e-Leaflet: Legends Work Here
. Wednesday, May 20, 2020 . .
League of Legends
Welcome to a special edition of the Langs e-Leaflet where we recognize
those who are working above and beyond to support our community.
These are ordinary people acting extraordinarily.
They are legendary!
Langs' League of Legends!
Dr. Craig Albrecht - Family Physician, IPC Team Lead
In the Photo:
Dr Craig Albrecht, IPC Clinical Lead, Crystal LaForest, IPC, Community Outreach Worker and Cindy Danylyshen, Langs RPN at the Cambridge Isolation Site
A partnership with the Cambridge Shelter Corporation
“It really hit me in the beginning. I see patients at a nursing home, and at Langs, and at the Bridges shelter. This one day I had to go see patients at all three locations on the same day. It was just sort of vibrating in me, this feeling like ‘what if I make a mistake?’.”
That was the day Dr. Albrecht and the teams took immediate steps to limit risk for themselves and those they care for. But it didn’t stop then as they are constantly having to adjust for different locations and for the changing situation.  “As the virus and our understanding of it evolves, we need to change some of what we do. But no matter what changes we still provide good care. Yes we could get the virus ourselves. But we wear the gear. We practice. We rehearse. We make sure that we have all of the steps in place. If there’s two of us we keep an eye on each other to make sure that we’re doing it right.”

The experience has made him realize how much everyone in health care needs one other across the system and beyond. “Everyone plays a part and we all need to be aware. It’s really true - we’re in this together.”

Derek Wilson, 7th Inning Youth Worker
In the Photo:
Derek Wilson, Langs Child and Youth Worker helping deliver food.
A partnership with the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank 
Derek Wilson was in a meeting when he got a text message saying Ontario had closed schools indefinitely. For the grade 7/8 students who attend Langs 7th Inning Program, it meant removing a lifeline of a safe space they depend on for structure, food, community and trusted resources to navigate school and life. For Derek and the team, an additional weight of knowledge was the anticipated rise in child and domestic abuse due to the stresses of the pandemic.

Their inability to ‘see the dynamics in the home; how and if the family might be struggling, if the students were tired, hungry, injured, or if they might be using ’ meant Derek and the team needed to come up with a way to re-establish connection fast. The team started with daily phone check-ins, quickly accessed Chrome books and then provided cell phones to students. They compiled lists of what each child and family needed, making resource connections and delivering care packages of food, toiletries, physical fitness supplies. They arranged for virtual counselling, stress management seminars, even a ‘hotline’ number to access Derek day or night.

To top it off, as a member of the Langs Community Service Team, Derek helped to deliver 100’s of food hampers (practicing physical distancing and wearing PPE) to Langs' families with mobility issues.
Derek effortlessly role models for the youth he serves. “It’s been a stressful month with many challenges, but being part of the solution is how I deal. I love to help and I love to be on the front line. I feel most confident and happy when I’m ‘being useful’.”
Kelly Conrad, Registered Nurse
In the Photo:
Kelly Conrad, Langs RN visiting a patient in North Dumfries
Soon after the pandemic began, Kelly Conrad noticed her patients were cancelling their appointments, or not showing up as scheduled. Kelly cares for ‘INR’ clients for whom medication and blood levels checks are critical and live saving. Clients weren't able to navigate the travel distance from North Dumfries to the Hub@1145,  and they were afraid. So Kelly decided to go to them. “I’m learning people won’t necessarily reach out, you know you have to look at the big picture and be the one to take that step for them.”

Kelly has been seeing her clients for six years but home visits have changed their relationship.  

“It’s added this dimension to our care and it’s really satisfying. It gets me a little choked up because they trust me a lot, cause they’re not letting anybody else in. The bulk of it is these patients I am pricking their finger but I’m noticing it’s a lot more. It’s talking, ‘so how are you doing? Are you coping? Do you feel safe? Do you need anything?’".

Kelly admits that going out during a pandemic can be a bit scary (because she is a single Mom) but she knows that she's taking the proper precautions. "I can’t live afraid and I just can’t be that way. If we were, if health care providers were afraid, then people wouldn’t be getting the care that they need." 
Applause to our legendary donors who have been
generously supporting the Langs COVID-19 Campaign
throughout the pandemic and on #GivingTuesdayNow:
Toronto Dominion Ready Commitment - Canadian Association of Community Health Centres
Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region
Special shout outs to all our friends who have been keeping our
heroic teams well protected with donations of personal protection equipment and well nourished with donations of lunches and snacks.
" The pizza lunch, courtesy of ROGERS 4 BUSINESS, was a delicious break from my long work day." - Langs Employee
This fun auction will raise funds for the Langs COVID-19 Campaign.
Proceeds will be used to support our teams who continue to provide essential primary care services and social work support for vulnerable populations
during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
The auction will be live from May 19 to May 26

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We couldn’t be prouder of our legendary frontline workers. These are three stories of many dedicated staff who are selfless, tireless and extremely dedicated to helping those who need us the most.
We look forward to sharing more of our legends in upcoming issues.
The Langs Leadership Team