The Old St. Mary's Community Weekly Newsletter
Thursday, May 12, 2022
This week's newsletter contains the following:
Message from the Pastor
Sunday Mass Worship Aid
New Member at the Table of the Lord
Seeing Race
Mental Health Awareness Month
Palliative Care and The Church
St. Peter's Church Anniversary Concert
World Central Kitchen
Prayer for Immigrants and Refugees

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Message from the Pastor
May flowers and special events. 
As we continue our jaunt through the Easter season, sacraments continue, especially Baptisms and First Eucharists. But other events are emerging already too.
We celebrated Mother’s Day last week for traditional mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, expectant mothers, those trying to be mothers, and also remembering also those who long to be moms but cannot or are having difficulties conceiving, those who have lost children at any stage of life, adoptive mothers and all who fulfill a mothering role.
When we think of mom, we also think of Mary whose special conception makes her a role model of special and complicated pregnancies, and what is possible with God's grace and great faith. May is the month of Mary, and at 10a.m. this Friday our school's second and eighth graders will lead us in the Crowning of the May as we honor Mary on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.
Speaking of honoring, a shout out to all our parishioner college graduates who have either just graduated or are about to graduate. We also congratulate our upcoming high school graduates, our own Old Saint Mary's graduates, and all those connected to the parish who are going through graduations in the upcoming weeks. Blessings on you all.
May is also Mental Health awareness month. I have asked Fr. Stu to do a special column on it. He appears as a guest writer in the usual pastor's spot in the bulletin Sunday. Look for it. 
And have a great weekend ahead.
Fr. Brad 

Sunday Mass
May 14-15, 2022

We welcomed 
Matthew Wyatt Davis
to the table of the Lord for the first time on Sunday May 8.

St. James website address and the actual zoom link are listed below.

May is mental health awareness month.
See Fr. Stuart Wilson-Smith's article on the subject in this Sunday's bulletin or on our website

World Central Kitchen
Donate to World Central Kitchen
O Holy and Almighty God, to whom no one is a stranger
and from whose help no one is ever distant,
look with compassion on refugees and exiles,
on the victims of war and climate disasters,
on segregated persons and on lost children.

Restore them, we pray, to a homeland,
and give us a kind heart for the needy and for strangers,
for those who search for safety,
for those forced to wander to distant lands
for sturdy shelter and a place to call home. 

Their needs can be unique. Refugees from Ukraine
are having to flee their homeland due to war.
Help us, Lord, to advocate for their lasting protection,
including a pathway to citizenship
for those unable to return home.

Give us an effective love for our brothers and sisters
who have lost their homes due to tornadoes, fires, and floods,
who suffer hunger, and who no longer have access to resources.
Open our hearts to relieve them in their need and to care
for one another as appreciated members in our human family.
O God, may we imitate your love and show true compassion
by welcoming the immigrant and refugee in fraternal charity. 
Inspired by the teaching of Jesus your Son,
may we greet each stranger as neighbor,
and may we live in the peace that comes from your love.

You willed that your Son should lay down his life
to gather into one your scattered children.
Help us to show true compassion toward immigrants and refugees.
Help us to bring about a communion of minds and hearts
for we shall all be united in your Kingdom, the Land of the Living.
Fr. Thomas Ryan, CSP
  Paulist Fathers
      National Interfaith Prayer Service
All Masses are open. You no longer need to register to attend.

  • Chicago, Cook and Lake Counties have now all reached a moderate level of COVID transmission. As such, local health authorities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly recommend that individuals wear face coverings while in indoor public places. While not a requirement, please consider this important recommendation to protect your own health and help avoid further increases in transmission of the virus. 

  • You may sing and respond.

  • There will still be a worship aid available on our website, and the OSM Parish app for your use whether you are attending Mass in person or not.

  • Sanitizing and social distancing for Communion are not required.

  • Collection baskets will be passed to collect your offerings. Thank you for your generosity.
  • COVID-positive Parishioners

Since we are no longer requiring Mass registration,
it is important to let us know if:
A. you receive a COVID-positive diagnosis AND your symptoms
started within 48 hours of attending Mass and/or a parish meeting,

B. you receive a COVID-positive diagnosis and the date the test was administered was within 48 hours of attending Mass and/or a parish meeting.
Please send an email to or
call the parish office,
312-922-3444, ext. 23.
  • All Masses will continue to be livestreamed. The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation is still in effect.


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