Mother's Day!
My mother is 90!! We are so fortunate to have her in our lives and I am so looking forward to spending some time this month with her.
 I would also like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my daughter who is an amazing mother to my granddaughter. My life has been richly blessed!

Saturday May 19

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Marietta, Ohio
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* Ellen will be available other dates in May for Psychic Medium readings in her home office or via phone. Contact Ellen directly to set up your appointment. 740-962-6887 ellenAbone@gmail.com

Confession Time
I am going to open up in a way that makes me feel very vulnerable and open to disdain and ridicule , but I need to come to terms with my own misgivings and prejudices about psychic lines.

Years ago, many psychic phone lines were manned by people with few guide lines to help people, little to no screening or testing, and were often instructed to entice people to stay on the call ...thus often driving vulnerable clients into huge financial despair when their bill arrived.

Over the years I really never changed that outdated and horrified observation, but because I wanted to travel less in the winter ( I do live in a rural area) , I reluctantly signed up with a phone line about two years ago. The company, Psychic Center, came highly recommended. It has a professional reputation, cares about the client and treats their psychic advisers with respect.

This is absolutely not an easy way to make much of an income,since the reader gets a very small percentage of what is paid by the client, but it does give the opportunity to be available to many more people.

Surprisingly, many of the people who consult an online psychic are often professionals who prefer the feeling of remaining anonymous .

The problem is that I have not been active because I have had such a deep seated sense of shame working on a psychic call line...all rooted in my old prejudice and judgments.

So, in an effort to be brave and face my fears, and to grow my business, I am telling you...my treasured clients...that I work and will be actively working on the psychic call line as time permits in the coming months.

I do hope you will still call me or make appointments with me personally as you have always done because your reading is
#1 much less expensive and
#2 much more relaxed and detailed .
However, if the need for a quick consult arises or you know someone who relies or prefers a call line...refer them please. I will deliver messages with the same compassion and pride as I do my regular clients.
Thank you so much