March 20 , 2018/5778
Temple Israel clergy will be competing for the coveted matzah trophy. Don't miss it on March 31!
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8 Nisan, 5778
Shabbat HaGadol
Torah portion:
Leviticus 6:1−8:36

Haftarah portion:
Malachi 3:4-24
Friday, March 23
6:00 p.m.  Qabbalat Shabbat of Inclusion with Nataly Zukerman

Rachel Solomon will chant Qiddush

Baby naming for Harrison George Conviser, son of Jim and Holly Conviser
Saturday, March 24
9:00 a.m.  Shabbat Service & Torah Study

10:15 a.m. Shabbat Morning Service

Rachel Solomon's Bat Mitzvah
Shabbat of Inclusion with Nataly Zukerman
Friday, March 23 at 6:00 p.m., no cost
Temple Israel is hosting playwright and performing artist Nataly Zukerman, an autobiographical, independent performance artist in the field of disability arts. She will perform parts of her work "The Other Body: Inclusion in Society" and talk about her unseen disability, her personal and artistic path to publicly owning the definition disabled, and how society and the art world secretly excludes disabled people and artists. Register.
Join The Conversation about MLKBoston
Monday, March 26, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
In the near future, Boston will have its own world class permanent installation commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King and Dr. Coretta Scott King's legacy to Boston. We will welcome MLKBoston's co-chairs, Reverend Liz Walker and Paul English (creator of ). Come join us for this great opportunity to learn how the project began, share your thoughts and questions, and find out how you can become involved.  For more information or to RSVP, email  Carol Michael .
passoverPassover at Temple Israel
Beyond the Wall Followed by Discussion with Louie Diaz
Thursday, March 22 at 7:00 p.m.
As our Exodus story instructs, liberation is only the first step - the challenge is living with freedom. Beyond the Wall takes a close look at the journey, from incarceration to community, of several Massachusetts men who are attempting to rebuild their lives on the outside with little support from the system. Louie Diaz, whose dedication to helping these men is central to the film, will be present for a Q&A. Watch the trailer. RSVP to Tali Puterman.
Cooking & Memory: Charoset Edition
Sunday, March 25 from 10:00 - 11:45 a.m.; $10
With a dash of this and a spoonful of that, our taste and smell bring us back to special moments in our lives. Share memories, enjoy conversation, and learn a few cooking tips from our star chef Phyllis Tobin about Charoset recipes from around the world. Register.
Clergy Matzah Brei Cook Off & Passover Celebration
Saturday, March 31
9:00 - 10:00 a.m. Matzah Brei Cook Off
10:00 a.m. Service & Study for adults and special children's program with Ellen Allard
Which of our clergy makes the meanest matzah brei? On the first day of Passover, our clergy will compete. Will our reigning champion Rabbi Zecher keep her title, or will someone new take home the trophy? We'll eat, celebrate the holiday, study, and enjoy a special musical program for children ages 0-5 with Ellen Allard, award-winning recording artist, composer, performer, and music coach.
10th Annual Women's Seder
Thursday, April 5 at 6:00 p.m., $18
Through ritual, song, and conversation we will retell the story of Passover over a potluck Seder meal. Rabbis Zecher, Jacobson, and Gubitz will lead the Seder. Please 
register and let us know what dish you will bring to the Seder. If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Daniels.
hashoahYom Hashoah
The Tent Hosts Avi Wisnia
Friday, April 9 at 6:00 p.m.
All are welcome

Through story and song, Avi Wisnia recounts his travels with his grandfather and the profound journey of tracing his grandfather's footsteps from child singing prodigy to Auschwitz survivor to American soldier. Read more.
Yom Hashoah Service and Remembrance
Sunday, April 11 at 6:00 p.m. in Slater Lounge
Gather with us to commemorate Yom Hashoah with prayer, song, and poetry as we honor the memory of all those who perished in the Holocaust.
CAJLCenter for Adult Jewish Learning
Hundreds have joined us for thoughtful and engaging classes and learning opportunities at the Center for Adult Jewish Learning at Temple Israel. We invite you to join us as we continue our legacy as a place committed to deep Jewish scholarship, a community that is unafraid to ask the difficult questions and think about Judaism in new and exciting ways.
Hebrew Boot Camp with Debbie Betesh
Thursdays, March 22 and 29
7:00 - 9:00 p.m., $50 course fee
Learn to recognize the shapes and sounds of the Hebrew alphabet and become comfortable sounding out some of the key recurring words and phrases in the Hebrew blessings for Shabbat and holidays. This course assumes no prior Hebrew experience. Register.
Feinberg Lecture with Etai Freedman and MEET
Friday, April 6 at 6:00 p.m.
Any Israeli or Palestinian teenager whose formative years followed 1995, does not know what it's like to possess legitimate hope for peace. Amidst such a reality, in which the word collaboration often has a negative connotation, MEET, The Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, brings together Israeli and Palestinian bright young leaders to create positive social and political change through technology and entrepreneurship. Read more.
Imagining Paradise with Rabbi Ronne Friedman
Begins April 24; Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Four Sessions: 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15
Course Fee: $120 for Members/$160 for Non-members
From the very beginning of Hebrew literacy, Jewish writers have created myths and stories of paradise as a desired destination, a blissful place of perfection and sometimes a figment filled with an ironic admixture of hope and despair, faith and doubt. How have these tales created by the Biblical authors, rabbis of the Midrash, Mystics, Philosophers and Modern writers framed and formed the Jewish psyche from antiquity to modernity? Read the full description and register.
boomersMovie Night Presented by TI 50s & 60s, Open to All
French Film: Hiroshima Mon Amour
Sunday, March 25 at 4:00 p.m.; $10/person
French Teacher, Susan Ridker, will present "Hiroshima, Mon Amour" (with subtitles). The movie traces the brief affair of a Japanese architect and a French actress in Japan after World War II and is acclaimed as a milestone in the history of movie-making. Registration includes pizza and salad dinner, beverages, and movie theatre treats. Read more and register.
libraryDr. Arnold L. Segel Library Center
Last Tuesday Book Group
Tuesday, March 28 at 12:00 p.m.
The Last Tuesday Book Group will be led by book group member, Sandy Wixted, in our discussion of Citizen by Claudia Rankine. For more information, please contact Ann Abrams, Librarian. This event is free but an RSVP the Friday before is appreciated.
tilliTemple Israel Lifelong Learning Initiative
Temple Israel Celebrates TILLI's 10th Anniversary
Friday, April 20 at 6:00 p.m.
Join us for Qabbalat Shabbat when we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of TILLI (Temple Israel Lifelong Learning Initiative). TILLI's mission is to provide opportunities for members to participate in peer-led study groups covering a broad range of topics from a Jewish perspective, enjoying cultural events, and developing community and social relationships. A festive Oneg will follow the service. For more information, contact Sue Misselbeck.
Life Cycle Events
With each new life the world begins anew! We celebrate the birth of:
Nicolás Angel Sicairos McCarthy
March 10, 2018
Ariana Sicairos-McCarthy and David McCarthy (parents)
Bennett Weener
March 4, 2018
Jamie and Seth Weener (parents)
Pat and David Squire (great-grandparents)
May their memory be a blessing. We mourn the loss of:
Thomas Bonfiglio
March 17, 2018 (1 Nisan, 5778)
Father of Suzanne Baumann (Elizabeth)
Grandfather of Ruth
Dean Witten
March 16, 2018 (29 Adar, 5778)
Susan Witten
Son-in-Law of Florence Steinberg (Joe)
Elizabeth Sarah Ommen
March 15, 2018 (28 Adar, 5778)
Daughter of Judy Herman

If you would like to send extend wishes of congratulations or condolences, please send them to  Rachel Daniels, Executive Coordinator to Rabbi Zecher, who will pass along your message. Are you or is someone you know celebrating a wedding? An engagement? A new baby? Do you know someone who is ill or in need of a friendly, supportive call? Please tell Rachel to let our clergy know.
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