organizations are supporting our campaign asking the President of the United States to declare July 17 (Mattie's birthday) as a day of peace for our country.
We need your support -- just a few minutes of your time:
Give 1 minute for peace: 
Sign the peace day petition (just CLICK HERE...)
Give 2 minutes for peace: 
Encourage family, friends, and coworkers to sign the petition.
Share the link on Twitter and Facebook and on other social media. If all 6,100 signers brought in 5 to 10 more signers -- we would so close to our goal! 
Give 3 to 10 minutes for peace: 
Contact your local mayor, city council, and congressional and senatorial representatives. Make them aware of this campaign. We have a ready-to-sign letter of support (CLICK HERE) or they can write their own letter of support. 
One person can make a difference, 
but together, we can create change.
-- Nearly 6,100 people have signed the petition so far!  Add your name here... 
-- Check out our new Peace Day Campaign tools and photos -- including "Responses to Your Top Ten Questions" and two dozen campaign photo flyers

Thank you. 
Peace matters... and so do you.


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Comment from peace day petition signer

Eva Kruger (Atlanta, GA):

"Peace is the most important issue in the world!"

Sign the petition here,
and add your comment.