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First Communion- Sunday, May 6th  
Blessings to the following students who will be making their First Communion this Sunday, May 6th at the 10 AM service:
Alexa Marie Campbell
Beckett Kenneth Downing
Colton Peter Downing
Jacobi Leo Gilligan
Tatum Henry O'Grady
Madelyn Amelia O'Brien
Delaney Ryan Vance
All are invited to attend the service to support them on this wonderful day!
Mother's Day at Life Care- May 13th
Is Grandma or Mom not near us for a holiday visit?
Consider joining our service at Life Care during the regular 10:00 St. Luke's service on May 13. Having visitors that greet, sing, and pray together with the residents is both spiritually and physically fulfilling, especially, on a holiday.
Please let Cheryl O'Grady know if you are able to join us this holiday as part of St.Luke's outreach ministry. Email:
From your Bridge Priest
By now most of you have heard the news. I will be leaving St. Luke's as of May 20th.  I've known for several months that another assignment was awaiting me - but didn't know until recently when I would be leaving.  My contract here officially expired the end of March.  Because another parish (who is doing a full search for a rector) needs me to come as their Interim Priest, I must move on.   I pray that the next priest assigned to you - as Bridge or Interim - will faithfully and prayerfully guide and lead you forward in this time of transition. Welcome them as you have so graciously welcome me.   I pray that in good time you will once again have a PIC or Rector.
Meanwhile continue to pray for your Wardens and Vestry. Pray for each other. Pray for new visions for the future of this parish in this community.  What more might God be calling you to do - in this community - in the world?  Parishes always say "we want to grow".  But, what are you offering to attract people here?  Are you as visible as you can be in your ministries?  The priest can't be expected to single-handedly "grow the church".  That is work that you must do together.   How can you best serve God, the people of this parish and this community where you live?   Churches may have to change in order to meet the changing needs of this world today.   Look around your communities.   What more might you offer to them?  Look at what other parishes are doing - and, as I have said before, "think out of the box"!   But always remember to care for one another!  Reach out to those who have been missing - give them a call, ask how they are and let them that know they are missed.
After some vacation time in Ocean Park, Maine, I will be going to Christ Church in Harwichport. They are a parish with no children or young families.  But they have a very active ministry to and with their older members and to the community there.   Hopefully I will find a place to stay. Commuting there during the summer will be a huge challenge!  Thank heaven for book tapes!
It has been a blessing to me to serve here as your Bridge Priest.  I will miss all of you when I leave but the time has come for me to move on. Please pray for me as I pray for you.  I am grateful to have walked this part of my journey with you.
Blessings  and peace to all of you, Mother Billie+
From the recent Clergy Conference:
As I mentioned last Sunday at announcements, the clergy and bishops heard an amazing speaker for 2 days of the Clergy Conference.  Amy-Jill Levine PhD is E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Professor of New Testament Studies, Professor of Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt University Divinity School.  Her topic for this conference was "Understanding Jesus Means Understanding Judaism".  Just like the disciples on the road to Emmaeus who finally had their eyes opened to see that Jesus had been walking with them, we, too, had our eyes and hearts opened.  Now we have a new way of reading and understanding both the Old Testament and the New Testament.
I can't begin to share all that she said, but I will share some "snippets" for you:
1st presentation: "The Misunderstood Jew".  She said that the more we understand about 1st century Judaism, the better we will understand Jesus.  We "don't have to read a text anti-Semetically" and must acknowledge the difficulties with some passages in the NT and learn how to deal with them. She has an Annotated NT that is very helpful (I have sent for mine!).   One of her comments was about the Gospel passage after Easter that says "the doors were locked for fear of the Jews".   "They were all Jews", she said!   Another comment, "people look at a crucifix and don't realize that they are looking at a Jew"!  We must be careful about what we say.  Expressions like, "Stop behaving like wild Indians!" are so offensive.  Something that is good to say when you have obviously offended someone: "I'm sorry, that is not what I meant, how could I have said it differently?" 
Jesus was arguing with other Jews about how to follow Judaism.  That was OK - that was what they do!   Jesus didn't violate Laws but may have [protested] against how the Pharisees interpreted them!   He was arguing in a Jewish way about the Law - not against it!
Her last presentation was "Hearing the Parables as Jewish Stories".     The parables, she said, use exaggeration - to make us laugh and then perhaps to indict us!   Parables will always be open to different interpretations.   She says that little kids understand them!   Perhaps, she says, the Gospel writers and Jesus left them un-interpreted to encourage conversation!   They are designed to challenge and entice us. Parables can indict, challenge, amuse at the same time.   If you feel uncomfortable then you have been indicted!
I have pages of notes, so only gave you a tiny sample of her thoughts.   She has published several books. She also did one of The Great Courses, which I have sent for!   I encourage you to read some of her works or even to view together some of her lectures from the Great Courses.  Talk to Barbara Bachand, she has seen them!

Church School News


First Communion Class Rehearsal & Workshop- Sat., May 5

At 10 AM. The children will bake the communion bread and learn about the work of the Altar Guild.


First Communion- Sunday, May 6
With Family Breakfast from 9- 9:45 AM
Creation Care! God is counting on us!
We are celebrating bats. Learn about them and how they need our care! Take a look at the facts around the church and get informed! Find out why they need our help!  The kids are way ahead of the grown-ups on this one! Remember the bats and bees on Mother's Day and consider giving your mother a pollinator friendly plant!

Last Sunday of church school: May 20th. Make your own Sundae! We will also have a special Magic Show! Kevin Butler will teach some important lessons about faith, the Bible and Jesus using his skills as a magician.

Thank you to our teaching staff and support people:
Adrienne Wood, Nursery
Fred Wescott, Pre-K and Kindergarten
Kittie Marrone, First communion
Shey O'Grady, Grades 3-5
Ritchie Gilligan, Grades 3-5
Gayle Beaudoin, Middle school
Paul Antenore, Gathering
Sylvia Davis, Gathering
Paula Rooney, Gathering and assistant
Debbie Carlino, Gathering
Madi Parker, Substitute
Nancy Antenore, Special events
Nancy Reynolds, Special events
Adam Whalen, Nursery support

Are you our next church school teacher? Please think about how you can help be part of bringing the Good News to our children.  Talk to  Kittie Marrone or any of our staff.

From Your Wardens
If you were away this past Sunday (April 29), the Wardens provided the congregation with this update regarding Rev. Billie Mae Gordon's tenure with St. Luke's and on our search for a new rector
We have been blessed over these past six months to have Rev. Billie Mae Gordon as our shepherd. She has given us stability, and challenged our thinking as to our future and what it means to be a lay person. However, her assignment was always temporary and she is now needed at another parish in the process of transition. Effective June 1st, Billie will begin an assignment in Harwich at Christ Church as their interim rector. Her last day at St. Luke's is Sunday, May 20th. We will be planning a pot luck brunch to thank her and wish her well after the 10am service and hope you can join us for fellowship and farewell as we remember her time with us, and wish her well for her new assignment.
Regarding our search for a new rector: our first candidate sent from the Diocese for "Priest-in-Charge" met with the vestry in March and, as you know, we were not able to obtain a majority vote to call this candidate. The Bishop of the Diocese of Massachusetts, The Rt. Reverend Alan Gates, and the Director of Transition Ministries have asked to join the vestry for its May meeting to share with us their thoughts on potential next steps for St. Luke's relating to our search process for our next rector and bridge/interim clergy.
We welcome their help. As we've proceeded with our search and through our discussions at vestry meetings, we've found that what it means to be a church in the 21st century has changed dramatically in the 15+ years since our last search. The Wardens and Vestry have come to understand that we need assistance not only with the search, but also in developing a renewed vision for the ministries of St. Luke's. We are fortunate that the Diocese is willing to provide its support.
We'll provide another update shortly after the May vestry meeting that will detail the outcomes. We will also provide specifics on an all-parish meeting to be held in early June (exact date to come) for conversation and any voting that may be required.
As we close this update, we offer the following scripture verse from this past Sunday's Gospel from John about abiding in Jesus.
"I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:5
We are part of vine that is St. Luke's, the Diocese, and universally the Body of Christ. We know that with keeping Jesus in our center, as our "northstar" in this journey, we can be assured of God's plan for St. Luke's.
Blessing on this Spring Day.
(Your) Wardens of St. Luke's in Scituate
Paul Antenore and Chris McKerrow
"Mr. Joy" Performance- May 8, 7 p.m.   
The Scituate Unity Council, which leads discussion in the community around issues of race and privilege is sponsoring a performance of the play, "Mr. Joy" at the Scituate High School Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, May 8 at 7 p.m. The play is free and open to the wider community, but it is necessary to reserve tickets by clicking here.
Community Dinner
April's Community dinner was great. We served 58 people. Thanks to all the volunteers!
On May 27th, the menu will be Orange Chicken, Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Salad & Rolls, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Help is needed for the chicken and dessert- recipes provided in the narthex next to the sign up sheets. Thanks for your support!
Women of the Spirit Retreat- July 20-22   
Thinking ahead to warmer weather ... Does a spiritual retreat this summer sound interesting? Join us for a relaxing 3-day getaway to a charming country inn in Weston, Vermont with fellow Episcopal women to explore spirituality in our lives, attend services at the Weston Priory, and be pampered with delicious meals enjoyed at the Colonial House Inn. For several decades, women of St. Luke's have joined ladies from St. Peter's-on-the-Canal in Buzzards Bay and other parishes to journey to Vermont for this restorative getaway. This year, our program will be held July 20-22 and led by Deacon Sharon Powers. An informational meeting will be scheduled soon to share more details - including pricing and accommodation availability - and coordinate sign ups. If you have questions prior to our meeting, please ask any one of these past attendees: Alice Dana, Tracy Dieselman, Pat Jones, Kittie Marrone, or Suzanne Otte.  All women of St. Luke's are welcome!