Invitation to the Smithfield community. 

The YWCA Rhode Island presents Reflecting on Race & Racism in New England.
For participants of the April 27th webinar, this reflective session is an opportunity to review some of the major points and concepts of the presentation. Participants will be invited to ask questions, offer insights, and engage with one another and the host in conversation about how Smithfield can engage with its history of racial exclusion and actively work to create a more meaningfully inclusive community where interpersonal and structural racism and oppression are no longer tolerated or ignored, but actively named and undone. This meeting is for anyone who wishes to review the content of the webinar with fellow community members in pursuit of deepening their understanding of the content and applying it to the practice of anti-racism and inclusion in their community.

Join YWCA Rhode Island for a 90-minute reflective virtual meeting to discuss the webinar information and explore ideas about building an actively inclusive community that meaningfully reckons with its history in pursuit of a future that works for all.

Registration links below (both sessions are identical, participants need only register for one):
Tuesday May 4, 2021 1PM – 2:30PM
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Tuesday May 4, 2021 6PM – 7:30PM
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