One of the great things the NCJCC did prior to the pandemic was purchase the rear yard. Since the purchase a great team from our congregation has done an excellent job of fixing it up, putting the ramp out to the area, landscaping, outdoor kitchen, and the fencing.

All of those improvements need some maintenance, and as a group, we can contribute and hire someone, or enjoy some quality time together performing low-skill maintenance, such as power washing, painting, staining, or touching up the wood materials. This is a project the Men's Club with the participation of as many members and guests as possible can work on, make friends and relationships, and provide longevity to the improvements. The best time to do these tasks is probably a Sunday when parents drop the kids off for Sunday School. We can put on some coffee, provide some lox and bagels, and work together to improve the JCC.

Ralph Remick has been able to keep the Fifth Friday Films going, has done a great job, and has selected some great films. Now we have the popcorn maker to add to the viewer experience.

The next steps in the Men's Club will be coming in 2023 to share some activities of interest and fun for participants. We have many opportunities and more information will come over the next few months.

In the meantime, I look forward to spending quality time together in 2023. And, like the Sisterhood, our events and activities are open to all.

Gordon Mann