Sakyadhita Newsletter #32                   
Full Moon, May 14, 2014
 Wisdom of the Buddha Modern Times

His Holiness Sakya Trizin, a Buddhist leader in the Tibetan tradition will share insight and advice on coping in our rapidly changing world. While society progresses, how can we deal effectively with the challenges posed by the environment, technology and economic development? Perhaps ancient wisdom and teachings can help us to maintain our sanity, equanimity and humanity in these intense times of change. 

Vesak Full Moon Poya - 2014

To Celebrate TheThreefold Significant Day for Buddhists all over the World

The Buddhist Cultural Centre - Calgary

Has scheduled the following program in Veneration of this Sacred Event


 SATURDAY, MAY 17th 2014

Children's Dhamma Program (Adults are welcome)

Followed by


(Offerings & Chanting of Virtues of the Twenty-Eight Buddhas)

5.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Lighting of VESAK LANTERNS (Vesak Pahan Pujawa)

& Festivities celebrating the threefold significant events in

The Life of the Supreme Buddha

At 7.00 pm


 SUNDAY, MAY 18th 2014

The Inaugural Higher Precepts (ATASIL) program


8.00 am through 4.00 pm.

SUNDAY, MAY 25th 2014

Special Vesak Vandana

Followed by

An Insightful Glimpse into the Unique Wisdom of the Buddha

"Gnana Vandana"

(Chanting & Offerings to Buddha's Unique Wisdom)

in English, Pali & Sinhala


5.00 pm to 6.00 pm

All devotees & well-wishers are most welcome to participate

in both spiritual and delightful events planned for this holy occasion .

Buddhist Cultural Centre

639, 19th Ave NE.

Calgary Tel: 403 401 4454, 587 333 5939 Web: www.wcbac.com




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           THE MIND
Whatever an enemy might do
To an enemy,
Or a foe to a foe,
The ill-directed mind
Can do to you
Even worse.                                
Whatever a mother, father
Or other kinsman
Might do for you                  
The well-directed mind
Can do for you
Even better
Dhp III 42 - 43

The Importance of the way that we understand and use our minds can't be underestimated when we embark upon the path laid down by the Buddha. Often it seems more like we are directed by our mind than that we direct it, but the Buddha knew better and he devised a way to teach us how to realize this. He formulated his teaching as the Four Noble Truths, the fourth of which is The Noble Eightfold Path. This is further divided into three sections, Wisdom, Ethics and Concentration. It makes sense that this profound teaching starts with Wisdom --- The Wisdom of Right View; the understanding that what we think of as life is impermanent, unsatisfactory and not-self. And, the Wisdom of Right Intention; the intention of harmlessness, non-ill will and renunciation. These two principles are so essential to the Buddha's Path that without them it cannot be followed, but with them the following six principles fit seamlessly together.
The division of these factors is purely a teaching tool, for in practice trying to separate them would be a hopeless endeavor. However, due to the current secular popularity of mindfulness and concentration, it is useful for those seeking release from Samsara to note the difference between the practice of mindfulness and concentration for stress reduction, and mindfulness as an aspect of the Buddha's teaching. To realize Nibbana, the Awakened state, mindfulness must be synchronized with Wisdom. It is necessary to see the impermanent, unsatisfactory and selfless nature of all things and to subsequently loose interest in them; to become disenchanted with them enough to lose all attachment to the delusional mind. The Buddha said that it is not necessary to become a disciple of his to arrive at this place, but it is necessary to see the way that "all things" are, and to release the mind from attachment to their false construct. Many Beings have achieved high ethical standards, and many have achieved deep levels of concentration, but without seeing the dependent nature of "all things" they stay firmly rooted in the ignorance of Being --- firmly rooted in Samsara. Mindfulness, joined with Wisdom, is the way out. As we walk the path to freedom from the impermanent and unsatisfactory nature of Samsara, the mind, once an enemy to peace is cultivated to become the greatest friend we could possibly have. It takes us from the realm of Death to the Deathless.


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April 2014 

President:  Leslie Brown
Past President :  Shirley Johannesen (Jayanta)
Vice President:  Thich nu Tinh Quang
Treasurer:  Bena Patel
Secretary:  Myreene Tobin
Members at Large :
Donna Brown
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Ja Eun Sunim

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