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Learning Opportunities for KHC
In recent weeks, Wendy Smith, Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) consultant, trained Housing Contract Administration (HCA) on the HOME program. Now, HCA will begin applying our new knowledge to your projects. As we work our way through your documentation, please be patient with us as we ask you more questions and analyze your numbers in a different way. We are trying to be more familiar with your projects and your styles for putting them together. We just want to help support you and think this an excellent opportunity for all of us!
Multifamily Developer Forum - Save The Date!
KHC will be hosting a developer forum to solicit feedback for the upcoming 2018 multifamily funding round on Thursday, June 8, 2017, at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Conference Center, Room C101, 200 Mero Street, Frankfort, Kentucky . All multifamily developers, consultants, investors, or other interested parties are invited to attend. More information regarding the exact times will be forthcoming in a future eGram. If you would like to send comments about the recently-awarded 2017 multifamily funding round in advance of the forum, please email those to .
If you have questions, please contact Jeremy Ratliff toll-free in Kentucky at 800-633-8896 or 502-564-7630, extension 707; TTY 711; or email
Basic LIHTC Compliance Training
Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH) Training Academy will be providing a one-day Basic LIHTC Compliance training on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at the Liberty Green, 500 E. Jefferson Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. ET. The training targets property management companies that are responsible for maintaining compliance with the LIHTC Program. The cost of the training is free, but a $10 is for lunch. Early registration is encouraged due to limited space. The training will cover the following topics:   
  • The value of the credit
  • Qualifying households
  • Unit and project requirements
  • On-going compliance requirements
  • Monitoring compliance
  • 8823-Report of non-compliance
For more information, please see the event flier. You may also contact OCCH's Lynn Logan at 614-224-8446, or email  
VAWA Implementation: Emergency Transfer Plans Required by June 14, 2017
VAWA applies to: HOME, ESG, COC, and HOPWA funding sources.
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a  Final Rule: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013: Implementation in HUD Housing Programs . This new rule became effective December 16, 2016,  and applies to all the funding sources listed below. All partners receiving funds through one of the programs listed must implement The Emergency Transfer Plan requirement by Wednesday, June 14, 2017. 
If you have a project with one of these funding sources please read the applicable rules that have been updated to include the VAWA requirements. Partner agencies are responsible for, and HCA quality assurance staff will be monitoring for compliance on, the implementation and adherence to VAWA-related requirements after the effective date.
COC, ESG, and HOME TBRA Toolkits have been updated and HUD's Model Emergency Transfer Plan is included as a required form. Please refer to the program rules for the funding your agency receives to ensure you complete the Emergency Transfer Plan as applicable.
 If you have questions, please submit a request through the HCA Help Desk .

In general, all HUD projects must follow
24 CFR part 5, Subpart L - Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking .  

In addition, there are specific changes to each of the following program rules: 
HOME Commitment Deadlines are Close
All HOME and AHTF single-family projects, which were funded February - April 2017, have commitment deadlines of Friday, June 30, 2017. All project set-ups should be submitted no later than Friday, June 23, 2017, to allow enough time for approval.
New ESG, COC, and HOME TBRA toolkits Available on HCA Help Desk
Effective April 5, 2017, projects using ESG, COC and/or HOME TBRA must use documents from the new toolkits.
  1. Please take time with your staff to go over the toolkits thoroughly. Compliance will be monitoring for use of the new forms.
  2. There are new mandatory forms in some of the toolkits. Below is a list of some of the new mandatory required forms:
    • ESG, COC and HOME TBRA now have VAWA required forms included with each toolkit and agencies will be responsible for following VAWA requirements.
    • COC now has new mandatory Chronically Homeless forms.
    • COC now has new mandatory "Client Service Plan & Tracker for COC" forms.
  3. The General Authorization to Release form HCA 139 is now a sample form. This form can still be used in some cases, however, this form should not be used for any client who is or has experienced an event qualifying under VAWA. VAWA requires specific authorization rather than general authorization. To obtain specific authorization for information needed on a toolkit form, please have the client sign the authorization release statement included at the top of each form needing authorization.
  4. Links for updated HMIS forms have been included in each toolkit.
  5. There have been numerous updates throughout the toolkits; some are very noticeable and some are not.  Please discard any previous versions of toolkits documents and use only documents included in the updated versions, even if the forms look the same.
If you have any questions related to the new toolkits, please contact the HCA Help Desk
HCA Programs Modification/Waiver Request Process 
HCA sub-recipients may seek a modification or waiver of program requirements that would otherwise adversely impact their ability to carry out program activities. HCA, at its sole discretion, may consider a modification/waiver request from a sub-recipient in regard to requirements identified in program policies and guidelines. The sub-recipient must submit the HCA Modification/Waiver Request along with the appropriate and necessary supporting documentation. The modification/waiver request must include:  
  • Details of the specific requirement for which the modification/waiver is being requested;
  • Detailed explanation of why the requirement cannot be met (as justification for the request); 
  • Any additional information the sub-recipient would like HCA to consider with the request.
Approval of the request is at the sole discretion of Kentucky Housing Corporation.    

HCA will provide the sub-recipient a response approving or denying the request.  

The    HCA Project Modification/Waiver Request  form is available on the HCA Help Desk  under Compliance.  
Career Opportunities
KHC has the following positions available! Join us in helping Kentuckians find safe, quality, affordable housing.

Rental Housing Coordinator - Part Time (2 positions available)
Tenant Assistance Programs
Hourly Range: $16.90/hour - $21.13/hour
Please respond no later than Friday, May 26, 2017.

Managing Director, Business Logistics
Department: Business Logistics
Salary Rate: $75,226 - $97,793
Please respond no later than Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

Mortgage Loan Closer and Quality Control Specialist
Single-Family Programs
Salary range: $32,963 - $41,204
Please respond no later than Friday, May 12, 2017.

Full details are available on KHC's website, under About, Careers.

DO NOT REPLY-This is an unmonitored email address. 


Kentucky Housing Corporation prohibits discrimination on the basis of race; color; religion; sex; national origin; sexual orientation or gender identity; ancestry; age; genetic information; disability; or marital, familial, or veteran status. 


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