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Mattie's Peace Tree 2014 (Deadline & Prize Info)
Mattie's Peace Day (Photos & Updates)
Peace Activity Certificates (New & Free!)
Peace Gifts for the Holidays & Any Days!

Mattie's Peace Tree 2014
 Free, Fun -- All Ages, Faiths, & Countries
     and as easy as 1, 2, 3 -- Details here...

-- Participation is quick, easy, fun for kids & adults. 
-- Seeking participants representing every continent (again:)
-- Creatively express peace (art, word, photo, craft, doodle... 
-- E-mail us a photo of your "ornament" and/or display.
-- Prizes will be offered through random participant drawings.
-- Families, teachers, clubs, and communities leaders can 
       earn a free Peace Activity Certificate 
           for making this a a group project! 
-- 2014 theme: "Peace is possible... choose  peace!" -- Mattie

-- Submission Deadline for global tree/prize eligibility:
     NOVEMBER 30 (so add this to your fall "TO DO LIST")
-- "What, Why, and How" simple guidelines are on our website here... 
-- A printable 1-page summary to share with schools, offices... is here... 
    ---------------> More information and details here...

Mattie's Peace Day updates
Peace Gathering, Birthday Campaign, & more... 
  • Mattie's Peace Day Campaign -- We continue to work towards a national peace day to be recognized July 17 (Mattie's birthday) each year -- the purpose being to set aside a day for children and adults in our country to reflect on, respond to, and reach out with peace choices. This day of "beginning peace" would complement and support the international peace day -- which is focused on pausing violence for 24 hours as a tool for ending wars. In the meantime, Mattie's Foundation will be proclaiming this day at an organization level each year, just as the City of Rockville, Maryland and a growing number of families, schools, and communities are doing at local levels... LEARN MORE HERE.... 
  • Mattie's Birthday Campaign -- $24 (or more) for his 24 years (still going on!)
    It's not too late to participate in our annual birthday campaign. Most of our outreach activities are made available at no cost to global participants. We rely on the generosity of those who can give to support our important mission -- which is to make Mattie's message available and accessible to global neighbors. All supporters (birthday donors and others) are celebrated on our Peace Champions page. Mattie's Birthday Champions who give $25 or more have the option of being listed as General Members of Mattie's Peace Club (no additional fee). View our 2014 Birthday Champions (so far) here...

Celebrating Peace While 
   Supporting Mattie's Foundation

Peace Shop Item --
    Wristbands with two peace message options!
Wear them... share them... order one, order a set,
  order a bulk, or in combination with a book! 

Our new "Peace is possible..." and "...choose peace!" wristbands are already a hit! Parents and teachers have ordered them in bulk as party or classroom gifts, and firefighters and teenagers are making a fashion statement with them. One size fits most children and adults. The bands are very sturdy mid-weight in Mattei's symbolic colors for hope, peace, and life (purple and green). These make great gifts! ORDER HERE... 

NEW & FREE Resource 
    for Individuals, families, educators, communities, and more! 
    Peace Activity Certificates -
    a free component of our Peace Certification Program
  • We have added a Peace Activity Certificate level to our Peace Certification journey.
  • There is no cost to the participant(s) for this recognition.
  • It is much like the paid/sponsored Peace Certification journey in that recipients participate in some type of lesson plan or peace activity rooted in Mattie's peace message (a quote, a poem, or a book).
  • This free level encourages people to move from attitude to action with peace and to have their activity recognized on our website, and also earn a certificate for their peace activity.
  • Families, teachers, and businesses can even retroactively share a lesson plan or activity completed anytime during the previous 12 months.
  • However, as it is free, participants do not receive our Peace Tips Guide or personalized support through Mattie's peace choices.
  • Instead, they can download our  brief Peace Activity Certificate Information Tool which offers suggestions, including a template for planning and sharing about the activity/lesson.
  • Learn more here... 

  Free for Youth; Donation Requested for Adults
  • Our Peace Club Kids, Tweens, and Teens are learning about peace, talking about peace, and choosing to participate in peace activities and events. 
  • They learn about peace in the "Mama Peace Messages" they and their families or teachers receive by e-mail several times a year. 
  • They express peace on their Peace Club Kids, Tweens, and Teens website pages -- with art and poetry and photos and more. 
  • Please register for our free Peace Club youth levels here... 
  • Please consider joining at a General or VIP adult level as well -- your small membership gift is what supports our free youth programs. Learn more here... 
Learn more about Mattie, Mattie's Foundation, 
 and our Pathways to Peace program at

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