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Interconception care is postpartum care, preconception care, and well-woman care

Every Woman California and the Preconception Health Council of California have released recommendations to maximize postpartum care

Interconception Care Project website

"Our hope is that providers and patients throughout California will find the materials valuable as a bridge between postpartum health and the future health of individuals and their babies".

-Interconception Care Project

Called the Interconception Care Project, the project is designed to maximize postpartum care. Developed by a panel of obstetric and health experts, the recommendations include evidence-based clinical management algorithms for postpartum care based on the 21 most common pregnancy and delivery complications. Complications were identified by using ICD-9 discharge code data from California hospitals.

Postpartum Visit Handouts in English and Spanish accompany each algorithm

The Guidelines and handouts may be reproduced and disseminated in any media in their original format for informational and educational purposes.

See the Postpartum Depression Handout

See the Gestational Diabetes Handout

Access all 21 Patient Handouts

Preventive Well Woman Care recommendations from HRSA:

When Women are Healthy Communities Thrive

Recommendations for Well-Woman Care – A Well-Woman Chart provides a framework for incorporating preventive health services for women into clinical practice.

Visit WPSI website

New resources for you and your clients from the 4th Trimester Project:

The 4th Trimester Project

Postpartum in Practice toolkit for Healthcare Teams

Click the image to access the toolkit


A Village for Mothers


Salud Madre

Una Comunidad para Madres

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