It is a pretty common occurrence to see parents with their children at Christian HELP.

They are usually here to get food from the pantry. Some parents bring their children with them as they inquire about our job search assistance program.

Then there's Max and his family.
His mom brought him by for a different reason.
Max wanted to donate.

Max is 7.

He had saved $21.18 from doing chores and wanted to do something good with his savings. His mother brought him to Christian HELP.

Max spoke with Bernard, our Resources Program Manager.
As he handed over the donation, Max was concerned.
He wanted to make sure his gift would help others.

"Am I helping?"

Yes, Max. You are helping. Every dollar makes a difference.

This summer, your support of Christian HELP feeds children and helps get their parents the resources they need to find a job.

August is here, summer is winding down, and schools are open in just a matter of days.

Your support sends children back to school ready to learn with a full stomach. Your support opens the door for parents to get back to work. You're helping families Make the Grade.

Check out the video below.

See how your giving impacts families in our community.

Just like Max did.
There are so many reasons to be a Christian HELP church partner.

We are faith-based and kingdom-minded.

We are here as a referral service for your congregation,
with jobs, food, resources, and hope.

Your church can volunteer for special group projects and gets special access to our Christmas program that serves hundreds of local families.

Go to for more information!

Christian HELP is grateful for our church partners!
Due to the increasing demand for our services, we are hiring!

Entry Coordinator (FT) - You will welcome clients into all of our programs with excellent customer service skills.

Driver (PT) - You are the first step in feeding the community as you pick up groceries for distribution in the pantry.

For more information on these positions and how you can apply, go to