Fifth Sunday of Easter
May 2, 2021
On Being Connected to God and Community

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Once upon a time a man dropped out of church. He figured he could worship God just as well on his own. A few weeks went by and the minister came to visit. They sat in the living room by the fireplace and made small talk. Then the minister took the tongs and picked up a glowing ember and placed it to one side of the hearth. The two men watched without saying a word. In no time, it began to cool. A few minutes later, the minister picked up the dead ember with his fingers and pitched it back into the fire. Immediately, it came back to life. Without a word, the minister put on his coat and started to leave. The man walked him to the door and said, “That was one of your best sermons. I’ll see you in church this Sunday.”

Jesus said,
“I am the vine. You are the branches.
He who remains in me, and I in him, the same bears much fruit,
for apart from me you can do nothing.”

Please do remember, we bear much fruit, being connected to God and to a living community of faith.

Blessings and love,

Fr. Saj
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May 1 - May 7
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Saturday 5:00pm - Joe Salberg
and Keir Campbell †

Sunday 8:30am - Luisa Tagle

Sunday 10:00am - James & Vincee Viso †

Sunday 11:30am - Ron DeMonner

Monday 8:00am - Marcela Lino †

Tuesday 8:00am - Kathleen † and Ronald † Sieben; and Leonora Cuenca †

Wednesday 8:00am - Right to Life

Thursday 8:00am - St. Martin of Tours Parishioners

Friday 8:00am - Isobel Viloria †

Jose Parasseril, Leticia Terrazas, Mary Santos, Ron DeMonner, Hector Rodriguez, Maria Cruz Velasquez, Johnson Valcazar, Jere Fernandez, Mary Mancuso
Linda Codiga, Eduardo Terrazas, Patti DeNevi, Mary Ann Ravissa, Mary Beth Benham, Carol Barcelos, Rick Sage, Ramona Corona, Fr. Norman Segovia, Sherri Voisinet, Leticia Calsadillas, Sandy Crane, Brian Johst, Cita Estrella, Dr. Amy Irwin, Helena Knapen, Jennine Inghran
Please pray with us for our parishioners, family and friends.
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Just outstanding! Congratulations to St. Martin Parish for the support to Catholic Charities. (In reference to the letter from Catholic Charities in last weeks e-bulletin) -Prof. Bob Rucker 

Thank you for outdoor Masses. I loved it despite  the few sprinkles last Sunday.
-Maureen Standifer

Thank you for the Good Shepherd Sunday homily. Very meaningful to me, struck a chord. -Anita Wehner 
"We must first of all love ourselves. But as we grow we must love others. We must love them as our own fulfillment. Then we must come to love them in order to fulfill them, to develop their capacity to love, and finally we must love others as ourselves in and for God." —Thomas Merton

Lectors proclaim the living Word of God at Mass. Ushers/Greeters are men, women & youth greeting the people at church, seating them, helping with the collection, and helping keep the church safe and in order. If you are able to help, please click HERE to sign up.
Thank you and God Bless!
Thank you Ana Collins for painting the Statue of the Blessed Mother for our chapel. You did an amazing job!! We will enjoy it for years to come.

Once again the Men's Club is hard at work helping the community!! They so kindly and generously offered to setup a third tent that will provide additional shade during our outdoor Masses. We could not have done it without them. Thank you so much!!! Fr. Saju, Fr. Gener and the staff really appreciate everything you do!!!

Thank you to the 293 families that have donated to the ADA. We have almost reached our ADA goal of $135,253. If you haven't already made your donation, please prayerfully consider contributing to the ADA. We are only $10,757 away from making our goal. Donations can me mailed to the parish office, dropped off in the collection basket at Mass, or submitted online. Donations received over the goal will come back to the parish. Thank you again for your generosity.
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This weekend on Saturday and Sunday, 33 of our parish children will be receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time. Please keep these children and their families in your prayers as they are welcomed to the table of the Lord.

 May 2, 2021 5th Sunday of Easter 

Acts 9:26-31 • 1 John 3:18-24 • John 15:1-8 
“By this is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples.” —John 15:8 

Grapes grew all over Israel, so the people around Jesus knew all about grapevines. But for us, it may need a little explanation. When Jesus calls himself a vine, he is telling us that we are connected to him. Sometimes, vines need to be pruned so they will bear fruit. In the same way, Jesus needs to help us so we will grow and be able to produce more fruit. The kinds of “Holy Spirit” fruit Jesus helps us grow include love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Jesus shows us through our parents and teachers how to stay close to him and grow. 

Prayer: Lord, help me grow in the knowledge of how to live, so I can be filled with more love, joy, and peace. Help me to accept the guidance you give me. 

Reflection: Pick one of the “Holy Spirit” fruits in the list above to work on this week. How can you grow some of that kind of fruit? 
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Friday, May 14
11:30am - 1:00pm
Rosary & Faith Talk
Presented by: Guadalupe Hope Society, Rev. Joe Kim, Pastor of St. John Vianney Parish, will lead us in a virtual zoom rosary for the unborn and their family, and share a faith talk on "Marian Consecration".

Please register to attend:
call: (408)447-5433

June 12th
Graduation Mass
for Class of 2021
Bishop Cantú will celebrate a graduation Mass for High School and College Graduates! Registration is coming soon to
Statement on guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin: "The Church affirms the dignity of all human life as given to us by God from conception until natural death. As two of my brother bishops stated yesterday, “[the] death of George Floyd highlighted and amplified the deep need to see the sacredness in all people, but especially those who have been historically oppressed. Whatever the stage of human life, it not only matters, it is sacred.” George Floyd’s life mattered. While the dismantling of systemic racism is a long road, it begins with a conversion of heart that acknowledges the humanity of all persons, particularly those who are different from us." Bishop Oscar Cantú, Diocese of San José
Full Statement: English Spanish
Visit the Diocese of San Jose Year of St. Joseph Webpage
We hope that through using these resources you will grow in love and devotion St. Joseph as the guardian and protector of God’s people, the Church. May Saint Joseph and the Holy Family intercede for us in this work of rededicating ourselves to the mission of Jesus Christ. 
Covid-19 Vaccines Explained Ethics
As a faith community concerned about the sanctity of human life, the Diocese of San Jose encourages everyone to strongly consider getting vaccinated, after consulting their physicians or health care providers, for the sake of their own health and the common good of our community. The vaccines are safe and free. Health insurance and immigration status will not affect your eligibility. You can learn more about the moral and ethical issues regarding COVID-19 vaccines and why they have been deemed morally acceptable by the Church by visiting:

Vaccine Informational Handouts: Please share with your communities this double-sided flyer covering the basics on the ethics and science of vaccines. English | Spanish | Vietnamese

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