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Scholastic Grid / Grille d’âge - Division scolaire
Cheer Canada is pleased to publish a formal Scholastic Grid for school cheer for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons. This Scholastic Grid is designed to be flexible with minor overlap of grades to allow for rural and urban schools across Canada. The intent is for all provinces to implement these divisions for the coming season.

As our sport progresses and grows, it has become evident that scholastic cheer and all star cheer have their separate strengths and weaknesses. Cheer Canada is committed to the growth of all types of cheerleading in Canada and have created several committees in order to assist in their growth.

The Scholastic and University Cheer Committee reviewed the many different sets of rules and age divisions offered for scholastic teams across Canada and the USA. This research resulted in several discussions and ultimately, a list of recommendations was submitted to Cheer Canada that were approved at their Board meeting on May 7th, 2018.

As this is Cheer Canada’s first age grid for scholastic cheer, we know there will be many comments. This, we expect, will lead to additional clarifications, but Cheer Canada will not be making changes to this age grid for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 season. Rather, the Cheer Canada Scholastic and University Cheer Committee  will review and analyze this over the next two seasons, recommending any changes for 2020/21.
Cheer Canada a le plaisir de publier une grille de catégories d’âge officielle pour le cheerleading scolaire pour les saisons 2018-2019 et 2019-2020. Cette grille flexible a été créée en fonction des écarts d’âge entre les provinces dans le but d’uniformiser les niveaux des écoles rurales et urbaines partout au Canada. L’objectif de cette documentation officielle est de mettre en application ces divisions dans chaque province dès la prochaine saison.
Étant donné que notre sport est en pleine expansion et progression, on constate qu’il existe des différences entre le cheerleading scolaire et civil, qui ont chacun leurs forces et leurs faiblesses. Cheer Canada est engagé dans le développement de toutes les formes de cheerleading au Canada. Plusieurs comités ont été créés pour palier à l’expansion du sport.
Le Comité de  Cheerleading Scolaire et Universitaire  a revu tous les différents documents de règlementations disponibles pour les équipes scolaires et les différentes catégories d’âges offertes au Canada et aux États-Unis. Ce travail de recherche, donnant lieu à plusieurs discussions, s’est conclu par une liste de recommandations soumise à Cheer Canada, qui a été approuvée en rencontre du Comité général le 7 mai 2018 dernier.
Étant la première grille de catégories d’âge pour le cheerleading scolaire de Cheer Canada, nous savons que plusieurs commentaires émergeront. Ceci, nous le souhaitons, mènera à des clarifications supplémentaires, mais pour le moment Cheer Canada ne fera aucun changement à cette grille de catégories d’âge pour les saisons 2018-19 et 2019-20. Le Comité de  Cheerleading Scolaire et Universitaire  de Cheer Canada reverra et analysera plutôt cette grille après ces deux saisons en recommandant des changements pour la saison 2020-21.
Privacy Policy /
Cheerleading Canada Inc. (CCI) is committed to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to CCI by its members or others seeking to make use of CCI resources. We manage all personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and any other applicable laws.
This policy outlines the principles and practices we follow in protecting all personal information. This policy applies to CCI, its members and their members. The policy also applies to any person providing services on our behalf. A copy of this policy shall be provided to any member upon request.
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ICU Judging Course /
ICU Head Judge Mike Cooper is conducting an ICU Judges Training course this coming May 26-27 in Winnipeg at a reduced cost of $25 CAD per person.
This is an outstanding opportunity to increase our capability in Canada to understand the ICU score sheet, which is used at the ICU World Championships, the ICU School World Championships and the ICU World University Cup Championship.

Please note another opportunity for training is scheduled to take place in October in Montreal; likely October 26-29. Additional opportunities for judges training for curriculum that will be used in Canada will be developed shortly.
The ICU judging course will be held at Canada Inns - Polo Park in Winnipeg. Registration is 8:00 am Saturday, May 26. Canada Inns Polo Park: (204) 775-8791

Of interest, coach credentialing will also be conducted Saturday and Sunday 5:30 - 8:30 pm

To register for the Winnipeg judging course and credentialing please contact Billie Sue Roe (
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Board of Directors / Conseil d'administration
President, Pacific Director - Jim Greenough
Secretary - Jennifer Guiney
West Director - Alissa Stewart
East Director - Lilly Demers
Director - Tanya Doer
Athlete Director - Katie Kovacs
Vice President - Krista Gerlich-Fitzgerald
Treasurer, Atlantic Director - Erica Royal
Director - Michelle LaFlamme
Director - Ashley Markwart
Central Director - Tara Savoie
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