Volume 22 | May 13, 2020
Connections to Housing Continues Amidst COVID-19
"Craig D." came into the Brian Garcia Welcome Center from the hospital seeking shelter because he did not want to live in a nursing home, where he had been referred due to his full body paralysis. Our Crisis Intervention Navigator engaged him about shelter and other services to address his mental health conditions, and also discussed the possibility of living with family instead of in shelter. A week later Craig returned and requested assistance traveling to live with relatives in North Carolina. After confirming with his in-laws that he could live with them, staff purchased transportation to get him home.  
Collaboration in Action!

  • Unfortunately, even with all of the protocols in place, COVID-19 exposure has occurred on the Human Services Campus. Maricopa County Public Health is working with all of us on a daily basis to ensure the proper protocols are followed for appropriate testing, isolation, contact tracing, and further risk of exposure.

  • All Campus employees in direct contact with clients have been required to wear masks for several weeks. Masks have also consistently been distributed to clients. County Public Health is now requiring the Campus to implement a mandatory mask policy for all clients. We are ramping this up with client education about COVID-19 and the purposes of wearing a mask and practicing physical distancing.

  • The HSC Shower program opened last week. Current hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 am to 10 am. Clients are extremely grateful for this much needed service. This does mean we will need a constant supply of towels and wash cloths! Donations of these items is critical to keeping our costs down. Please contact Ivan Orozco at 602-282-0849 for more information. Thank you!
Our next bottled water donation drop-off at 15 th  Avenue & Harrison is this Saturday, May 16 th  from 9am to noon, and it couldn’t be easier. You pull up and our staff will remove the donations from your trunk or the back of your vehicle. Contact Ivan at 602-282-0849 or volunteer@hsc-az.org  for more information.

Or click below to contribute online and help us purchase water in bulk at discounted prices.
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