Innovation Challenge Awards Announced
Attorney General Phil Weiser today announced that the Colorado Department of Law has awarded $4 million in funding to address the opioid crisis throughout the state.

Eight organizations received Opioid Abatement Innovation Challenge grants for their efforts in opioid use prevention, early intervention, appropriate harm reduction, treatment, recovery, and continuum of care, as well as behavioral health within the criminal justice or law enforcement setting. 

“These grants focus on encouraging innovative ideas to address pressing needs in affected communities, and recipients underwent rigorous evaluations to ensure they met this objective,” said Weiser. “This investment goes beyond prevention and treatment; it's a commitment to hope, recovery, and the well-being of all Coloradoans.” 

Please click here to see the full press release to learn more about the awardees and the funded initiatives.
More Funding Opportunities Forthcoming in 2024
The Colorado Department of Law will announce another round of state funding to address the opioid crisis in February 2024. Approximately $8 million in funds will be made available through a competitive announcement for Impact Awards.

In late Spring, the next round (Round 3) of Infrastructure Share application opportunity will be announced with $5 million available.

We will announce when these funding opportunities open through this newsletter. You can share this newsletter with others by having them sign up here:
Happy New Year from Director of Opioid Response,
Jamie Feld, MPH
Dear all,

As the Director of the Opioid Response Unit, I recognize this can be a difficult time of year for many of us who have lost loved ones to overdose. Likewise, many individuals and family are currently struggling as we speak.

As Attorney General Phil Weiser often quotes "the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it's connection."

As the current Director of Opioid Response, I commit to working hard to ensure these funds truly serve Coloradans.

In my first few months, our team has:
  • Coordinated a 3-day conference in Montrose with over 200+ in person attendees. To find the conference recordings and agenda click here
  • Distributed over $2 million in funds to the Ute Mountain Ute and Southern Ute tribes. To learn more about the awards to the tribes click here
  • Awarded over $2.5 million in the 2nd round of Infrastructure Share funds to six entities. To see award recipients and funded initiatives click here
  • Released over $25.5 million in funds to the 19 regional opioid abatement councils. To learn more about the regions’ planned expenditures click here
  • Launched the Connect Effect campaign for prevention for youth 10-14 and their trusted adults. To see the campaign click here
  • Granted $4 million in funds to the Opioid Abatement Innovation Challenge grant recipients. To see the award recipients and funded initiatives click here

In this article, Colorado was positively recognized for our state's ability to pro-actively distribute funds.
As Director of Opioid Response, I’ll aim to bring the following approaches to our efforts:

  • Strategic & Evidence-based – Leveraging state and national efforts and focusing on efforts of greatest impact, utilizing best practices and approaches.
  • Whole-person focus – Listening to and empowering the voices of those impacted, including families who have lost loved ones either to overdose or to the criminal justice system, people in recovery, as well as people in active use.
  • Data-centered – Using data to identify those at greatest risk, whether in rural communities, communities of color, or incarcerated individuals.
  • Accountable & Transparent – Promoting trust and engagement, including launching accessible funding opportunities and publicizing expenditures.
Looking ahead:

  • In February 2024, we will announce an Opioid Response Strategic Impact grant with $8 million available.
  • In late spring 2024 we will launch the 3rd round of Infrastructure Award funding with $5 million available.
  • Hiring an additional grant position to ensure funds are released as quickly and seamlessly as possible.
  • And more - stay tuned!

We are at a critical juncture in addressing the opioid crisis in Colorado. While the over $750 million in opioid settlement funds secured by the Attorney General’s Office provide a pivotal and long-awaited step forward, they are not sufficient to address the devastation that our friends, families, and communities have faced. No amount of money can bring back the loved ones lost to this tragedy.
With sincere gratitude for your partnership this year,
Jamie Feld
Director of Opioid Response
Colorado Attorney General’s Office
Regional Share Opioid Settlement Timeline
Below is an infographic detailing the timeline for the Regional Share of opioid settlement funds, which makes up 60% of the total opioid settlement funds.

Regions will be able to request funds at least twice annually and submit expenditure reports on an annual basis.

In February 2024, the state will launch the first round of expenditure reporting for regions, local governments, and Infrastructure Award recipients. See the graphic below for timeline for 2-year plans and expenditure reporting for regions.

Initial expenditure reporting will be due for both Regions and Local Governments on February 9, 2024.
Don't forget, you can reach the entire Opioid Response Unit team at [email protected] or at (720)-508-6196!