The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Volunteers are what make our Church a beautiful place to be!

“We need volunteers” is a phrase that we read repeatedly and permeates throughout the church. BUT DON'T STOP READING! This message isn’t about the fact that we need volunteers. We all know that. So instead, I want to take a minute to brag about my volunteers. To give you a backstage VIP look at the rockstars that answered the above call and continue to make Children’s Formation possible. 

Three remarkable women lead our Preschool/pre-K team. Erin Muhlbradt's vibrant nature invites our little learners into a room where they are each celebrated and encouraged to explore their faith uniquely. Nancy Councilor's tender heart listens to each child and ensures they feel known and loved. Heather Ashby's creative spirit evokes each child’s imagination and inspires them to dream big.  

The Kindergarten/1st Grade team is led by three adventurous teachers. Barb Mantegani's clever wit promotes a classroom filled with laughter and one where children aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo so that they can build their faith foundations. Meredith Fath's imaginative lessons bring the scriptures to life in ways that help them connect the Bible to their own experience. Drew Arveseth, who joined us this year as a first-time teacher, instantly became a class favorite. He is a natural storyteller who fascinates the children. 

The 2nd/3rd Grade team has four gifted women heading it. Amy Donlan is a devoted teacher whose love for teaching creates a classroom that inspires learners. Amanda Hardy's exuberant spirit sparks lively conversations about God, faith, and the Bible and helps the children build their strong community of friends. Sarah Goss' fun-loving nature is infectious, making everyone around her better, and she genuinely loves being there. Amy Marshak is one of the most innovative people I know; a teacher who can turn anything into an engaging lesson for any age.

Four outstanding teachers lead our 4th/5th Grade class. Jennifer Stacks' authentic heart ensures all the children feel welcome to be themselves. Courtney Morrison's inquisitive mind and empathetic nature give the children a safe space to ask questions and develop their own voices as they journey with faith. Michael Puglia's intuitive and gentle heart ensures that each child knows that their feelings are valid and empowers the children’s ideas. Louise Liebeskind is a change-maker whose example inspires our children to become leaders in their classroom, the Church and the world.

I am beyond blessed to work with these marvelous volunteers who joined us with open hearts. They are one of the main reasons our children are thriving, and our program continues to grow no matter what adversity it faces. They have taught online, in tents, in masks, on lawns, and now also back in their classrooms. Through it all, they kept me laughing, inspired me, and continued teaching me what it means to be a leader.

I am so grateful that having heard my call for volunteers, they responded, "I am here; how can I help?” The next few Sundays, I challenge you to thank a church volunteer and ask them: “What do you love about volunteering?” I promise you it will invite you into a new understanding of the beauty of our church…our people!  

Lauren Breeden

Director of Children's and Family Ministries

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Preaching on Sunday May 14: The Rev'd. Matthew Dumont-Machowski

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On Sunday, May 14 we will have Children's Chapel, Nursery, and the last Children's Formation Classes of the program year. Check out what the children will be learning about below:

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In the Community

Food pantries across the country are being slammed with requests for groceries and the Falls Church Community Service Council (FCS) pantry housed at Knox Presbyterian is no exception. Volunteers who might have an hour or two to pack groceries from the pantry and then deliver it to the requestor's address (in the Falls Church area) are much needed. Not onerous nor time consuming but certainly an act of kindness that will be much appreciated.

If you can give your time when asked, contact Linda Rice-Johnston at and let her know what day of the week you usually have some time for such tasks. An appointment will need to be scheduled with the food pantry manager for a short training session and issuing of a key. She will email as needed (never phone calls). It's a same day request fulfillment.

On Sunday, May 21 we invite you to ride your bike to church! We are participating in the Falls Church Bike (and Walk) Everywhere Weekend, organized by Bike Falls Church. Biking to church will help you arrive in a great mood after some light exercise, increase the chances of seeing a friendly face along the way, save a parking spot for someone who needs it. If you’re out driving, watch for riders and walkers! If you’re out on bike or on foot, please stay safe and consider planning your route in advance. Included here is a map of participating destinations and the lowest-stress routes around the City.

Visit the Bike Falls Church website for more info.

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