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May & June 2019 | Eastern Currents e-Newsletter | Issue 41
Opening the Senses - Renewal, Revelation and Relaxation with Essential Oils
By Josephine Spilka, M.S., L.Ac. 
Do you ever feel stuck in the way you see yourself, bound by old stories or ideas about who you are? Do you wish for moments when you could just see or hear things differently? Spring is the time of new beginnings, fresh growth and a perfect time to renovate how we see and do things. In the Spring, which in Chinese medicine we think of as Liver and Gall Bladder or Wood element time, we are looking at rebirth and renewal as things emerge from the Winter slumber time and begin to grow again. So much is possible! 
Chinese Medicine & Sinus Allergies
By John Scott, DOM
I am writing this article in the hopes that it will act as a reminder to practitioners treating sinus allergies that they can achieve superior results if they address the root as well as the manifestations. Quite often when treating sinus allergies, the immediate focus is on symptom relief - a branch treatment.
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