FMEC in Focus - May, 2019
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Spotlight on: FMEC Innovators Network

Holly Perzy, MD, MMM, vice president of care delivery at Ohio-based Metro Health System, is a creative thinker who relishes a challenge. When she was presented with the chance to address escalating health care costs in her community, she set to work and helped create two distinctive direct primary care health plans, one she describes as “all about value” and one that is “all about relationships.” Perzy explains below.


As the founding Chair of the first Med-Peds academic hospital based department in the nation, Holly Perzy knows the importance of having vision. So Perzy joked that she quickly said yes when the new CEO of MetroHealth had one question for her: “How would you like to come to the dark side, the payer side?”
When government workers in the county continued to see increasing deductibles and soaring health care costs, Perzy and senior Metro Health administrators launched a health solutions company that offered affordable medical services within its network of Metro Health physicians. Perzy said it made sense for the largest hospital in the community to offer its services to county workers. “No matter what we do, the health care curve continues to rise,” she explained. Read More
The FMEC offers a proud shout out to the following Award winners who were recognized at the 2019 STFM Conference:
Creating A Culture of Wellness

I just returned from the Society of Teachers in Family Medicine (STFM) meeting in Toronto. There was a strong focus on resident wellness at this meeting, and it quickly became apparent that every residency program is moving toward creating their own "culture of wellness." Many are at the beginning stages of the process and are struggling with how to design and implement their wellness initiatives.

I believe the first step of the process is to accurately define what wellness is. According to the World Health Organization wellness is an "optimal state of physical, mental/emotional and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease."

I have adopted and subscribe to a much broader definition of wellness provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which includes eight dimensions of wellness.

To access the full article and learn more about the eight dimensions of wellness, click here: Creating a Culture of Wellness.

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Jeffrey Levy, MD
CEO, CaseNetwork
Author of CoreWellness: A Physician Wellness Program