Pentecost is the day when we remember that God gives God's people the gift of the Holy Spirit and creates Christ's Church in the world.  As remembering people it's important for us to acknowledge these gifts that exists even today, for God continues to work in the world and in our lives and calls us to make the world new, each and every day.  Please gather with us for this important festival in life and memory of Christ's church.
Wednesday, May 16 and Sunday, May 20

We celebrate with the following Christ Lutheran youth as they take another step in life's journey, High School Graduation.  We will offer a special blessing and congratulations to these  graduates during worship service.

 Ashlyn Gajewski

  Bailey Grunder
Elise Howk

Lauren Stewart

Canned and non perishable food donations in May will be donated to Bread Partners of Washington County. Please help by bringing your canned and non-perishable food items to the food table located in the narthex.

Great news! The cost of the food packing project for God's Work, Our Hands Sunday is fully covered by your donations to the Shove Tuesday Pancake Supper and the Rise Against Hunger " barn boxes " that we gathered in Lent. This means that when the congregation, Day School and friends get together on Sunday,   September 9th, to package more than 10,000 meals for hungry school kids around the world, the food is already paid for...we just need you to put on a hair net and join us in this hands on ministry.......And you get you choice of hair net color.
Our quilters have been busy sewing and making quilts. They are in need of fabric to make additional quilts. They also need folks who will sew quilt tops. If you have fabric you are welcome to bring it to the church office. If you can help with sewing quilt tops please contact Jeanette Fair at 979-277-8035 .
It's hard for you and me to understand how difficult it can be for many people in poorer nations to find clean, safe Ethiopia, where droughts and famine are constant threats, Christ Lutheran has helped more than 8,000 people secure safe drinking water by raising the funds to dig wells and protect natural springs. In 2010 and 2011 our Foundation funded four water projects and since then our congregation has raised the money for eight additional project sites. This year, the tenth anniversary of our partner Water To Thrive, we're focusing our efforts again on bringing safe, clean water to more people.    
On PENTECOST we'll be handing out coin banks to begin collecting funds through the summer....please make this mission your own personal mission...and bring clean, safe water to those who have none.
Wednesdays        6:30 pm    Wiggle & Worship
Sundays               9:15 am    Wiggle & Worship  
Sundays             10:30 am    Fresh Coffee Adult Conversation - Fellowship Hall
1st Saturday        8:00 am     Men In Mission 
2nd Tuesday       12:00 pm   Women's Bible Study - Conf. Rm.

Men in Mission meets the first Saturday of the month at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast.  We'll offer breakfast, a brief devotion and then we will try to complete a few small jobs around the Day School or the Church, none lasting more than an hour.  So, bring a few tools just in case, an appetite for breakfast and a servant's heart.  

Join in this hour long monthly study. This month we will explore and study Lot's Wife and Daughters. A copy of the study is at the Heartline Desk. Come join us!
This weekly bible study is held each Wednesday at 10:00am in the conference room. The study " Making Sense of the Bible " by Adam Hamilton is led by Pastor Walt. Pastor Walt is offering these sessions to learn and share Jesus, The Word. Come, share and grow!
May 2        Violence, Suffering & Troubling Times
May 9      Wrestling With the Issues of Sexuality
May 16    The Centrality of Christ in Life
Your call to serve is always welcomed,encouraged and needed.
May 23, 9:00 am Conference Rm

Grounds Committee #4 (Mike Grunder, Bill Beach, Darren Kana, Glen & Debra Kovar) will be maintaining the routine tasks of the church during May. If you see something that needs attention at the church please call the church office or contact a member of the committee
Thank you to Johnnie Jankowiak for volunteering to take the recycling at the Church and Day School during the month May.   Please visit the Heartline desk and sign-up for a month of volunteering.
May 10, 2018
The quarterly meeting of all Ministry Teams is scheduled for May 10 th at 5:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
The meeting is an important time to come together and hear what each team has been working on since the last meeting, actions being planned and to solicit feedback and input from all team members as we continue on our Vision Roadmap journey and where God is taking us in 2018. If you are not a member of a Ministry Team and would like to be - please call the Church office.
  • Gluten free host and grape juice are available for Holy Commuion
  • Portals of Prayer for April - June are available at the Heartline Desk.
  • Living Lutheran magazine is available for anyone who would a copy at the Heartline Desk.
  • The 2018 Flower Chart is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway.  You are welcome to sign up for flowers in 2018 now.
We welcome Ritchie Surovik to Christ Lutheran Church. Ritchie and Heidi (Hilgartner) were married April 28th.   We extend our congratulations to Ritchie and Heidi and welcome them into the body of Christ and into the mission we share.
IN OUR PRAYERS                                    

Our Christ Family:
Richard & Marjorie Baker,Terry Brieden, Patt Crabtree, Sterling Crabtree, Bonnie Demuth, Verna Mae Druckhammer, Conrad Goeth, Shannon Heller, Laverna Jacob, Nathalie Luedke, Laura Metheny, Betty Schramm, Nicole Schulz Carr, Allen & Jeanie Stepan
Our Personal Concerns:           
Ms. Amanda, Donnie Appling, Christina Ashorn, Marilyn Barrera, Bernice Boriack, Betty Bryant, Hadrian Brown, Dane Bybee, Lyrik Campbell, Jessica Chatham, LeAnna Cook, Betty Crain, Ms. Curry, Gary Devlin, Andrew Dietz, John Dietz, Brandy Dillard, Don Dolson, Scooter Dillard, Wanda DuBose, Karen Dunn, Allen Gene Eckermann, Isabella Edmondson, John Exter, Jr., Angela Gentry, Gary Grantham, Robert Grunder, Teresa Gutierrez, Beatrice Helwig, Michael Hendricks, Cris Hernandez, Jamie Hobson, Lee Horak, JoAnn Hundemer, Bubba Jurries, Lori Johnson, Amber Kirschke, Harry Kluttz, J. Frank Lamp III, Tom Lanningham's wife, Baily Lantz, McKenzie LaSagna, David Lawrence, Tara Limmer, Dennie Marek, Tim Massa, Allene Machet, John Meadows, Marilyn Miertschin, Bernie Miertschin, Shirley Mueller ( Renee's mother), Naomi Naper, Megan Neiseg, Roy Norsworthy, Michael Parker, Ralph Parker, Charlie Pyle, Lucas Paul, Rita Perkins, Donna & Marshall Paulk, Ralph Parker, Spencer Ramirez, Matthew Rotter, Bobby Schlabach, Amanda Sebastian, Kyree Koehne Shaver, Jeff Smith, Erin Stavros, Noelle Stokes, Wade Thoron, Renee Turner, Ginger Vaudrey, James Vaughn, Robert (Bobby) Wagner, Lisa Wise, Brian White

Those in Military Service: 
Kyle Babbitt, David Crabtree, Spenser Ganske, Danny Hart, Johnathon LeBoeuf, Colton Logan, Elijah Nemeir.
If you see one that is missing, please let us know.

May Birthdays
Nathalie Luedke
Katie Collins
Don Holley
Renee Mueller
Alex Klinker
Erica Beckermann
Scott Applewhite
Lauren Kmiec
Derek Federwisch
Charlie Naudin
Morgan Stickley
Kaci Federwisch
Olivia Weiss
Todd Hertel
Shirley Mueller
Charlie Kelm
Roy Beckermann
Daryk Ganske
Philip Zander
Loraine Roeske
Rachel Allen
Rev. Walt Schindehette
Derrell Krebs
Gene Herrmann
Anne Schindehette
Sharon Logan
Connie Bohack
Richard Peterson
Carleigh Hightower
Judy Werth
Shannon Kana
Mary Hightower
Sydney Naudin
Adam Mantey
Hayden Fontenot
Davis Lonsert
Dan Klinker
JD Willms

May Anniversaries 
May 1
Jimmy & Linda Priesmeyer
May 3
Derrell & Janie Krebs
May 5
Ricky & Shun-Dale Federwisch
May 5
Philip & Jeanne Zander
May 6
Shane & Margaret Boeker
May 16
Lloyd & Shirley Beckermann
May 19
Aubrey & Sandra Perry
May 24
Bobby & Janie Branham
May 25
Dan & Sharon Klinker
April 17, 2018
  • Approved March minutes.
  • Financial Report: Envelope giving is down, expenses are down.
  • Reports: Youth & Family Ministry - Drive thru Dinner is May 1 with proceeds used to off set cost of camps and National Youth Gathering                        ELCA Youth Gathering June 27-July 1 Elem. Camp July 22-27                        Confirmation Beach Camp July 29-Aug. 3.
  • Christ Lutheran Day School - Added two new board members Eddy Jezisek and Mark Boeker.
  • Mission Board: God's Work. Our Hands Sept. 9,   Mission focus is now on drilling more water wells.
  • Foundation Board: See report in this newsletter
  • Stewardship Team - Push Pay App should be completed soon and members will be encouraged to download the app and learn how to use it, push pay is now available through the church website, looking at a future meeting with Legacy Giving, proposed looking at setting up a designated Maintenance Fund for future property needs such as roofs, etc.
  • Building and Grounds - Revolving committees have been setup with a chairperson and several committee members
  • Pastor's Report - Thank you to Terry Logan for power washing the front patio and sidewalk and to Billy Howk for replacing the tips on the Fellowship Hall chairs. Proposed that the triagle flower beds off the patio be replaced with pavers.
  • Security Team (Pastor Groves, Don Holley, Mike Grunder, Butch Bugaj, John Brieden attended a meeting hosted by the Washington County Shooting Club. Topics of church security were discussed at the meeting -more discussion will follow.
  • Don Holley met with Ed Fisher to update the Food Coalition 50l (c)3 for the cost of $200 and filing fees. Approved by council.
  • Mike Grunder resigned from the updating of the constitution..Members of this committee are Pastor Mark, Vicki Morgan, Charles Heller
  • Boy Scouts will be reporting to the Board quarterly.
  • Synod Assembly - May 17-19, 2018.
April 16, 2018
  • Investment Report - All Foundation funds are invested with Vanguard Wellington. The Investment Committee is in the process of reviewing and revising the Foundation Investment Policy to adapt to the change in investment policy.
  • Minutes and Treasurer's Report approved.
  • Annual Review of Foundation Policies - Board began reviewing all policies with discussion held concerning need for changes, additions/deletions.        The Board will continue this discussion and will review/approve policies at the next Board meeting.
  • Deadline to submit Foundation Grant Applications is June 15, 2018.
  • Approved 2018-19 Distribution Percentage of 5%. The Distribution will be revisited at the October Board meeting when final calculations for the past three years are available and distributions are finalized.

2018 Christ Lutheran Foundation Grant Applications are due in the church office by June 15, 2018
day schoo letterhead
 We are happy to announce that our Pre-K students have had an amazing year and are ready to graduate! We will celebrate with commencement in the sanctuary and reception in the Fellowship Hall at 7:00pm on May 22 nd for the Epic Explorer classroom and May 24 th for our Superheroes. We wish them well as they draw nearer to Kindergarten!

Epic Explorers Class of 2018 - Canyon Andersen, Kayla Bass, Easton Brown, Camryn Canales, Nolan Cappelletti, Lilliah Copenhaver, Bailey Eberhard, Jaeley Jarratt, Cara Norton, Zoe Roy.
Superheroes Class of 2018 - Brooklyn Bates, Claire Cook, Jay Easley, Attikus Grabarschick, Averey Johnson, Micah Meyer, Jayci Moran, Kaelynn Soto, Wyatt Tidwell, Heather Walther, Talon Weinert, Kyler Wells, Lulu Wied.
Blessings, Ginny Gaskamp

Take stock in our youth. Buy stock in our ministry and see how it changes lives. Sales Wednesday and Sundays.

Children's Ministry
Wiggle and Worship:  Sundays 9:15 am; Wednesdays 6:30 pm
Easter Egg Hunt - April 1, 8:30am   
Confirmation: Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30pm
Sixth grade Bible Orientation - April 4, 3:30-5:30pm
Eigth Grade - Catechism
Confirmation Lock-In:  April 20,  6-11 pm - With other Lutheran churches in St. Paul's Fellowship Hall. We will have dinner and watch " The Shack " with games, sports and fellowship.
Children of all ages bring your baskets and join us for an Easter EGGstravaganza! Easter Sunday - April 1, 8:30 am

Drive Thru Dinner:
May 1st - Schovajsa
Sausage, potatoes, green beans and dessert- $10

Stock Sales:
Wednesday and Sundays.
Take stock in our youth. Buy stock in our ministry and see how it changes lives. Sales Wednesday and Sundays.

Wiggle and worship is in for a slimy summer: We've been SLIMED! Sometimes in life it feels like we've been slimed! Sometimes it's because of decisions we make, sometimes it's from decisions others make that hurt us. This summer through the life of Jacob, kids will learn that when we stick to God, He can make something beautiful out of any slimy situation. 

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL                     
July 16-20, 2018 -  MARK YOUR CALENDAR
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