Maximizing Your Payer Contracts
Calculate the financial impact of any contract fee schedule or proposed payer rate amendment, quickly deciding whether to accept or renegotiate terms.

Payer Matrix

Compare your payer contracts and reimbursements on an ongoing basis; test payer offers and your counter-offers. Key contractual information is easily available and provides a reference for renegotiating.

Determine what various reimbursement rates will do to your bottom line, in aggregate and by CPT® code. Test the adequacy of your charges, determine A/R, write-off amounts and more.
Templated Payer Letters

Templated payer letters come with your Contract Analyzer to make the right move for your practice and revenue.
Our Clients Increase Their Revenue 4% - 7%

Physicians, now more than ever before, need to do everything in their power to maximize their hard-earned revenue. Without a sound contracting strategy, any practice will be at the mercy of any payer.

You study and work hard to help patients; we study and work hard to help you.
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