Volume 71 | May 19th, 2021
HSC to Launch Street Outreach Program
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Grant Helps Those Who Are Unsheltered
The HSC is launching a Multi-disciplinary Street Outreach Team to address substance use disorder and social determinants of health by engaging with unsheltered individuals. A $100,000 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Arizona's Mobilize AZ initiative will provide a portion of the funding for the program. Initially, a team of four employees will take this "holistic approach to the streets" with the goal of getting unsheltered people to engage in programs and ultimately end their homelessness. The HSC team will coordinate with other organizations to provide expertise in disciplines such as medical care, behavioral health, youth, veterans, and more. “We are extremely grateful to BCBS for this seed funding to build and launch this new team,” said Amy Schwabenlender, HSC Executive Director. As the Team gets to work we will share regular updates!
William Reunited with his Mother in Maryland
William was living with his dad in the East Valley. His dad was using illegal drugs and ultimately chose that lifestyle over William by kicking him out of the house. With nowhere to go, William had been sleeping on a trash bag in the desert in Apache Junction. He made his way to the HSC for any help he could get. Upon his arrival, HSC staff reviewed the option for reunification with family. William stated he wanted to go home and live with his mother in Maryland. His mother was so excited to hear from him and stated he could indeed come home to live with her. A bus ticket was purchased by HSC for William. He made it to Maryland safely and is now living with his mother. We look forward to checking in on William to hear about his progress!

Episode 9 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
Episode 9 Special Guests include Nicky Stevens, Regional Homelessness Program Manager, Maricopa Association of Governments, and Brent Downs, Executive Director, St. Joseph The Worker.
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Our Next Donation Drive-Thru
is Saturday, June 5th
With summer heat approaching, we need at least 60,000 bottles of water per month to keep our clients hydrated and healthy. Our next bottled water donation drop-off at 15th Avenue & Harrison is Saturday, June 5th from 9am to noon, and it couldn’t be easier. You pull up and our staff will remove the donations from your vehicle. We also welcome travel-sized toiletries and clothing; currently we are in need of men's pants/jeans (waist 24-36), size 10-13 men's sneakers, new twin sheets and new men's/women's underwear. For more information, email volunteer@hsc-az.org or call Ivan at 602-282-0849. Thank you!

And a big thank you to our partner St. Joseph the Worker, the originator of the ThirstAid initiative, for providing three reasons to feel guilt-free about donating dispoable watter bottles:
  1. Disposable bottles reduce the spread of germs. 
  2. Reusable water bottles and fill stations are still closed on the Human Services Campus due to the threat of Covid-19.
  3. Empty water bottles are taken to recycle centers.
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