Mattie's Peace Tree 2014
Free, Fun, For All Ages & Faiths
A quick & easy global peace activity.

DEADLINE just weeks away: Nov 30
Peace Club Kids, Teens, & Families
and participating schools/youth groups!

It's simple.
 Just reflect on the theme:
Peace is possible... 
choose peace!

Respond to the theme in any way -
words, art, image...
Reach out with your peace expression -
send us a message or cellphone photo.

We do the rest -- 
We process your peace expression
(words, or art, or image).

And we place it on Mattie's Peace Tree 2014 --
which will be shared globally in just a few weeks!

Please -- give a few minutes for peace.
The peace tree becomes a global mosaic
activity with YOUR participation.

We hope to have 30+ countries represented!

See the image below for a step-by-step example.
NOTE: Families, schools, groups, and communities can
earn a free Peace Activity Certificate for participation.

Parents -- did you know...
When you support Mattie's Foundation
with a donation, or a program sponsorship,
 or a Peace Shop purchase,
you are supporting Mattie's mission of peace!

We have wristbands and t-shirts, posters and books,
inspiration cards and more... that make great gifts.
Or you can simply make a donation of any amount to
support our mission of continuing Mattie's peace work.

Most of our activities and programs are 
 offered at no cost to participants,
and we have never charged any fee 
for our Peace Club Kids program.

Please choose to become a Peace Champion.
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