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It is so good to catch up with you again this week. Please contact us at if you have any questions about the following updates. Praying for you is also a privilege. Please email your requests to .
Worship Last Weekend
Unique IP addresses from   live stream : 420
Unique Facebook views: 3522
YouTube  views: 386
$43,927 –  Thank you to the 237 givers and families who are trusting forward and investing in Jesus’ mission.

“Drive In” to Worship
On Sunday, June 7 (date tentative) , at noon you are invited to “go to church” for a simple drive-in worship experience in the Tipp City Campus parking lot. Be sure to drop off your New Path food drive donations under the front overhang while on campus. (If June 7 does not work because of weather or other concerns, we will reschedule for later in June. I will keep you posted.)

You will be able to wave to and smile at your fellow friendly Ginghamsburg Church family members from the comfort of your car as we enjoy music and an encouraging word together in the parking lot at this “all campuses” event. Care pastors will also be there to pray a blessing over your vehicle and all within it. Look for more details in next Tuesday’s COVID-19 e-news.

If drive-in worship is not your family’s best worship setting, fear not. We will still be hosting our full online church worship experience that weekend as well.

Later in June we are planning a second “all campuses” worship event near our Fort McKinley Campus. I look forward to sharing more with you about that in a future issue.

More Encouraging June News
Certain spaces at our Tipp City and Fort McKinley Campuses will be available at designated times throughout the week for small groups, ministry teams and classes to host in-person gatherings starting June 1. Next week’s issue will provide detail about available spaces and times as well as safety and reservation procedures. 

We Can’t Do It Alone
Christianity isn’t a solo game, it’s a team sport. We need people - other human beings - to help us out. In this pandemic season, we’re saying it this way: isolation stinks; community is required. We need to find ways to do life together. So, I have set a huge goal for our church family. I want to see our entire church connected into life groups this summer. If you are already in a life group, great! If not, we will be launching new groups as part of our This is a Move summer series built around the exciting stories of the early Church in the books of Acts. Early Christians were all too aware of how much Jesus followers need other Jesus followers. Some groups will be in-person; others will meet on line. You can indicate your preference when you register at this link . I also encourage you to consider being a group host. No seminary degree is required, just your welcoming presence as you kick off conversation, help folks feel welcomed and - if the group is online – navigate Zoom. The downloadable tool that all groups will use this summer is our Church-at-Home Toolkit , specially designed to supplement our This is a Move series. It will be available for download starting next week.

Families, this toolkit will also be incredibly helpful for your family to make church from your living room a deeper experience. It is designed to have a little something for family members of all ages as you go deeper as a family each week into God’s word.

Crushing COVID – This Wednesday’s Webisode
This week Pastor Rusty sits down with Ginghamsburg Adult Ministry Director and personal trainer, Marcy Walker, to learn some easy ways to stay fit and eat healthy during quarantine. Check it out Wednesday at 1pm at .

Rusty will be capturing next week’s webisode on video this Thursday as he discusses our kids with Child Psychologist Dr. Sandy Todd, who serves with New Creation Counseling and Dayton Children’s Hospital. Please send any questions you may have for Sandy to by tomorrow night.
Heads Up – Thursday’s Food Distribution
The Dayton Food Bank food distribution some of you generously signed up to help host this Thursday in Eaton, Ohio has been canceled because of the soggy forecast. We will keep you posted as the next opportunity arises. In the meantime, please be stocking up on all of the essentials for our June 7 New Path food drive at the Tipp City Campus.

Also, our mission team is busily setting up some essential on-mission opportunities this summer that will further our Big Hairy Audacious God Dream (BHAG) of no child within our reach going to bed without faith, family or food. Much more to come about this!

Praying For and With You
Prayer is not the least we can do – it’s the most we can do. As many of you know, we have been offering online prayer at 8:30pm on our Ginghamsburg Facebook page and at noon on our Fort McKinley Facebook page several days a week. We now want to place our faithful pray-ers into closer community with one another starting next week. Be sure to join our “Ginghamsburg Prays” Facebook group at this link and our “Fort McKinley Prays” Facebook group at this link .

Together, let’s make it a continuing priority to pray for those who are ill or grieving, for our first responders and medical personnel, for the God-impact of our Ginghamsburg movement and for one another.

Partnering with you in prayer and mission…
Pastor Rachel Billups
Online Opportunities

Kids Club Live
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Bible Study
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Sunday, 10am

Note that worship is always available
ON DEMAND at after 6pm on Saturday night. Grab the kids or roommate and worship together on your best schedule.

Pastor Rachel prayer time
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Church Family Prayer Time
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 8:30pm


Prayer is "moving" starting next week. Join the new prayer groups now:
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Bible Study
Tuesday, 8:30pm

"Crushing Covid" Weekly Webisode
Wednesday, 1pm

Next Step Recovery Daily Devotional
Monday-Friday, 7pm 

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