WEEK 2 Answer Key

What are the official Maui High School colors?
Royal Blue and White
Name our Maui High School Health Aide?
Ms. Debbie Hirata
The Maui High School Counselors are located in which building?
The Maui High School mascot “Sabers” is named after which endangered plant?
The Maui High School gym is named after which former teacher, coach and athletic director?
Izumi “Shine” Matsui
What year did Maui High School officially have a MIL (Maui Interscholastic League) surf team?
Name the Maui High graduate that played professional soccer for the Seattle Sounders of the MLS (Major League Soccer).
 Zach Scott
Name 4 former County of Maui Mayors that graduated from Maui High School.
 Elmer Cravalho, Hannibal Tavares, Alan Arakawa, Charmaine Tavares
Name the title AND artist of the rolling hill sculpture located in front of the main office?
“Carolina” by Thomas Woodruff
Name our School Resource Officer (Police)?
Officer Jonathan Honda