August 2017
Ashley Ledbetter, President, CBS ArcSafe
Low Voltage Doesn't Mean "No Danger"
CBS ArcSafe, Group CBS ready to help our neighbors recover from Harvey

When you're a data center or telecom switching office, anything less than 99.999999% uptime is unacceptable. Power reliability demands constant testing and maintenance. When you combine the need for regular testing with the misconception that phone switching offices and data farms are low-voltage applications ---    and therefore low danger ---    the conditions are ripe for tragedy, at the human and service levels.
When it comes to data and telephone facilities, multiple low-voltage systems are often powered by medium-voltage service that packs plenty of destructive punch. To enable regular testing while maintaining technician safety, our customers turn to our remote racking and switching solutions.
Our products not only take technicians out of the arc-flash danger zone, they also provide useful data for preventive-maintenance asset management, such as how much force it takes to rack a breaker today versus how much it required last year (indicating deteriorating mechanical systems in need of maintenance). Partial discharge sensors can detect insulation breaks before technicians and equipment are put in harm's way, helping data and telephone offices meet their high service levels.

And speaking of harm's way, Hurricane Harvey has really made a mess of our beloved Texas. We're preparing a team right now to head to Houston to pitch in at our local affiliate, CBS&R. But if you need remote racking or switching gear, replacement parts, or experienced field service to get the lights back on, give us a call 24/7. It's time we all pull together and rebuild. We've been here before. And we'll succeed again.  
Want to learn more about our data/telecom solutions or how we can help with Harvey? Give us a call at 877-4-SAFETY or email , and we'll explain how we're helping some of North America's largest telecom and data companies avoid unplanned downtime due to electrical failures.
CBS ArcSafe New Products 
Protect Technicians From Arc-Flash Danger With
RSA-91B M for GE Power Break

CBS ArcSafe's newest remote switch actuator (RSA), the RSA-91B M, is compatible with manually operated General Electric Power Break insulated case circuit breakers (ICCBs) with ratings of 800---2000 A. Using the RSA-91B M, technicians can remotely close or trip ICCBs from up to 300 feet. The portable, cost-effective RSA is fast and easy to set up and helps customers with NFPA 70E safety compliance. Read more. 
RRS-3 GMI Remotely Installs and Removes Siemens Type GMI, 3AF Breakers 
CBS ArcSafe has introduced the RRS-3 GMI, a portable, lightweight single-application remote racking system for Siemens Type GMI and Type 3AF vacuum circuit breakers. The RRS-3 GMI allows technicians to remotely install and remove the circuit breaker from a safe distance while remaining stationed outside the arc-flash boundary. Installation and operation do not require any modifications to the existing electrical equipment. Read more. 
CBS ArcSafe Remote Switching Solutions
RSA-135A Eliminates Hazardous Contact With QA/CBC Pringle Switches

Need to safely close and open/trip a QA/CBC Pringle switch, even in hard-to-access areas? Use the CBS ArcSafeĀ® RSA-135A remote switch actuator for quick, simple remote operation outside the arc-flash perimeter. Pringle switches are typically used in heavy-duty applications such as rectifier disconnects, crane and electrified rail isolation, battery disconnects, and UPS systems. Read more.
CBS ArcSafe OSHA Resources  
OSHA Launches Online Injury Tracking Application

Employers can now electronically submit injury and illness data to OSHA, thanks to the new web-based Injury Tracking Application. The secure website offers three options for data submission and includes FAQs, plus information on reporting requirements and completing the form. Read more. 
CBS ArcSafe Product Videos
Safe and Sound: Watch the RRS-1 at Work

It's easy, safe, and reliable. See how the CBS ArcSafe RRS-1 universal remote racking system removes and inserts an ITE HK-500 circuit breaker. Learn more. 

CBS ArcSafe and EHS Today magazine's webinar Employing Remote Operation to Prevent Electrical Arc-Flash Casualties is available on our website! In case you missed it, you can still listen now.
August 29-September 1, 2017
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