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In this issue:  Meet 2019 president, deadline to apply for OLC Foundation scholarship May 1st and the planning begins for the 81st OLC 
Meet 2019 President Jim Dudley
Jim Dudley is the fourth generation of his family to be raised in the small community of Hayfork, CA. Hayfork is located 60 miles west of Redding California, on the Western Edge of the Shasta Trinity National Forest. It was the mid 1980s when Dudley was considering a career in the forest products industry, a move that was discouraged by his parents as logging on the National Forest was in sharp decline.

Dudley went off to Humboldt State University, in the heart of northern California’s redwood region, and again was discouraged from getting a degree in forestry because he was told there weren’t any jobs in an overall declining timber industry.

Nevertheless, Dudley graduated from Humboldt State with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management, and spent the first two years out of college working for Natural Resource Management Corporation in Eureka, CA as a wildlife biologist and timber cruiser. Dudley also became a Registered Professional Forester and continued to work in the timber industry.
Dudley worked for Louisiana Pacific Corporation (LP) as a tree enterprise forester with duties including writing management plans and administering logging jobs on private ranches and tree farms under LP’s Tree Enterprise program. Most of the properties were family owner-ships many of which were homesteaded in the 1900s and required a special touch. Dudley also helped several of the property owners through difficult generational transitions.
In 1998, when LP sold its properties in Mendocino County, CA to Mendocino Redwood Company, Dudley worked there for three years as Timber Manager for the Ukiah and Fort Bragg operations. Then he went to work for Roseburg Forest Products in Weed, CA.

With Roseburg Forest Products he worked as Logging Supervisor and log buyer, and then in 2004 accepted the position as Timber Manager at their Dillard, OR office. He was responsible for log procurement for the company’s four Oregon mills as well as the Weed, CA veneer plant.
Dudley went to work for Swanson Group in 2013 as Vice President of Timber Resources and currently holds that position.

Dudley said his number one priority is to bring more talented people into the timber industry. He believes the “best and brightest” have been discouraged from joining the industry and pledges to work to turn that around. “As the leaders in our business look to retire there is no one there to take their place,” Dudley said. “We have to quit discouraging young, talented people from getting into our business,” he continued. “We finally have an economy that is growing and we are going to have to look to other countries to fill the wood products demand because we are running out of people capacity.”

He said time is of the essence for attracting the younger generation into the timber industry. “We need to get into the high schools and find those kids that love the woods and don’t mind getting up early or working hard. We need to make sure they know we have good family wage jobs in our industry from the woods to the mill right here in their home town,” he added. “We have cutting edge technology at every level and a market that demands our product,” he said. “All we need are a few more talented people to join us and I want to encourage that.”

Dudley is a member of the Board of Directors for American Forest Resources Council, Oregon Forest & Industries Council, Douglas Timber Operators, Public Timber Purchasers, and Mountain West Log Scaling & Grading Bureau.

Please join Jim and Michelle on February 21, 22, and 23, 2019 at the 81st Annual Oregon Logging Conference in Eugene, OR.
Oregon Logging Conference Foundation
Scholarship Application
Deadline May 1st.

Knowing that college life is a constant flurry of activities both academic and social, the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation (OLC Foundation) sends a friendly reminder on the deadline to file applications for scholarships is May 1st, 2018.

Scholarship applications must be completed and returned to the OLC Foundation office in Eugene (mailing address is P.O. Box 10669, Eugene, OR 97440).

Scholarships are available to financially assist students who are studying forestry related subjects, such as forest engineering, forest management, forest operations/management, resource management, diesel mechanics/heavy equipment maintenance, and welding.

Previous year scholarship applicants are eligible to reapply, and must submit a new application.

Scholarship applications are reviewed by a committee of six to eight members of the OLC Foundation Board of Directors, and recipients for the 2018-2019 academic year will be selected at the OLC Foundation Spring meeting in June. Selected students will be notified by mail and the students will also be highlighted in the July edition of OLC NEWS.

Proceeds (which totaled more than $20,000) from the recent OLC Foundation auction held at the 80th Annual Oregon Logging Conference will be used to fund the scholarship program.

The OLC Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation which awards five to 10 scholarships annually, Monetary awards range from $750 to $3,000 and are sent directly to the recipient’s school for deposit into the student’s account to help cover the cost of tuition and books.

Successful Past OLC Foundation
Scholarship Recipients
Kristen Tolle, Trucking Supervisor with Weyerhaeuser Western Timberlands, Goshen, Oregon
While in high school I participated in both the Forestry Club and the Youth Watershed Council. My experience in these curriculums led me to Oregon State University where I obtained a degree in Forest Engineering with a Business minor.

While at Oregon State University, I was fortunate to receive the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation Scholarship. Their generosity, along with the generosity of other forestry scholarship programs, allowed me to focus on my studies and further my progress in a forestry career. I was the recipient of the scholarship for four years.

During summers I had various internships. I started in high school working for the Forest Service as a Fisheries Biology Aid and my next summer with them as a Forestry Technician. The summer after my freshman year of college I began working for Weyerhaeuser as an Engineering Intern. The next three summers had internships with Weyerhaeuser in IT, Engineering and Marketing. Through these experiences I discovered Weyerhaeuser’s trucking operation. I have been with trucking since November of 2016 and became a Trucking Supervisor in November of 2017.

My career in the forest industry has taken many turns and given me many wonderful experiences. I look forward to many more years giving back to the wonderful community I am now part of.
Ryan Bronson, Logging Administrator, Lone Rock Timber Mgmt Co. and Lone Rock Logging Co., Myrtle Point, Oregon

The timber industry has provided me with experiences and memories that I will never give up, but it was not my first career path.

I attended Linfield College after graduating high school and with the assistance of a particular obnoxious 6 th grade English class I soon discovered teaching was not in my near future. It was then that I transferred to Oregon State University to pursue a degree in Forest Operations Management.   

I had been around forestry and logging growing up with my dad working as a Forester and the idea of following in his footsteps was appealing to me. At OSU I quickly began to enjoy my forestry classes and sought to expand my knowledge and experiences in the timber industry.  
I am grateful for the OLC Foundation and to be selected as one of the scholarship recipients. Receiving the scholarship for 3 years allowed me to focus on my classes, which helped lift the financial burden and the stress of paying for an ever-increasing tuition. The scholarship allowed me to focus on the reason why I was attending OSU, “Forestry”. I also had the opportunity to participate in a variety of organizations on campus and volunteer as a track and field coach.
With the assistance of the OLC Foundation I graduated from OSU and immediately began a career as an inventory forester in Longview Washington. This soon transitioned into a position as a Logging Administrator with Lone Rock Timber Management out of Myrtle Point, Oregon. 
Over the past 6 years, as Logging Administrator, I have been responsible for harvest unit and road construction layout, contract negotiations and inspections, purchasing appraisals, the sustainability program, slash disposal, and the always persistent neighbor relations. 
I am excited to announce this May I will be starting a new chapter of my professional career buying log as the Assistant Timber Manager with C&D Lumber Company .
Melissa (Stone) Bronson and Ryan Bronson
Melissa (Stone) Bronson, Forest Engineer (EIT), Roseburg Forest Products

The Oregon Logging Conference Foundation Scholarship provided stability around my finances and confidence in my decision to pursue a forest/civil engineering degree. It was an honor to be named a recipient for 3 years, as it allowed me to focus on my education and future industry career.

As cliché as it may sound, I have always loved being outdoors and engineering/construction. The notion of designing an object, watching the concept liven during construction and finally, witnessing its implementation and evolution is what drove me to become an engineer. However, I had no desire to be stuck to a desk and only do a piece of a project. I wanted to be involved at every level. When I discovered that Forest Engineering was an option I quickly became very passionate and driven with regards to my chosen career and the various opportunities it could provide.

Until recently, my father was a part owner and general foreman at Grizzly Crane Equipment, which was historically known for constructing hydraulic log self-loaders. I spent a lot of time with a man that was passionate about his job and the quality of products he was manufacturing. He formed a work ethic and drive in me that fit right in with the timber industry, a place where hard work and loyalty paid off. In addition, my father-in-law was a forester for over 30 years and he showed me, daily, what respect for the land and being a true steward was all about.

The timber industry was as a natural fit for me providing the opportunity to become an engineer for a resource company. Being able to live in Myrtle Point with my husband and two dogs, while working all over southwest Oregon has been a blessing. The job tasks, scenery, and challenges are ever-changing, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After graduation I went to work for Roseburg Forest Products out of Dillard, Oregon. At this point in time I had found the job that made all the hard work worth it. I was hired as a Forest Engineer, EIT, but my exposure was endless. I am responsible for all the forestry specific structure design (bridges, fish pipes, heli-ponds, detention ponds, etc.) for the company. In addition, I assist with planning, budgeting and scheduling of roads and property line surveys for the southern half of the companies expected harvest volume.

The challenges of the job and its industry are endless, but incredibly rewarding. It has given and continues to provide continual development, both professionally, but also personally.
Plans are underway for the 81st Annual Oregon Logging Conference (OLC).
It’s hard to believe that two months have zipped by since the successful 2018 OLC in February, and it’s never too early to start planning ahead, and that is just what we’re doing. 

The officers, directors, and staff are putting together the details for the theme of the 81st OLC, along with panel and seminar topics, another state-of-the-art equipment show, and other activities. 

Reserve these dates on your 2019 calendar, and plan to join us February 21, 22, and 23 of next year at the Lane Events Center and Fairgrounds in Eugene, Oregon. 
Here’s just a few reasons why you should attend the 81st Annual Logging, Construction, Trucking, and Heavy Equipment Expo. The registration includes:
  • Wednesday pre-registration meet & greet at the Eugene Hilton
  • Thursday opening breakfast, meetings, and social networking at the well-known OLC Sawdust Bowl.
  • Friday breakfast, meeting, break-out seminar sessions, and social networking at the OLC Sawdust Bowl (takes place both Thursday and Friday)
  • An opportunity to sign up to compete in the 10th Annual Log Loader Competition.
  • Attend meetings and earn Pro Logger credits.
  • The largest equipment show in North America, with millions of dollars of equipment on display
Keep a look out for updated information on the 81st OLC program details in future issues of OLC NEWS.
16th Desserts for Dreams Charity Event 
A Delicious Treat!
Plans are already underway for the 16th Annual Desserts for Dreams event, which takes place at the Eugene Hilton during the Oregon Logging Conference (OLC). OLC First Lady Michelle Dudley is looking forward to hosting the sweet event, and no doubt there will be plenty of fun activities included. Plan to attend this event on Friday, February 22, 2019. Tickets are $30 per person 

Again this year we will offer a Hilton shuttle van from the Lane County Fairgrounds to the Eugene Hilton where Desserts for Dreams will take place. This will provide transportation for ladies who are at the Fairgrounds, and want to attend the event. The Hilton shuttle will run between 11:45 a.m. and 12:15 p.m., and then return to the Fairgrounds from the Eugene Hilton at 3 p.m. when Desserts for Dreams concludes. More details will be coming soon! 

This event includes light luncheon fare as well as desserts, donated by local restaurants and bakeries. Hosted champagne, wine, sparkling cider, coffee and tea are also served. 

Proceeds from this event are donated to the charity of choice selected by the OLC First Lady. Michelle Dudley has not yet selected her charity, so stayed tuned to future editions of the OLC NEWS newsletter for more details.
2017 Operators of the Year
Introduced at the 80th OLC
Two logging companies and a forestry consulting firm are the recipients of the 2018 Operators of the Year, given out by the Oregon Department of Forestry.
In advance of a Board of Forestry awards ceremony held on March 7 th , the winners were recognized at the Oregon Logging Conference in February of this year.

“These operators set the example,” said Oregon Department of Forestry Private Forests Division Chief Lena Tucker said. “They show how operators can both manage forests and protect natural resources,” she added. “We’re pleased to honor their exemplary work.”

Earning the Eastern Operator of the Year award is Lane Parry Forestry Consulting in Baker City, OR, for helping landowners after the 2015 wildfires. The company worked with 14 landowners in Baker County and multiple operators to perform salvage harvests. Lane Parry and crew were praised for ensuring both successful harvesting and replanting.

Coos Bay, OR based Denali Logging Inc. earned the Southwest Operator of the Year award for diligent planning and harvest. While doing forestry work, Denali Logging was praised for protecting streams, stream buffers and fish habitat, and reducing the impacts to the public. The company worked closely with neighbors in the area of its operations, keeping the electricity on and roads open to meet the neighbors’ needs.

The Northwest Operator of the Year is Morisse Logging Inc from Astoria, OR, recognized for protecting streams and improving fish habitat. The company’s extra efforts included improving safety along Highway 26 during and after harvest, and bringing civic groups to the harvest site to share information about forestry and stream improvements.

To encourage sound forestry, the Oregon Board of Forestry honors operators who consistently meet or exceed the Forest Practices Act. The Operators of the Year awards recognize those who conduct forestry work that goes above and beyond the laws to protect natural resources.
(L – R) Jana Peterson (ODF),
Lane Parry Consulting representatives Matea Huggins, Tyrel Parry, Laurie Parry, Dustin Hall, Lane Parry, and
Geoff Phillips
Jamey Hillard,
Morisse Logging Inc.
(L - R) Dick Clarkson, Denali Logging and Gary Worthen, Denali Logging
2018 Oregon Logging Conference Photos
FEBRUARY 21, 22, AND 23, 2019

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