May 19, 2020
Story Time Tuesdays
Today's stories are When God Made the World written by Matthew Paul Turner and illustrated by Gillian Gamble and When God Made You also written by Matthew Paul Turner and illustrated by David Catrow.

Where were you when I dug and laid the foundation of the earth?
    Explain it to me, if you are acquainted with understanding.
Who decided on the measurements? Surely you know that!
    Who stretched out a line to measure the dimensions?
 Upon what base was the foundation set?
    Or who laid the cornerstone
On the day when the stars of the morning broke out in song
    and God’s heavenly throng, elated, shouted along?
~ The Book of Job 38:4-7
What's your God-given schtick?
Is it dancing, is it laughing,
is it drawing any animal you pick?
God made the world and God made you,
Just like the mountains high and the seas so blue,
You are so special and very unique,
Can you create animals with your prints and some ink?
Today's Story Reader
Catherine Curtis
Director of Christian Education
630.469.3096 ext. 23