Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

May 10, 2018

One Service
@9:30 am
Pentecost Sunday
May 20

Eucharistic Minister:
Paul Dugard

Greg Wood

Patricia Dorn

Jim Woodhams & Shaun

Altar Guild:
Anna Gillespie & Patricia Dorn


 8:30 am


@10:30 am 

Counters and Recorders 

Vestry on Duty

May 13-19, 2018

Office Angels

Clergy & Staff
Vestry & Delegates
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This Sunday we welcome the Reverend Virginia Brown-Nolan as celebrant and preacher.     
Father David will be away until Tuesday May 15. Feel free to contact Deena Groshong, Senior Warden, at 301) 847-0373, (301) 335-9412, crossstitch  61@verizon.net with questions.

Another sheep has joined our flock!   With 35 sheep coming from your generous donations, Good Shepherd will be sending a check for $4,200.00 to Heifer International this week.  Thank you to everyone for your participation this year.

Wanted:  Good Shepherd "Gardening Angels"
Good Shepherd does not have a professional landscaping contract this year, so the job of keeping our beautiful grounds tended and welcoming is going to be up to all of us.  If you can pull weeds, handle a rake, or even just pick up litter we need you!  Come join our "Gardening Angels" from 7-8 PM on the 4th Tuesday evening of each month starting May 22.  It's satisfying work and a great opportunity for fellowship, learning, and sharing your knowledge of gardening.   In just one hour a month we can accomplish a lot!  Please bring your own gloves and favorite tools.  Contact Shaun Hardy (301-593-5187) for more information. 

Saint Luke Food Pantry - Imagine that you are preparing a nutritious, tasty meal for your mother or mother figure or someone is preparing such a meal for you.  Imagine that this meal is composed of staples.  Which ones would you choose?  Let this be your guide for your purchases for Saint Luke Food Pantry this week.  Many thanks to John McArthur for emptying our cabinet this past Sunday for his delivery this week.  Let's fill it up again!
Making a donation in memory of, or in thanksgiving for, a loved one is a special way to support Good Shepherd.  Memorial donations may be designated specifically for Good Shepherd's Memorial Fund or may be unrestricted gifts.
The Memorial Fund is reserved for special projects that beautify and enhance our church - for example, altar furnishings, liturgical art, and sanctuary furniture.  The Fund is also used to purchase ornamental/shade trees and shrubs per the master landscape plan for the church grounds.  The Memorials Committee manages the Memorial Fund and commissions projects in keeping with its purpose.  The Committee also maintains a "wish list" of desired gifts.
Unrestricted memorial donations are used to support our parish life and ministries - wherever the current need is greatest.
For more information about making a memorial donation, please speak with Shaun Hardy, Frank Desmond, or any other member of the Memorials Committee. 

Next Sunday is Pentecost Sunday - Celebrate Pentecost at Good Shepherd with one service at 9:30 am followed by the annual picnic.  Please bring a side dish/dessert to share and invite your friends.  The more the merrier!

Sign up now for your family photo shoot for our new Good Shepherd photo directory. We have arranged for Lifetouch to be at Good Shepherd to shoot your photos from 2 to 8:30 p.m. on Monday, June 18, Tuesday, June 19 and Wednesday, June 20. Photos will be taken in the Parish Hall.  Secure your time online at https://booknow-lifetouch.appointment-plus.com/yd16y662/
You will get a free 8 x10 and may purchase additional photos if you'd like. However, you are not obligated to buy any photos.
Get Your Tomato Plants (and more)! Allen and Shaun have a bumper crop of select vegetable plants looking for homes - 13 unusual tomato varieties you won't find at Home Depot, plus 7 kinds of peppers, 2 different eggplants, and a unique container squash. They'll be available at church on Mothers Day, May 13, after both services. Come take your pick and make a donation to help support Good Shepherd!  

The Seventh Sunday of Easter
First Lesson:  Acts 1:15-17, 21-26
Psalm: 1          
Epistle: 1 John 5:9-13      
The Gospel: John 17:6-19                    

The Week of May 13-20 , 2018
Holy Eucharist Rite I, 8:30 am
Children's Chapel & Sunday School, 10:15 am, EW
Holy Eucharist Rite II, 10:30 am
Boy Scout Troop 97, 4 pm, PH
Iglesia Manantial de Vida, 5 pm, Church
GS Troop 1028, 7 pm, EW
GS Troop 5016, 7 pm, PH
Iglesia Manantial de Vida, 7 pm, Church
French class, 2 pm EW
Calendar Planning, 4 pm, PO
SDA Worship, 6 pm, Church
GS Troop 1999, 7 pm, PH
Holy Eucharist/Healing, 11:30 am
Vestry, 7:30 pm, Narthex
Choir Rehearsal, 8 pm, EW

Iglesia Manantial de Vida, 6:30 pm pm, PH
Funeral Service for Donna Gullickson, 11 am, Church
SDA Worship, 6 pm, Church
SDA Worship, 9 am, Church, PH, EW
SDA Sabbath School, 9:30 am, PH, SFR
Needlers, 9:30 am, SFR
SDA Committee meetings, 12:30 pm, PH
SDA Worship, 5 pm, Church
Iglesia Manantial de Vida, 6 pm, EW 
Pentecost - One Service
Holy Eucharist, Rite I1, 9:30 am
Children's Chapel & Sunday School, 9:30 am, EW
Pentecost Picnic, following service
Boy Scouts, 4 pm, PH
Iglesia Manantial de Vida, 5 pm, Church
Altar Flowers & Presence Light


May 13 Flowers

Jay & Lyn Womack


Sue & John Womack

May 20 Flowers

Joan & Don Lewis

Mary Koppal and Janis Stengle

Phyllis Radovich
May 27 Flowers

Bessie Michaelis

Melissa Garcia & Joe Burckle

Candle Phyllis Radovich
June 3 Flowers

Frank Desmond

Candle Carol Lewis
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