May 15, 2023

Town of Scarborough Newsletter

May marks the kickoff to beach season in Scarborough! Our Clerk's office is busy with beach pass purchases, and dog rules change today. The last day of school and Election Day are not far behind, and then summer is in full swing. This is the time to check our seasonal job opportunities and read up on the proposed municipal budget (we pull the highlights here). Learn more below, along with Town Council updates, road construction project news, and more.


Reminder: Scarborough Town Hall hours are now Monday through Thursday, 7:00am-5:00pm.

Town Offices Closed on Memorial Day

Town offices will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday, May 29, 2023. Trash pickup will remain on schedule for the week.

Special Council Corner: Progress on Council Goals

By Jon Anderson, Council Chair

We set out on a very ambitious agenda this year! I’m happy to share with everyone that the Council, Town Staff and our citizen committees have made significant progress on our Council Goals. We plan to have a mid-year checkpoint to reaffirm our commitment to our existing goals or modify them further for the rest of the year at our June 7th Council Meeting. If you think we are missing the mark, let us know so we can recalibrate and refocus to best serve you!

Strategic Capital and Facilities Planning

We committed to supporting progress towards addressing school-wide facilities needs, a Community Center and land acquisition to meet both municipal and school facilities needs. Councilor Sither and I have been actively partnering with the Schools on evaluating the K-8 Strategic School Solution and have a workshop scheduled with the Council on May 17th at 5:00pm to further understand the K-3 unified school solution they are recommending.  We have started the recruitment process from our Appointments & Negotiations Committee under Councilor Shupe’s leadership for an Ad Hoc Community Center Advisory Committee. This committee will continue the work from a previous ad hoc committee with the goal of having a solution for voter consideration as early as November 2024.  Applications are open until June 7th, so if you are interested please apply. Lastly, we are currently in discussions with Crossroads Holding LLC to procure up to 25 acres of land for municipal or school needs. The request to purchase this land will be coming to you as early as November 2023 for consideration. We will be reviewing draft terms on May 17th and taking action for the Town Manager to sign a Letter of Intent to advance this land acquisition that Councilor Hamill and I have been sponsoring.

Residential Growth Management

We will be holding a public hearing on May 17th on the amended Rate of Growth Ordinance that Councilor McGee and I have sponsored. The Rate of Growth Ordinance specifies the location and pace of residential development in Scarborough. We plan to hold a workshop on the current recommendation on June 7th, followed by a vote on the final ordinance on June 21st.  The Council has generally taken a conservative approach to overall growth, targeting a relatively faster pace in our high growth areas as outlined in our Comprehensive Plan in Oak Hill, Dunstan and the Downs, while trying to maintain the current feel in other areas of the rest of the town. Our Ordinance Committee under Councilor McGee’s Leadership will be actively tackling state mandates from LD2003 which is intended to address the housing shortage across the state. Several zoning changes will be coming in the future to meet these state requirements over the coming months.

Financial Management

Also on May 17th, we will be holding a Public Hearing on the 2024 Budget Proposal. The Finance Committee under Councilor Cloutier’s leadership is actively seeking to understand the Town and School requests with approval targeted for June 7th. We adjusted our budget goals this year to be more holistic and consider the impacts of inflation. With a large capital request of a $137.5M for a K-3 consolidated school, we are also looking for ways to better manage our debt rating and maintain affordability in the long-term. The Finance Committee plans to tackle our Financial and Fiscal Policy for review and revisions later this year.

Housing Choice & Homelessness

Councilors Caterina and Hamill have worked with GPCOG to pledge $50,000 for “Safe in Maine” to help find transitional housing for asylum seekers.  The housing crisis is a state-wide problem and I’m proud we are partnering with regional agencies to make an impact.  The Council is taking action on May 17th to allow for this to be paid for by a Housing Fund contributed to by developers. Additionally, in the 2024 budget proposal, there is a request to expand our social services team to support the needs of the community.  

Sustainability, Conservation & Climate Change

We held a workshop led by Councilor Shupe on April 19th sponsored by our Conservation Commission, and Parks and Conservation Land Board to discuss strategies to enhance land conservation efforts in Scarborough. Councilor Shupe and Councilor Caterina are working on a resolution and a potential ad hoc committee to take further decisive action. The Council approved the purchase of property from 91 Burnham Road from the Land Acquisition Reserve Fund and has an action on our 5/17 Meeting to approve a purchase of land on 80 Beech Ridge Rd, both for conservation purposes.

Traffic & Transportation

The Town continues to embark on a Town-wide Transportation Study to identify priorities for future improvement. There are so many projects already planned and you can view more specifics on the Transportation page of the website of the active projects and what’s to come. Town Manager Hall with other Managers in various Towns in the region have also recently recommitted their support to the Gorham Connector, which will improve traffic in North Scarborough. Contact Councilor McGee and read his Councilor Corner on Traffic to learn more.

Public Engagement & Communications

Our Communications Committee under Councilor Sither’s leadership continues to look for ways to more fully engage the public. This year, we held multiple Budget Round Tables and plan to host another one on May 30. We held a Councilor Corner Live on the new Rate of Growth Ordinance and plan to host another one in June on the new school proposal. The Committee is actively planning an event for us to come to you to engage in the summertime! In May, the Committee also started to review the Town-wide Community Survey that will be coming out this Fall to get further feedback. We plan to use the same questionnaire from 2021 so we can see how we’ve been doing, and we hope you will participate this Fall!

Whew! If you made it this far, thank you! As you can see, we have been very busy. We could not do this without the wonderful staff and dedicated citizens who volunteer and serve on our Citizen Committees. I am very honored to represent you with this amazing group of individuals. We all have different opinions, viewpoints and don’t always agree, but the one thing that binds us is our shared commitment to make Scarborough the greatest community it can be for you.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Scarborough Town Council.

Clerk Appreciation: Municipal Clerks Week

Annually recognized the first week in May

The first week in May was Municipal Clerks Week! Have you been into our Clerk's office to renew your dog license, register to vote, or apply for a business permit? Then you may have met Tody Justice (Town Clerk), Kristen Barth (Assistant Town Clerk), Jennifer Peterson (Deputy Town Clerk), or our newest staff member, Katie Duross (Deputy Town Clerk).

The Office of the Municipal Clerk, a time honored and vital part of local government, exists throughout the world, and is the oldest among public servants. Their office serves as the professional link between the citizens, the local governing bodies and agencies of government at other levels. Municipal Clerks have pledged to be ever mindful of their neutrality and impartiality, rendering equal service to all and serving as the information center on functions of local government and community.

We recognized the week of April 30 through May 6, 2023 as Professional Municipal Clerks Week, and extend appreciation to the staff in the Scarborough Town Clerk's Office and to all Municipal Clerks for the vital services they perform and their exemplary dedication to the communities they represent.

Welcome Kristen Barth

In the new position of Assistant Town Clerk

Kristen joined the Town of Scarborough in February as our new Assistant Town Clerk. She has worked in municipal government for the past 11 years and was most recently the Social Services Director for the City of South Portland. While her background is in General Assistance and Social Services, over the years she has gained an understanding of the ins and outs of municipal government, leading to her new position as Assistant Town Clerk. “Working in municipal government allows you to truly see the good work that is happening in a community,” she says. “Scarborough is a beautiful and welcoming community and I feel blessed to be in training as the new Town Clerk.”

The Town Clerk’s office has many roles within the Town. Town clerks are the keeper of records which date back as far as 1658. The office issues vital records and many licenses, including shellfish, food handlers, special amusements, dogs, and marijuana. The Clerk’s office works to ensure the integrity of the election is upheld. Weekly, they work with other Town departments on Town Council and other committee agendas and minutes.

Kristen lives in Old Orchard Beach with her husband Joe, 2.5 year old daughter, and their dog. When not working, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family, skiing, and horseback riding. 

Apply by June 7: Ad Hoc Community Center Committee

The Town of Scarborough is accepting applications for a new Ad Hoc Community Center Committee. The committee is charged with the further exploration of the opportunity for a community center. Members will study, evaluate, and analyze relevant opportunities in full and make recommendations to the Town Council during the feasibility study and design process for a community center. Complete the Ad Hoc Community Center Committee Application Form to be considered. Applications will be accepted through June 7, 2023. Find the application form and details on our new Community Center project page


Road Construction Notices

Please be aware of these roadwork projects scheduled for Scarborough. Traffic delays are to be expected.

Gorham Road: Spring 2023

This multi-year project entails road surface replacement, drainage upgrades, and a consideration of alternative transportation amenities. After many years of work beginning in 2018, this project is now in its final stages. Grondin is conducting drainage work and sidewalk installation in Spring 2023. Periodic delays are to be expected; please take an alternate route if possible. Learn More

Mitchell Hill Road: May 2023

This project addresses the design capacity limitations from increased traffic on Mitchell Hill Road over the past 15 years. It will include drainage improvements, road realignment, and repaving. Please expect travel delays.

Spurwink Road: September 2023

This project covers a two-mile stretch from Ocean Avenue to the Spurwink River. It includes road realignment, and the addition and improvement of pedestrian and bicycle amenities. It also addresses the dangerous curves and intersections to the greatest extent possible, and improves road surface and drainage issues. Road work is anticipated to begin in September from Ocean Avenue to Pleasant Hill Road. Learn More

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 207.730.4400 or 


FY2024 Budget Update

The proposed FY2024 budget has been actively discussed since it was first presented by the Town Manager on March 29. Finance committee budget reviews are coming to a close in late May. See the finance committee schedule for remaining meeting dates before their recommendations are made to the full Town Council. The second reading and potential adoption of the FY2024 budget is scheduled for Wednesday, June 7, 2023.


Budget Highlight: Proposed Expansion of Social Services

The FY2024 proposed municipal budget includes funding for expanded social service resources within the Public Safety department. The need for more social services is in response to the increased demand in the past year for programs like General Assistance. The GA program sees more clients seeking aid for housing, food, and other public assistance. The increase is largely correlated to the effects of inflation, the end of the Emergency Rental Assistance program (ERA), and lack of affordable housing. 

The Town intends to expand its social services with the new position of a full-time Social Services Coordinator. The position would support our Social Services Navigator and be the primary role of Scarborough General Assistance administration.

Lauren Dembski-Martin, Social Services Navigator with the Scarborough Police Department, explains the need and role of the new position of Social Services Coordinator. Watch Here.


Other budget highlights include a new Computer-Aided Dispatch system for Public Safety, a replacement catch basin truck for stormwater permitting requirements, and a proposed 2024 town-wide property revaluation. Learn more here.

May 30: Budget Roundtable Discussion

We've held two budget roundtables for our community to learn more about the proposed budget and provide input to our councilors and Board of Education members. A final budget roundtable will be held on Tuesday, May 30 at 5:30pm. Stay tuned for details on the location and Zoom link to participate remotely.

This final roundtable will be after the last department review by the finance committee (on 5/24) and before their meeting to make final budget adjustments (5/31). It also comes after the Town Council public hearing (5/17) and before the second reading and adoption (6/7). This is the opportune time to participate in the budget process. You can also give feedback to the Council anytime at

Election Day: Vote on School Budget

Election Day is Tuesday, June 27, 2023 and includes the School Budget Validation Referendum Election and the Special Municipal Election for the Portland Water District to fill a vacancy to expire in 2023. Voting will be held at the Scarborough High School, located at 11 Municipal Drive on Election Day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Absentee Ballots

Request your absentee ballots early for one to be sent to you. Use this online form or fill in this application and mail to the Scarborough Town Clerk's Office at P.O. Box 360, Scarborough, ME 04070-0360. Ballots will be mailed to you when they become available. All absentee ballots must be received no later than 8:00 p.m. EDT on Election Day.


For further information on Absentee Voting and Voter Registration, please contact the Scarborough Town Clerk's Office at 730‑4020.


Planning Board Updates: New Hotel & Housing

The Planning Board has been active in reviewing projects of regional and local significance and continues their work as the construction season gets under way. In April, the Board approved a 113 room hotel at 205 Southborough Drive (pictured) and continued the town's implementation of Utility Scale Solar standards by approving a 1.99 megawatt solar facility at 720 Route 1. This is the third solar array approved since the Zoning Ordinance was updated in 2021 to permit these types of uses and it includes revegetation of the area at the end of the facility life. 

At their May 15th meeting, the Board will review a project that will include 51 units of housing for disabled individuals at Scarborough Downs (pictured). The applicant is partnering with Maine based nonprofit 3i HoME on the project, which is located in the Town Center of Scarborough Downs. The Town Center District at The Downs will ultimately include a mix of commercial, office, restaurant, retail, and multifamily uses. 


The Planning Board meets every three weeks on a Monday, and agendas can be viewed on BoardDocs, our newly implemented platform for managing agendas and meeting materials.

Free Mental Health Workshops with Community Services

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In recognition, Scarborough Community Services has partnered with Martin's Point Health Care and several local businesses to provide some free opportunities for our community members to move their bodies, calm their minds, and speak their truth in a judgement-free environment with professionals.

Upcoming Workshops

Wondering Together Offered by Spiritual Care Services of Maine (Ages 55+)

Tuesday, May 16, 10:00am

WISE Living Offered by Spiritual Care Services of Maine (All ages)

Tuesday, May 16, 4:30pm

Family Fitness Class Offered by Maniac CrossFit (All ages)

Saturday, May 20, 9:00am

Community Sound Bath Session Offered by Scarborough Yoga (All ages)

Tuesday, May 30, 4:30pm

See all event details & register on Eventbrite.


All events will be held at the Community Services Hub, at 418 Payne Road in Scarborough. Open to residents and non-residents. Sessions are free, but require registration for headcount purposes.

Summer Dog Restrictions Start Today on Beaches

Beginning today, May 15 through Labor Day, dogs are restricted from beaches from 9:00am-5:00pm. They are allowed on leash from 5:00 p.m. to dusk and off-leash from dawn to 9:00 a.m. Please observe restricted areas where dogs are not permitted.

Beach Passes: Purchase in Clerk's Office

Beach passes, used for parking in Town-operated lots during the summer season, are available for purchase in the Town Clerk's office. Please bring your vehicle registration as it is required for the purchase of a beach pass.  The season for beach parking passes runs from the start of Memorial Day weekend (May) to the end of Labor Day weekend (September).

Town Beaches

• Higgins

• Ferry

• Pine Point (Hurd Park)

Passes do not apply to Scarborough Beach State Park.

Weekend Parking Rate Change (July/Aug)

The Town Council approved a rate change for parking at Town beaches. On weekends in July and August, the daily rate for parking will be $30.


May 17: Blood Drive in Honor of Madison Charland

Wednesday, May 17


Public Safety Building, 275 US Route 1

Sign Up

Thursday, May 18


St. Maximilian Kolbe Church, 150 Black Point Rd

Sign Up

The Scarborough Fire Department is hosting a two-day blood drive in honor of Madison, the niece of one of our firefighters. After being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March 2021, numerous rounds of chemotherapy, and many blood and platelet transfusions, Madison is now cancer free! Please consider donating blood in her honor as there are many others who depend on it.


Be Aware of Ticks

Tips from the Conservation Commission

Warmer winters mean a longer tick season here in southern Maine. Commit to thorough tick checks for yourself, your children and your pets, and to take the following safety precautions whenever you are enjoying the outdoors. By following these precautions and committing to thorough, full-body tick checks every day during tick season, you can protect yourself and your family from ticks and the diseases they carry.

1. Avoid wooded or bushy areas, tall grass and leaf litter.

2. Walk in the center of trails.

3. Wear protective clothing - light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants, and closed-toe footwear.

4. Use natural repellents made from essential oil that include lemon eucalyptus, cedar or citronella, which will repel ticks for 30 minutes to 2 hours.

5. Treat clothing, boots, backpacks, etc. with products containing permethrin. Note: This topical insecticide is a suspected human carcinogen and toxicant, and is very toxic to cats and fish.

6. Check your clothing, gear and pets for ticks before you come indoors. 

7. Do a full-body tick check on yourself and your children when back indoors.

8. Shower within 2 hours of coming indoors.

9. Place clothes in a dryer on high heat to kill ticks on clothing.

10. Remove attached ticks as soon as possible using tweezers, a tick spoon or tick key.

Youth Fall Soccer Registration is Underway

Scarborough Community Services has started taking registrations for their youth fall soccer program, set to begin in September. This is a recreation-based program run by volunteer coaches that focuses on the fundamentals of the game as well as creating a social outlet for players. Teams are organized by grade level (PreK, K-1, 2-3, and 4-5) with one practice weekly and one Saturday game for 6 weeks. Register before June 9 to receive the discounted registration rate of $55 per child.


See the full array of programs (for all ages!) and details in the Summer Program Brochure.

Register for Summer Programs


Learn more about all of the upcoming Senior programs in our Summer Program Brochure.

Mathilda "Tillie" Studley Awarded Boston Cane Award

Last weekend, the Town awarded resident Mathilda "Tillie" Studley with the Boston Post Cane, a recognition awarded to the oldest resident in a community. She is a lifelong Scarborough resident who will be 97 this summer. Council Vice Chair Don presented Tillie with the Boston Post Cane and Gary Tapley, President of the Lions Club, presented her with the plaque and the pin.

Mathilda "Tillie" Hertz was born on August 28, 1926 and raised in Cape Elizabeth. She graduated from Cape Elizabeth High School in 1944 and 2 years later married Leroy (Sam) Studley. She moved to Scarborough in 1953 along with her 2 young daughters Donna and Diane with her son John born in 1962. Tillie volunteered with Brownie and Girls Scout Troops from the late 50's to the mid 60's. She was active in her local church and was a member of the Pythian Sisters. Tillie also worked at the Elections as a Poll worker. Tillie still resides at her home on Beech Ridge Road and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

From left to right: Don Hamill, Council Vice Chair, Joyce Alden, Representing the Historical Society, Tody Justice, Town Clerk and Gary Tapley, President of the Scarborough Lions Club, with Tillie.

Current Job Openings

Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Officer performs specialized work in the enforcement of Municipal Ordinances and State Laws relative to the regulations and control of domestic animals and wildlife. Apply by May 28.

Seasonal Parks Maintenance Worker

April-November, up to 40 hours per week. Involves semi-skilled manual labor performing various tasks and operating equipment used in the maintenance of recreational fields and town parks, and in the general repair of buildings and equipment. Apply by May 28.

Summer Camp Counselor

Seeking creative, energetic, caring, responsible, and dependable applicants to work part or full time 20-40 hours/week in our eight-week seasonal summer day camp program. The program consists of children who are entering kindergarten through 6th grade. Applicants are responsible for supervision on and off site and for planning activities and providing them daily. Candidates must have completed their junior year of high school. Apply by June 4.

Patrol Officer

Scarborough Police is seeking motivated people who want to be part of our growing department. The Town of Scarborough offers a competitive starting salary of up to $84,500 plus ample overtime opportunities. Apply by June 4.


Scarborough Town Council

Jonathan Anderson, Chair • Jean-Marie Caterina • John Cloutier • Don Hamill • Nick McGee • Karin Shupe • April Sither

Town Council meets the first and third Wednesday of each month. Visit our Town Calendar for links to attend and view agendas.


Unified School Building Project Update

May 17: Town Council Workshop on Unified School Business Case

Wednesday, May 17

Workshop (5:00pm), Meeting (7:00pm)

Scarborough Municipal Building or Zoom

View Workshop Agenda

Want to learn more about the economic impact of the new unified school? Curious to see how building a unified K-3 school compares to updating the current three primary schools and adding a fourth from both an educational and economic standpoint?  

Join the Town Council Workshop this Wednesday, May 17th at 5:00pm to review the business case outlining the long-term impact of the two approaches to our community’s educational needs. Then stay for the Town Council meeting to follow for further discussion and public comment. 

May 25: School Board Hosting a Roundtable

The School Board is hosting a roundtable discussion on Thursday, May 25 at 6:00pm at the Pleasant Hill School cafeteria/gym. This is an informal event meant to give residents a chance to come and discuss what they want to discuss, no agenda attached, no speaking at a microphone, just come and chat! Kids are welcome, and we will have light refreshments. Anybody with questions can email

Scarborough Public Library: Upcoming Programs

Age Friendly Scarborough Walking Group

Dates vary; Learn more

Let's go for a walk! This all-ages program has two goals in mind: let's get outside for a walk, and let's chat while we do it! There will be walking groups leaving from the Library on the dates listed on the library website. Our goal is 100 miles in 100 days (through July 31), and all walks count.

Youth Programs

Regular weekly programs will pause in June to make way for Summer Learning Programs.

Super Smash Bros Tournament

Wednesday, May 17, 2:00pm

Learn more

Teen Job Fair

Wednesday, May 17, 4:30pm

Learn more

The Maine Department of Labor is bringing CareerCenter services to Scarborough Teens! Join us as we learn about summer and part-time job opportunities, jobs for teens who are done with high school and figuring out what comes next, and information about scholarships and loans for post-high school learning. There will be employers, info about financial aid and scholarships, and prizes and giveaways for teens, too. Co-sponsored by Project GRACE.

Board Game Night for All Ages

Friday, May 19, 5:00-8:00pm

Learn more

Bring the whole family, a couple of friends, or come on your own! Either way, plan to play games with anyone! We will supply the games & snacks. All Ages: We'll have Chutes & Ladders, Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, Spy Alley, and a bunch more!

Youth Services offers weekly recurring programs and activities like Preschool Learning & Discovery Time, Mind Readers: A Middle School Book Club, Rhythm & Rhyme (for babies and toddlers), Lego Block Party and more. View a complete listing and details on their website.

Adult Programs

Reception for Intro to Photography Class

Tuesday, May 16, 6:00pm

After 6 classes, the photography students will be ready to show their work. Stop by to ooh and aah over the beauty of nature, chat with the photographers, and learn about the experience. Refreshments provided by the Scarborough Land Trust. 

Armchair Traveler: Walking Sacred Sites

Friday, May 19, 11:00am


A presentation by Margaret W. Jones, based on her new book Walking Sacred Sites: Listening to Their Stories. Margaret W. Jones, travel guide and storyteller, has a deep appreciation for beauty and nature. In this elegantly written and deeply personal travel guide, she takes readers on extraordinary walks through known and not-so-known places in Ireland, England, Jordan, Wales, and Scotland. With vivid and compelling details, she has these vener­able lands tell their own stories by her willingness to be open to their messages. Free; Registration required.


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