It is an exciting time for the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches! Our new website has launched, we have a new Executive Director starting June 1st, our virtual Annual Meeting & Conference will take place in June, and we bid a fond farewell and offer our heartfelt thanks to Rev. Dr. Michael Chittum.

Michael has served as the Executive Director of the NACCC since June of 2015. He has shared his gifts freely, preached and prayed in many of our churches, celebrated with us, and shared in our sorrows. Michael's attention to detail, easy-going demeanor, and clear speech has served the NACCC well. He has set and achieved many goals, helping us move forward as an Association while promoting the Congregational Way. 

On May 13, we will offer an official 'goodbye' to Michael via Zoom. Both Michael and Vicky will be taking the call from the Oak Creek office, as they both deserve our thanks for their dedication, intelligence, hard work, and faithfulness. If you would like to join the call, but do not have the Zoom link, please contact Carrie Dahm.