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May 2014 Newsletter
10:30 Sunday Service
May 2014
Minister: Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310
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Minister's column
Declutter benefit June 7
Fire season again
Coffee Hour reminder
Prisoners earn degrees
African Library books  
Women's group potluck
Altar Flowers
Meditation Moment
Financial report


Declutter class

June 7 to benefit

Skyland church


Ellie Lavender will lead a "Simplify Your Life" workshop on Saturday, June 7, from 10 a.m. to noon in Whitaker Hall. She will teach procedures for organizing environments and eliminating clutter so as to simplify homes, workplaces, and even personal lives.


Cost of the workshop is $50, with all proceeds being donated to Skyland Church. The event is open to everyone, whether church members or not; and Ellie asks people reading this notice to forward it to relatives, friends and neighbors.  Last year's workshop raised $750 for the church, and Ellie hopes to do even better this year.


Ellie is a certrified practicioner in feng shui, the Chinese practice of "harmonizing human existence with the surrounding environment" (Wikipedia); and included in the workshop cost is a raffle ticket for a two-hour home consultation on decluttering, organizing, and feng shui. Refreshments - lavender cookies, coffee, and tea, will be provided.


Registration for the workshop is required by June 2; email Ellie at ellie@lavenderdesign.net, or call her at 408-858-8947.

For more information on Ellie's workshops, visit her website at http://www.lavenderdesign.net. 



Altar Flowers


Open Sundays for donating flowers are May 11 and May 18. Please sign up in Whitaker Hall or send an email to <heyes2@gmail.com>.




Ah! My little hut

Is newly thatched, I see --

Blue morning-glories 


~ Kobayashi Issa


-- John Heyes


A reminder:

Cleanup is Part

of Coffee Hour


A successful coffee hour and potluck that is warm and welcoming depends on all of us. In 2011, we began a trial period where the coffee hour hosts were responsible for beverages while everyone, not just the hosts, was encouraged to bring food. 


The congregation provided all sorts of treats including fruit, vegetables and dips, cheese and crackers, muffins and homemade cookies. Many thanks to all of you who have 


brought food to share at coffee hour as well as potluck Sunday. It is fun for the hosts as coordinators, bustling about and arranging the surprise goodies.


However cleanup, especially on potluck Sunday, should not be left entirely to the hosts. When you are the hosts for coffee hour or potluck Sunday, please ring the bell and ask for help. Sharing stories and laughing as we clean up makes the work easier and is a wonderful way to serve our church community. Please continue to bring small samplings of food to share at coffee hour. And many thanks to all who help to clean up.


 -- Anne Evans


Meditation Moment

Everything in this world  is

the  manifestation of the divine intellect.

-- Leo Tolstoy



Remaking the Church - Literally
                                   Jeremy Cole at work on high
Minister's Column

Dear Skyland Friends,


Everywhere I look, I see God remaking the church and sending divine love into the world through us. Drive into our parking lot and behold the freshly painted bell tower, the entire western wall of the sanctuary, and touchups on peeling spots here and there. I have never seen it look so beautiful. Jeremy Cole and his painter friend, Mike, did a splendid job.


Listen to the choir sing an Easter Alleluia, or the kids sing "We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands" for Earth Day. Share the joy when Emily Fredriksen, who had to leave the mountain community for Sunnyvale,  returns to worship with us thanks to the chauffeuring of her daughter, Christie. 


I appreciate your blessings and prayers as I take a week in Maine to help my mother move to assisted living. Many acts of prayer and care bring the love of God into this world. We are truly blessed to be here and to be here together. May the joy of Easter and the resurrection spirit animate and inspire us always!


Community book discussion:  Creative Confidence


I am trying to reach out in some new ways to folks in the wider mountain community, so here is what I have coming out in this month's Mountain Network News:


Hop out of your chair, stow your electronic communication devices in a safe place and join us for a face to face, real-time discussion of a great new book, Creative Confidence,  by brothers Tom and David Kelley, masters of the arts of creativity and innovation. 


Where could you use some creative confidence in your life...your job...your family life...learning how to relax and play? Together we'll investigate how their ideas can help us open new creative possibilities in our own lives and with each other. Join us for three Thursdays in May, the 8th, 15th and 22nd, from 7:30 to 9:00 PM at Whitaker Hall, adjacent to Skyland Church at 25100 Skyland Rd. 


Creative Confidence is available as a paperback book, and also, for those firmly committed to the new media, in Kindle format and as an audio book. Please read the introduction and  Chapters 1 and 2, and come ready for a lively discussion. Refreshments? Of course! For inspiration, google "Nightline IDEO Video" to see a video of David Kelley in action. Also take a look at www.ideo.com and www.ideo.org.(IDEO is the Kelleys' design firm.) If you are coming or have questions, feel free to email your friendly facilitator, Stephen Glauz-Todrank, at sglauztodrank@gmail.com, or call 408-353-5407.


Of course, Skyland members are also especially welcome!

    -- Stephen    

Fire Season With Us Again

Lands End fire 2008   

Support Loma Prieta Fire Volunteers 
at Annual BBQ June 1

Fire season has begun again, and this winter of drought reminds us of the critical work of the Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire and Rescue. Sometimes we forget that not only do they fight fires, but they are the first responders and paramedics for many local medical emergencies in the mountains and on Highway 17.


Bill Colbran describes one experience with Loma Prieta Fire and Rescue several years ago:  "I had internal bleeding causing me to lose consciousness and have no measurable blood pressure. They got me into an ambulance and off to the hospital quickly, where they thought I had an ulcer.  
"The doctors sent me home; but I was in the same situation the next night. The paramedics with the LPVFR stabilized me again, and again got me off to the hospital. They saved my life.
We have had at least six calls to our home for medical emergencies, and the average response time has been about six minutes!" 
LPVFR people are often first on the scene of an accident or downed power lines on our mountain roads. Their unseen work is critical to our safety in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 


The Mission Board would like to support the Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire and Rescue with a few special projects throughout the year. We encourage everyone to attend their annual BBQ on June 1. It is a wonderful family event that raises needed funds for the volunteer fire and rescue. We will be carpooling after church for those who wish it.


For incident reports go the LPVFR fire blog:


For more information: http://www.lomaprietafire.org/


Inmate students at San Quentin 
Helping Prisoners Earn Degrees


 John Heyes first heard about the Prison University Project at San Quentin on KQED radio on his daily drive to work at Harker School. This project offers classes to inmates at San Quentin who qualify with exemplary behavior and who wish to work towards a high school degree (G.E.D) or a college Associate's degree (A.A). John volunteered to tutor inmates in writing and critical reading in their San Quentin study hall on Fridays for 10 weeks in the summer of 2011 and 2012. "They wanted the help," John says; and he was impressed by the inmates' determination, their eagerness to learn, and their sense of accomplishment as they articulated their ideas.

Reading Homer's Odyssey is not easy for any student, and yet John found a way to make it relevant for the inmates by discussing the son, Telemachus, and the theme of child-abandonment and loss at the beginning of the Odyssey.


During the May 18th service, John will speak about his experience with the Prison University Project and Stephen will preach on this subject. The Mission Board plans to continue the process of sharing our volunteering experiences while learning about this project, which offers so much hope to our incarcerated population.


South African pre-school library is built from shipping container
Next African Library Needs Books

The African Library Project has partnered with Breadline Africa and the Peace Corps to put the first ALP libraries in the Republic of South Africa next fall. The South Africans convert old shipping containers into community/school libraries.


We are already gathering our thousand books to ship. We need primary reading materials and all kinds of content with a reading level of up to the eighth grade only. Two-thirds of the books (670) should be primary (K-4th grade) reading level and one-third (330) should be up to the 8th grade level. Paperbacks are preferred; however good dictionaries and current atlases will always be included in the library even if hardbacked.


Since this is to be a community library, we also need how-to books on building and agriculture-related topics that are written simply. The issue of whether a given how-to book is accessible to eighth-grade level readers is subjective and will have to be made by donors and packers.


Angela Colbran-Patterson and Shannon Edwards are the coordinators of our book drive. Our target is to ship the books to their port of embarkation, New Orleans, by early August, in time to sail for Africa Sept. 2.


To see a slideshow presentation on the first ALP libraries in the Republic of South Africa, see http://slidesha.re/1eIEDsc.






Women's Group to close year with potluck May 13


The next meeting of the Skyland women's group - and the last meeting of the current season - will be held Tuesday, May 13, at 10:30 AM at Fern Thompson's home, 24500 Loma Prieta Ave. The group will review events of the past year, elect officers for the next, and determine how to distribute the funds earned from the spaghetti dinner and the women's retreat.


 These activities will be followed by a potluck lunch of main dishes salads, and desserts. All women are welcome.


-- Nancy Jo Lopp 



Financial Report for April 2014 


NOTE from your treasurer:

Nothing special to report this month.


Here is our operating finances report for April 2014 as of Apr. 29.


                   Summary of Operating Finances                           Apr. 2014      |Jun 1,2013 to Apr29,2014                   Actual     Planned |    Actual      Planned  

Income  $ 10,215   $  8,625 |   $165,329    $160,375  

Expenses$  7,590   $  8,958 |   $156,992    $157,471

   Net   2,625   $(  -333)|   $  8,337    $  2,904


 -- Gerald J. Alonzo



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