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Spring Newsletter | May 2018

A note from the President: Kimberly Pucka
A new year is here! I thank Susan Moody and Morgan Horton for their time as Indiana Chapter board members. They haven't gone too far away; Susan will continue to help with proofreading and social media management, and Morgan is going to figure out how to get our website in tip top shape!

Our state business meeting in April included elections and awards. You can read about our award winners in this newsletter. I am also excited to share that our chapter has two new board members: Jennifer Angel is our new secretary and Annette Montgomery is a board member.

Jennifer and I will be heading to Chicago to attend the National President Meeting in a couple weeks. We will find out what National has planned for the year and report back to you.

We offered great education at our state conference, and there is more to come. Continuing education will help you in so many ways. Education does not end with school, and you can't learn techniques from an online course. There is still time to sign up for John Combe's sport class--hurry, the price goes up June 1st.

We have two of AMTA's leading education providers coming to Indiana this fall: Doug Nelson and Ruth Werner. Come to Potawatami for an amazing education weekend. You will find the information near the end of the newsletter.

We have the ability to send out surveys now! Have you received yours? Did you take the time to answer them? We are reading them and guide our decisions on what responses we get. We generally only hear from 10% of our members and we will cater to them because we heard from them. We are member driven and we want this association to be everything you want it to be.

One question we asked was if you knew that we have a lobbyist, and the percent of "no" responses was almost 20%. Because one of our state responsibilities as a chapter is Governance, we want every member to understand legislation, the process, and amta's mission and goals. We will be planning on a dedicated GR Newsletter in the future. We want and need our members to understand this important part of our association, we want you to be informed.

There is nothing new to report on the Professional Licensing Agency's (PLA's) rules promulgation process other than it is still in process. The subcommittee for the rules is made up of many different departments and they have found it difficult to get schedules to coincide for meetings. All are hoping that with the legislative session being over they will be able to finish the rules quickly. They are working diligently on getting this done and are half way through the proposed rules. Attend the meetings if you can and be a part of history. Here is the link to sign up for meeting notifications: Fill in the search criteria: Agency: Professional Licensing Administration; Keyword: Massage Select email notification and you will be set! We will continue to post dates when we know them.

On a final note, if you are going to National Convention, we really want to know. What day are you coming in, are you alone or in a group? We'd like to help you have a wonderful experience and if we have the interest, we'd like to have a Indiana Chapter meet-up. Let me know what you would like to do together! We can have a morning meet up or an excursion. Are you going to the Massage Therapy Foundation Fundraiser? We are working on a special eblast on going to National Convention that I think you will enjoy. Don't forget......amta National Convention is in Indiana next year!
KImberly Pucka
Spring education re-cap!
AMTA-IN is striving to bring you quality education classes that are convenient and budget friendly. We carefully select classes and instructors based on the feedback we receive from our members. In April we hosted two incredible classes in Muncie for over 30 of our members. Here's a glimpse at the new skills your peers learned. If you have thoughts and ideas you'd like to share about future education, please contact  Jules Carter
Pre-Natal Certification with Chris Costianes
Working from Claire Miller's Nurturing the Mother, this course helped therapists gain the skills to work with their client's changing body. They were taught how to be a part of the magic and mystery of pregnancy - honoring and supporting the mother-baby bond. Chris guided them to feel confident giving a safe, therapeutic and firm massage through ALL stages of pregnancy and postpartum.
DNM & Hot Pillossage with Jason Erickson
Pillossage & Thermal Therapy is a groundbreaking modality that combines hands-on techniques with specifically designed thermal flax pillows. These innovative protocols deepen the therapeutic effect. The skills learned in this class helped the therapist slowly and gently work through layers of soft tissue to reach deeper layers as needed.
Meet your new 2018-19 Board Members & Volunteers
Elections were held April 22, 2018
(if you'd like to contact a volunteer, just click their name to email!)

 President:  Kim Pucka
 Secretary:  Jen Angel
 Financial Admin:  Terri Brandt
 Board Member:  Leslie Thompson
 Board Member:  Annette Montgomery
 Delegate #1:  Jules Carter

 Website Chair ..............................   Morgan Horton
 Sports Chair .................................   Heather Smith
 Gov't Relations .............................  Dainah Craft
 Sunshine Chair ............................   Robyn Wenrich
 Education ....................................   Jules Canter
 Newsletter ...................................   Annette Montgomery
 Awards & Membership Chairs .....   Erika Hoff
 Community Service Chair ............  Lorrena Story
 Hospitality Ambassador ..............   Dara Nelson
2018 Awards
Congratulations to our award recipients....
Humanitarian .......... Lorrena Story
Sports ..................... Heather Smith
Meritorious .............. Susan Moody
Lorrena’s desire in the CSMT division is to become part of a team that volunteers their time to serve first responders and our military in times of disaster and emergency. She has been interested and fascinated with Emergency Management and believes this opportunity will allow her to branch out and provide training and knowledge to other interested therapists on exactly what and how we can assist in times of need for our surrounding communities.
Sports Massage Achiever
Heather was part of the sports massage team long before she became the chair. She brought new life to the program and advocates for the therapists that work these events. She sees the value in every member and strives to promote strengths.
Chapter Meritorious
Susan has been a member for 8 years and has held the position of chapter secretary since 2013 going above and beyond the job description. She is one of AMTA strongest cheerleaders when interacting with all massage therapists in Indiana. Her unique abilities allow her to refine the most difficult concept so even the least knowledgeable among us can grasp the details. Her keen eye and eager spirit has been a lifesaver for our chapter many times.
Amazing opportunity for CMT's practicing sports massage!!

John Combe, LMT is coming to Indiana to give the live education that goes with the AMTA/NCBTMB Sports Massage Specialty Certificate Program. You can just take this class, or work towards the full certification program.

We are offering this class for just $149 for our members (that's a savings of $146 compared to the National Average for this class!)  Click here

Prices go up June 1st!!!

And YES! Lunch is included in the price of the class! Space is limited to 40  registrations, don't wait to sign up.  

You do not need to be an AMTA member to attend this continuing education session. So, please invite friends, colleagues, and other CMT's you know!
When: June 9, 2018
Where: Horizon Convention Center    
401 S High St
Muncie, IN 47305

Time: 8:00am-6:00pm
Registration: 7:30am
To bring: Massage Table
Emergency Response Training re-cap:

This training was an eye opener for me. 
I feel it will bring several members out of the "woodwork" and be a great opportunity to build a bridge between the massage community and the communities we live in. This training explores the many scenarios in which this team may be involved, and provides us confidence and clarity on how to properly respond, and what our purpose is during these events.

Lee Stang and Deb Van Ohlen bring such a level of class, professionalism and dignity to the training that we should all attempt to mirror if ever deployed to a catastrophic event. That is why I feel it is necessary to explore the possibility to invite this dynamic team to Indiana to host a multi-state, regional training. Hearing of their multiple, first hand experiences is inspiring. CSMT teams have responded to experiences such as 9/11 (45 consecutive days), Joplin Missouri Tornados, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook School Shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing.
Role playing was a large part of the training and was enjoyable to give you a sense of what to expect and how to handle scenarios that have truly happened and they now use them as training opportunities.

Saturday's class attendance was 41 for the Team Member Training. The Team Leader Training, on Sunday, attendance was 34. Indiana was represented by myself and 2 massage therapy students, Tanya Harp and Bobbi Murphy.  

I am looking to attend Train the Trainer classes so I can hold future training for the state of Indiana and our chapter. I am looking forward to working hard to build a CSMT Team to represent Indiana. I feel this will bring a positive aspect to connecting with our communities and first and second responders and their support staff.
-Lorrena Story, CSMT Chair

contact Lorrena  with questions or interest in
being involved with the CSMT Team.  
Potawatomi Inn | Angola, IN

October 19, 20, 21

Lunch is included with these classes
Potawatomi Inn Resort and Conference Center
You can call or book online. Our AMTA discount code is 1018AM.

1-877-563- 4371
Doug Nelson is offering (2) 1 day classes each 8CEU's and a bonus Friday night class

  • Precision Kinematics (8CEU's)

  • PNMT and the Golf Swing (8CEU's)

Ruth Werner is offering (4) 4 hour classes over (2) days.
  • Massage Therapy and Pathology: Herpes and Hep and Flu, oh my! (4CEU's)

  • Massage Therapy and Pathology: Fibromyalgia and the "invisible diseases" (4CEU's)

  • Touching the mind: mental and mood disorders for Massage Therapists (4CEU's)

  • The ethics of client communication: talking to clients about their health (4CEU's)

Mix & match your fall education to create a custom weekend that is right for you!
Sarah Bearden, CMT participated in the Mini-Marathon on May 5th and we asked her about training, and how being active ties into massage therapy...
"Many of my clients are athletes - or pretty active people - whether it be running, cycling, weight training, or just fitness in general. I find myself drawn to working on people who work their bodies.

Being active myself helps me understand more of what they may be feeling. I'm training for the Mini as well as the RAIN Ride (Ride Across Indiana) that occurs  in July . So running and cycling a lot lately. I think it enables me to help them work through any stiffness or pain they may be experiencing - because I've experienced it:) Knowing anatomy and kinesiology makes me understand better what exactly might be happening too.

Another way training for the mini has affected me is that I've been forced to learn more stretches...and I can speak more to the importance for my clients. For every ache or pain, I research a stretch or way to foam roll the area and help myself or guide others for self care. 

I never ran before this past fall - so am really learning a lot with all of this training...and am totally in awe of what some of my clients can do with their bodies."
Did you receive your AMTA 2018 Calendar of events post card in the mail? Be sure to hang it on the fridge so you now what to look for in 2018!
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As of July 1, 2019 all Massage Therapy schools will require 625 hours. 
Are you going to National Convention 2018?
Yes! So excited!
No, I have to miss this year.
The Massage Therapy Foundation
The Massage Therapy Foundation was founded by AMTA in 1990 with the mission of advancing the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education, and community service.

The Foundation is able to provide these services by individual gifts, industry support, and fundraising events.

The Massage Therapy Foundation and AMTA share a profound commitment to advance the massage therapy profession through promoting scientific research and evidence-informed practice.
On Wednesday, August 8, 2018, the Massage Therapy Foundation will host a baseball fundraising event, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," during the 2018 AMTA National Convention in Washington, D.C..
The evening will bring together convention attendees, exhibitors, and guests to enjoy a night of fun and networking while watching the Washington Nationals, play the Atlanta Braves. The game will begin at 7:05 p.m. EDT.
All ticket and sponsorship proceeds benefit the MTF.
We hope you can make it!
For more information check out this link
or call 847-905-1635.
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