May 1, 2018 - Next Payment Due

Already Registered 2019 High Seas Rally Passengers
Opening registration day is May 5th...coming up soon BUT you don't have to worry about that cause you're already onboard and don't have to fight for a cabin! You do however have a payment due on May 1 of a minimum of $600 per cabin plus $300 per person for each additional 3 rd, 4 th, etc. person in your cabin.

The Pay Online page of our website is NOW OPEN. Please make your online payment between April 16 and May 1 so we can get your payment receipts out before the Website opens up for 2019 reservations on May 5th. If you're adding a passenger to your cabin, please contact us between April 16 and May 1 or wait until the rush has slowed down after mid-May to contact us.

You'll need your Username and Password that we mailed to you in your previous mailed receipt to make those On Line payments. Can't find it, call us after April 16 th at 540-942-8791 or email us at

Reminder...$50 late fee if you're late on your payment after May 1 st.

Travel Guard Travel Insurance

One other note: Please take a serious look at the travel insurance link below. This cruise is a long way off and nothing makes us feel worse than telling a passenger there is no refund.  You will need your invoice handy to get a quote.