Music Time Academy
May 11th:
Mother's Day (OPEN)

May 26th:
Memorial Day (CLOSED)

June 30th to July 5th: Summer Break (CLOSED)
Wondering about our studio schedule? Please download the Student Calendar HERE.
Our teachers are avid performers in the San Francisco Bay Area (and across the world)! Check them out live with their bands/ensembles at these upcoming gigs.
Friday, May 9th: Fast & Vengefully (Tim & Belinda) at Johnny Foley's in San Francisco
Saturday, May 10th: Muncie (Anna & Swen) at Off the Grid in Concord, 12pm
Saturday, May 10th: Tim Garry at Tower Grill in Concord
Friday, May 16th: The UnOriginals (Tim Garry) at Maggie McGarry's in San Francisco
Saturday, May 17th: Tim Garry at Maria Maria in Walnut Creek
Friday, May 23rd: Kuckaw (Adam) at Awaken Cafe in Oakland, CA
Friday, May 30th: Tim Garry's Dueling Guitars at the Winemaker's Pourhouse in Livermore
Friday, May 30th: Kuckaw! (Adam) at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz
Saturday, May 31st: the Floorshakers (Alex) at Blu 42 in Walnut Creek
Saturday, May 31st: The UnOriginals (Tim) at Johnny Foley's in San Francisco
Friday, June 6th: West Grand Boulevard (Anna & Alex) at Pleasanton Friday Night Concert Series
Every Thursday: Tim at Tiki Tom's in Walnut Creeek 

Every Sunday at 6:30pm: Alex at Cafe Striche in San Jose
(Tim & Belinda)

(Anna, drums)

(Tim, guitar/vocals)

(Xavier & Nick, vocals & guitar)

(Alex, saxophone)
(Anna, drums)

(Xavier, guitar/vocals)

(Mario, trumpet)

(Mario, trumpet)

(Anna, drums)


(Adam, bass)

(Stewart, guitar/vocals)

(Adam, bass)

(Andrew, guitar/vocals)

(Mario, trumpet)
(Dave Lockhart, bass)
(Chris Mahon, guitar)

Welcome to our May Newsletter! 
A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Spring Concert on May 4th. There are so many factors that align to make these concerts run as smoothly as they do. How did you like the dual stages? We were thrilled to be able to run over 110 performances in approximately 2 and a half hours. Not too shabby!
Please allow us to give a little appreciation to everyone involved. First off, a HUGE thanks to all of the students who worked hard to prepare Concert pieces, and (of course) to the parents and teachers that helped motivate. There are a few "behind-the-scenes" folks who deserve some special recognition as well - thanks to Linda and Duane at the Bothwell Arts Center, Dafna with Stellina Sweets (the one responsible for the yummy treats), Rhonda & Robbie (our fantastic photographers), and of course a special thanks to the always lovely Monica, working so hard every day (but especially Concert day).

In case you missed the party, here's an awesome video from The Dunbars' standout performance in the West End (Nicolette on drums, Christopher on bass, Dad/Gary on guitar:
The Dunbars,  Pipeline

Mark your calendars for the next extravaganza, our Winter Concert - SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14th!
It's that time of year again...

This Summer, we are excited to offer several options of fun group workshops! 

(ages 4 months-5 years)
(ages 3.5 to 5)

Here's how it works this year...

For Rock Band and Ukulele: Take your pick of 5 sessions, starting either July 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th or August 4th.  Classes are Monday through Friday from 11am to 1pm, $150 per session (10% discount for students currently enrolled in private lessons). Limited availability, first come, first served.

Family Music and Preschool Piano & Percussion meet once per week. Schedule is based on availability of interested students. Family Music is only $60 per month. Preschool Piano & Percussion is $95 for a 6 week course.

Student of the Month
Congratulations to Taylor Espicha!
Taylor will receive (along with priceless glory and endless bragging rights) a $30 Gift Certificate to Music Time Academy, as well as a $20 gift card to the Cinema West Theater in Livermore!
Instrument: Violin
Teacher: Judy Cruces
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Foothill High
Student at Music Time Since:
Hobbies (besides practicing): Color guard, Ballet
Favorite Music: Gypsy  
Another brilliant performance from Taylor last Sunday, although bittersweet as teacher Judy announced it would be Taylor's final concert appearance before she leaves us to pursue a college education at San Jose State University. We never would have guessed it after hearing her exceptionally mature and skillful playing, but it turns out that Taylor began playing violin somewhat randomly. In 5th grade, a music teacher visited her school to talk about orchestra. Taylor thought it "sounded interesting" and decided to give it a try. Thank you, random music teacher, on behalf of the Music Time family (and the many others who have enjoyed the music Taylor makes) for inspiring Taylor to play the violin!

We have delighted in seeing Taylor grow with us in her many performances at Music Time Academy concerts throughout the years, and wish her the best of luck in the future - although we know she won't need any luck at all with her hard work and talent. Great job, Taylor. We'll miss you. 
Do you know a current Music Time Academy student with a newsworthy musical story or accomplishment from the past month that should be featured? If so, please fill out our online nomination form by following this link:  STUDENT OF THE MONTH NOMINATION FORM
Teacher Feature

For May, we would like to feature Cory Peters. Having "saved the day" so many times as a substitute teacher when emergencies hit our regular staff, Cory likely holds the record for the most students taught at Music Time Academy. After being our hero for so long, we could not be more excited to have Cory in the studios regularly on Sundays, teaching just about any instrument.    

A man of so many varied musical talents, Cory is experienced and passionate in just about all things music, regardless of any particular instrument or genre. Despite having already completed years of studies on piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, viola and flute, Cory continues to pursue his own musical growth as not just a teacher of music, but also a student. He currently studies at the respected Diablo Valley College Music Department, with plans to transfer to the California Conservatory of Jazz. Some of Cory's private instructors include reputable Bay Area guitarists Dave Schroeder, Mike Williams and Mark Simons, and pianist Bob Foxcraft.   


Cory is a native to the Bay Area, born in San Francisco, raised in Daly City and currently residing in Bay Point. He is influenced by musicians from many genres (rock, blues, jazz, metal, classical, etc.) including Jimi Hendrix, Sylvain Luc, Tuck Andress, Andres Segovia, Paco De Lucia, Bill Evans, George Benson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck and many more. Cory focuses on teaching his students concepts of technique, improvisation, ear training and music reading.   


Check out Cory's impressive guitar work on Sound Cloud, playing Blues for Q by Erik Jekabson:   


For more information about our many talented and interesting instructors, please CLICK HERE!
Thank you for your continued support in music education! 


Anna Cucciardo (Director) & Monica Lind (Manager)

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