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This Weekly Update by the Illinois School and Campus Safety Program highlights 3 articles regarding considerations for reopening K-12 schools and institutions of higher education, includes links to the newly added K-12 and Higher Ed Cybersecurity resources on the Illinois School and Campus Safety Resource Center website, and provides a link to information on the 16th edition of the Illinois School Law Survey.

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Laura Black
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Illinois School and Campus Safety Program
Considerations for Transitioning Back to In-Person Classes at K-12 Schools and Institutions of Higher Education

As the state works towards reopening following the Restore Illinois guidelines, schools have much to think about. What will the 2020/21 school year look like? What plans are in place if returning to the schools? Or if having to continue on with education from home?

Robin Hattersley-Gray of Campus Safety Magazine has created a list of questions for schools and universities in her article, " Getting Back to ‘Normal’ After the Coronavirus Crisis ." From questions related to social distancing to questions about sanitation and health monitoring, Hattersley's article provides much to consider when prepar ing for back to school.

In a second article from Campus Safety Magazine, " Here’s How Colleges Are Planning to Reopen Amid COVID-19 Threat ," Amy Rock discusses the considerations for reopening institutions of Higher Education (IHEs). Rock notes that many IHEs have formed task forces to help address issues, writing that "Significant considerations for campuses planning to reopen for the fall semester include class sizes, student housing, food service, sanitation efforts, COVID-19 testing and personal protective equipment (PPE) availability, and quarantine plans for students or staff who become sick, among other things. All of these factors are a significant undertaking, which is why many colleges are creating committees and task forces to divide and conquer." The article then looks at several IHEs across the country as they work on addressing the issues at hand.

Additionally, John Bailey and Frederick Hess from the American Enterprise Institute, along with several other education leaders, have released the report " A Blueprint for Back To School ." The report looks at general considerations such as community coordination, regulatory flexibility, and privacy protections. It then delves into school operations, including public health accommodations, school meals, and transportation. The report continues on to address whole child supports, school personnel, academics, and distance learning.
Cybersecurity and Safety

With many school districts and institutions of higher education having turned to online platforms for classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity and safety are tremendously important. We have now added K-12 Cybersecurity and Higher Education Cybersecurity pages to the Illinois School and Campus Safety Resource Center website. These pages feature resources from organizations including the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Technical Assistance Center, and cover topics like data security, identity authentication, privacy, data destruction, and more.
IASB Releases New Addition of Illinois School Law Survey

The Illinois Association of School Boards has released the 16th edition of the Illinois School Law Survey. This guide answers school legal questions and is updated to "reflect changes in state and federal laws and the impact of new court decisions and administrative rules and regulations as of January 1, 2020."
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