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Saturday, May 2: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET
Free class: "Did You Know: A Gathering of Parrot Care Info."
During our numerous events and conversations over the years, many interesting parrot care topics and facts have come up. We've gathered these together into a class that also covers some of the primary areas of health, enrichment, intelligence, nutrition, housing and safety. Join us for a discussion about some of the more intriguing aspects of parrots, and how we can strive to make their lives longer, healthier and happier.  This class satisfies our adoption process class requirement.
Bertie the blue and gold macaw
2020 Wellness Retreat - A Vision for the Future of Parrots

Our 2020 Wellness Retreat conference has gone virtual!
May 16, 17, and 24th

Recordings of all but one of the sessions will also be available to registered attendees after the event. Don't worry, we'll let everyone know which session won't be available later, so you can be sure you catch it live!

Registration is $129.
Registration closes on Thursday, May 14th at 6:00p.m. EDT
Our Extraordinary Wellness Retreat Speakers
In Alphabetical Order
Arianna Bailey, CPBT-KA, CPAT-KA
Arianna is the Show Manager for Natural Encounters, which conducts shows in many places such as Disney. She is a Certified Professional Bird Trainer (CPBT-KA) and a Certified Professional Animal Trainer (CPAT-KA) through the International Avian Trainer Certification Board (IATCB). We can never focus enough on behavior! She will talk about positive reinforcement techniques that work best for maintaining successful relationships with our birds.
Jennifer Cunha, Esquire
Maybe you’ve heard about a new enrichment activity, teaching your bird to read? We’ve seen it in action, and not only do the birds enjoy the interaction and the mental challenge, but they are really fast learners! She also has great ideas for introducing more choice into our birds lives! Jen Cunha has many creative ideas about how to provide a better life for our birds.
Scott Echols, DVM, ABVP-AVIAN
Besides his accomplishments as an extraordinary veterinarian, Dr. Echols is the director of the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project. This research is revolutionizing our knowledge of avian anatomy, which builds our capacity to diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses. He will share some of his many advancements in this technology, as well as the importance of necropsies for our deceased birds.
Brynn McCleery, DVM, ABVP-AVIAN
Dr. McCleery practices at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls, NJ. She is going to speak with us about one of the major medical issues facing parrots in captivity -- heart disease! Absent the cardiovascular activity parrots were built for, our pet birds often succumb to heart failure. She also has a super informative talk to share regarding labwork, and how helpful it can be for good health!
Robert Ness, DVM, CAC, CVA
Dr. Ness is considered one of the leading veterinarians for integrative medicine, which includes acupuncture, laser, electromagnetic therapy, CBD, herbs, and nutraceutical supplements. These are all very valuable tools that complement western medicine approaches. Dr. Ness owns the Ness Exotic Wellness Center in Lisle, IL. We're looking forward to his talks on Integrative Pain Management and Holistic Remedies.
Dr. Orosz is an internationally known avian veterinarian and owner of Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center in Toledo, OH. She is very accomplished in her knowledge of anatomy, neuroscience, flight, diagnostics, and disease complexities. She will help us understand more about the important gut/brain connection, which includes the value of probiotics.
Scott Stahl, DVM, AVBP-AVIAN
Our Washington D.C. area friends know how special Dr. Stahl is, and past Retreat attendees have discovered what a terrific teacher he is as well. Besides owning a practice (SEAVS) in Fairfax, VA he is also an adjunct professor at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Stahl will address both the respiratory and reproductive challenges that our birds face in captivity.
Rhoda Stevenson, DVM, AVBP-AVIAN
Dr. Stevenson has operated the Exotic Bird Hospital in Jacksonville, FL since 1995 and is much beloved by her clients. She is known for going the extra mile for all her avian patients, and is on the cutting edge of a wide variety of therapies and treatments such as Buriti oil, DMG, and CBD. She’ll also talk with us about how informative and important cultures and swabs can be.
Yvonne Van Zeeland, Dipl ECZM, DVM, PhD
As the immediate past president of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, Dr. Van Zeeland is one of our leading avian veterinarians. As a practitioner at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, she’s also a very proactive researcher in many important areas. She will speak with us about feather destructive behavior, as well medications that can help with behavior modifications.
Dr. Wade is bringing some interesting new topics to the Retreat. These include the use of CBD oil with birds and how to optimize ultraviolet light which is known to be important for birds. She owns the Specialized Care for Avian and Exotic Pets practice in the Buffalo area of New York.
Sam Williams, PhD
Dr. Williams has dedicated his life to several conservation efforts in the Caribbean and Central American region. He is currently the Executive Director of the Macaw Recovery Network in Costa Rica, which seeks to preserve the endangered Great Green or Buffons macaw. He brings immense energy, scientific expertise, good humor and a passion for conservation to the fight to save wild macaws. He is also well versed in the social needs of parrots! We will be making a donation to his conservation efforts thanks to this conference.
Adoptable bird spotlight
We hope everyone has remained healthy and safe during the COVID19 pandemic, and look forward to being able to move birds to new homes again in the (hopefully) near future! Information about adopting a bird may be found on the Phoenix Landing website .
Morris Congo African Grey
Morris (NC), 20 YO Congo African Grey.
Bella blue headed pionus
Bella (VA), 12 YO Blue-headed pionus.
Noah the Quaker parakeet
Noah (NC), 17 YO Quaker parakeet.
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