There's lots going on at LAHARI YOGA and our May newsletter has all the details. Read on!

Health, Honesty, Equality, and Loving Kindness

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Lahari Bingo!
A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever, and wildly successful, Lahari Yoga Bingo! We hope you had as much fun with this as we did, and maybe even found some new classes to love. The  big winner of a free one year unlimited yoga pass is...  ART JANZ!

International Day of Yoga Event!

On June 21st, THE FIRST EVER INTERNATIONAL DAY Of YOGA, we will be running our first ever Lahari Yoga Kula Collective.


It's an "Amazing Race" style event with a compassionate yoga twist!


At 6 p.m., teams (Satsangs) of two or more yogis will journey around S t. Albert to designated city landmarks named "Kula Corners" to complete challenges and race to the finish! Teams will complete the race on foot to reduce our carbon footprint.


Awaiting them on the grassy field behind the Lahari*Yoga studio will be trophies for the first three teams, and a COMMUNITY YOGA FESTIVAL for all ages! There will be kirtan music, mandala henna painting, mala beading, food, fun, and a free giant outdoor class.


Participation fee will be a non-persihable item for the local food bank or cash donation. All cash donations will be split between the and the United Nations Foundation GirlUp campaign.


To register your team please contact us on facebook or email us at


Vendors or services wishing to participate in the festival, please get in touch with us at


OM-NOM Recipe

"Oh Hungry" For More Bites

A Lahari favorite from Michelle "Cha Cha" Krause that takes about three minutes to make!  Easy peasy!


12 Tbsp natural peanut butter

6 Tbsp melted coconut oil

6 Tbsp melted raw honey

4 Tbsp cacao powder

Pinch Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

1 tsp Vanilla

1 cup crushed cashews

1 cup gluten-free Rice Krispies (optional)


Add all ingredients into bowl except cashews and Rice Krispies.  Mix until well combined.  Add cashews and rice Krispies, mix.   Pour into a wax paper lined 8x8 pan.  Freeze.  Once frozen cut into bars and enjoy.  Best served frozen.




Sunday, June 7, 2015

12:30pm  2:30pm


Mat to Page Writing & Yoga workshop with Nicole Starker Campbell

Join Nicole for an exploration of how yoga can help unlock creativity and expression through breath, body and mind.

 A yoga practice can be very helpful in moving energy through our bodies, clearing our minds and helping us gain the focus needed to move thoughts from the mind to the page. Using the chakras as our guide, we will work on gently opening our bodies and minds through specific physical poses, breath, and a relaxing guided yoga nidra meditation.

 Be prepared to do some yoga, a couple of writing exercises, and of course, have fun!

 This workshop is open to all creative souls, whether you have a yoga practice or have never set foot on a yoga mat.

In addition to teaching yoga, Nicole is a published writer and you can view samples of her work at 


Cost:$25 + GST


Saturday, June 13, 2015

10:00am - 12:00pm


Healing Breath Therapy is a healing system based on the natural intelligence of the body. This therapy utilizes the power of the breath to heal and balance the mind and body combining techniques of yogic breathing and shamanic breathing. The breath is the most powerful source of life force energy (prana) which can heal the body, open blockages, reveal patterns or addictions, assist in the releasing of past trauma or abuse and accelerate spiritual growth.


This workshop is contraindicated for those that are pregnant or have high blood pressure unless they speak with Erik Hanzen first.






CCMBA: Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment

Inside each one of us there exists an infinite source of wisdom, healing energy plus an unlimited reservoir of possibilities that are waiting to be awakened.

Lets awaken these in you!

These Energies target the problem wherever it exists and work on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Some people will release deep-seated emotional and physical trauma; others will have their bones will realign, some have chronic back/neck pain and/or scoliosis totally disappear; still others will release toxins and poisons from their system; other people will have a Divine spiritual awakening, others are energized, some will let go of non-desirable habits, some increase healing abilities, and still others will gain a totally new outlook on life.

What will be your experience? Come and find out!

Cost: $45




Carol Smith from Therassage? along with a band of Registered Clinical Massage
Therapists are joining us for four registered workshops this spring!!!It's 75 delicious minutes of a gentle Yin yoga class paired with the unmatchable bonus of being massaged and adjusted while holding the poses. Book now: limited space!

Fare: $49.99/person +GST
Feature Creature Teacher
* click on the teachers name to find their next class at the LAHARI *Yoga Studio


To me yoga is not something I do, it's how I live; it's not something I teach but rather what I share.

From my very first class in the fall of 2010 I knew there was something special about it, I often say "It spoke to me like nothing before".  After a lifetime of competitive sports pounding heavy weights in the gym and hard living including 16+ yrs of football up to and including CFL, training camps and practice rosters injuries were taking a great toll on not only my physical body but mental state as well with 3 major knee reconstructions, multiple concussions and spinal fusion I had no idea what was to come of this new journey of peace and softness.

Like most athletes my yoga practice was mostly physical in power flows, hot yoga and Ashtanga but so much more was unfolding around me a calm and quietness that I had never experienced before I was changing and my way of seeing life was shifting..... for the better.  After a year of solid daily practice being encouraged to embrace the change with love one of my teachers  said to me "you have a gift and need to share it, you will build bridges between communities that have never been connected before", although I had no idea what he meant at the time. I embarked on something that was to shape my future in the most amazing way ever. I completed my first TT with Empowered  Yoga receiving  certification in Rocket Ashtanga, Power and traditional Hatha in2012 now wanting to share even more  teaching became a natural fit continuing to grow and educate myself adding Yin certification in the summer of 2013 all while recovering from spinal fusion surgery and working  towards my RYT 500 w/Empowered Yoga.

Yoga and Football are two passions that allow me to give back to the community that supports me, after 30+ yrs. of playing, coaching and managing at many different levels from minor football to the CFL and having worked in business operations with the Edmonton Eskimos I feel the connection between these two communities instructing yoga to the Eskimos, UofA Golden bears,  Jr football clubs, hockey schools and other various sports building bridges along with being a Glow Juice &  Lululemon Ambassador growing yoga, inspiring positive living and nutrition creating mind body awareness.

?nanda Retreat

Join Jeff, Shambhavi and a host of other fantastic teachers for a  weekend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and celebration.

A co-created community event, completely immersed in nature. Along with an outdoor sauna, yurt, campfires, and community spaces, StoneHedge Eco Lodge supports you to sink into a weekend of total connectivity and bliss.

From morning yoga under the sun, to ecstatic dances under the stars, our journey together will be whole hearted and fun, full of hugs and love. Reiki and massage treatments by day, Kirtan and sound healing by night.

?nanda opens Friday June 26 at 10 a.m. wi th events and workshops during the entire day. With our welcoming circle beginning at 5:30 p.m. allows for those who are committed during the day friday to still be a complete part of this community weekend experience.

Camping : $195 Before June 1 & $220 After
Indoor Dorm : $245 Before June 1& $270 After


LAHARI YOGA's Schedule

Check us out online at for a printable schedule and a live link to the daily roster where you can book your spot in class before you even arrive! 

Famous for creating the Lahari favourite "Yinyasa", students also love sweating it out with Alexandra Perras at her Powerflow classes and waking up early for some warrior flow. Alex will be taking her mat to the people of Australia when she embarks on a new journey down under in June. We will miss her sunny style and laughter at the studio and wish her much love and all the best in this new chapter!


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