MAY 1, 2019 Edition

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Passing Down the Business - A Tale of Three Sons
Some food for thought before handing your business over to a next generation family member.
I remember meeting the Owner of a small business. He had worked hard and the company had provided his family with a comfortable life. There were 3 sons. One worked occasionally in the business, wasn't suited to take over and never really did much with his life. A second son ...
We Didn't Start Out To Be Family Therapists

It just happened. If you're the Owner of a family business perhaps you can relate to this week's message. Working with family business owners is fun, challenging and very rewarding for us. Their business and personal lives are intertwined. More ...
State of the Boomer Business Owner World Excerpt from Book

Boomers own 63% of private businesses, 80-90% of their wealth is tied up in their business, 76% plan to transition over the next 10 years, 48% in the next 5 years and
12 months after selling 75% of owners regret their decision ...
'Meet the Author' Event with Eric Gilboord
Owners, Get Answers to These Questions and More!

  1. Is it time to get out?
  2. Should you increase the value of your company presale?
  3. How much competition is there from other Sellers?
  4. Do you know what Buyers are looking for?
  5. Is passing the business down to the next generation a good idea?
  6. Are you really ready to transition?
  7. Is the company really ready to transition?
  8. Is your management team in place?
  9. Does the business run without you?
  10. What will you do after the transition?
  11. Are you prepared to come into likely more money than you have ever before?
Bring This Event To Your Owners

Transitioning a business is a marathon not a sprint. There are many things an Owner can and should do to get themselves ready and the business on track for transition.

You can bring them one step closer to selling while enriching your relationship.