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National Green Schools Society
Excellence in Energy and Environmental Affairs Awards
Green Schools Partners with USFWS
Youth Climate Change Forum
Healthy Schools Hero
STEM2 Summit
Engineering Toolkit
International School Grounds Month
MA Clean Energy Center Internship Program
College of Atlantic Summer Field Institute
Student Film Project
Casting Call for FoxTV: Utopia
National Grid Working with Schools

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Congratulations Green Difference Awards Winners & Green Schools Student Ambassadors of 2014!




Please join us for a special ceremony at The MA State House honoring you and others who have made The Green Difference this past year.




See note below.  Must RSVP in order to attend as this is a closed event.


Please RSVP to GDA2014 @ with the Names and Number of Attendees from your group by May 14th.





Where: MA State House, Grand Staircase


When: May 28th, 11:00-1:00


2014 Green Difference Award Winners are:


1.     Outstanding Commitment to Environmental Education


**Gina McCarthy, U.S. EPA

  • Phyllis Therman, Wellesley Green Schools, MA
  • Janice McPhillips, Hingham High School, MA

2. Outstanding Commitment to Greenovation [GREEN + STEM + Innovation]


**Andrea Falken, U.S. ED

**Governor Deval Patrick, MA

  • Foxborough Regional Charter School, Diploma, MA
  • Manchester Essex Regional High School, Hydroponics, MA
  • Plainville Public Schools, MA

3. Outstanding Green Educator/Program Director...Separate Educators from Programs?


**Stephen Ritz, Green Bronx Machine, NY

  • John Griffith, Conservation Corp, CA
  • Jim Johnson, Science Teacher, Children's Center for Treatment and Education, Beacon Light, PA
  • Laurie Bianchi, Whitman Hanson High School, MA
  • Sung Hwa Chang, Everett, MA
  • Karen Wood, OW Homes Elementary School, MA
  • Sandra Willmore, New Albany-Plain Local Schools, OH
  • Andrew Cassilly, Harford Public School, MD

4. Outstanding Green Superintendent

  • Dr. Mark Logan-Foxborough Regional Charter School, MA

5.  Outstanding Green Principal

  • Elaine Metropolis-Captain Samuel Brown Elementary School, MA

6.     Outstanding School-led Project in Climate Resiliency

  • Young Women In Climate, Manchester Essex Regional High School, MA

7.     Outstanding School-led Project in Energy

  • Broward County Public Schools, FL

8.     Outstanding School-led Project in Conservation

  • Maddie, Manchester Essex Regional High School, MA
  • Lincoln Sudbury Green Team, MA
  • Munford Schools-Teach Up, AL

9.       Outstanding School-based Outdoor Classroom Design + Implementation

  • Mullen Hall, Falmouth, MA

10.  Outstanding Green Student [Elementary/Middle/High]

  • Sarah & Isabella-Green Schools Executive Team, Manchester Essex Regional High School, MA
  • Clara, Lincoln Sudbury, MA
  • Erica Mazzerrelli, Project Green Ball, MA
  • Carter & Olivia, OMG Team, GA
  • Valeriy Golina, Foxborough Regional Charter School, MA
  • Garden Project...Tri County Regional School District, MA
  • Garden Club, Captain Samuel Brown Elementary School, MA


**Recognition Certificates: Environmental Eagles of Captain Samuel Brown Elementary School, MA



The 2014 Green Difference Awards are Sponsored by:




Will your student  be graduating from National Green Schools Society?






Will your students be graduating from National Green Schools Society? We've extended the deadline. 









We would like your environmentally engaged 2014 GRADUATES to apply for special recognition from National Green Schools Society this year. If graduates have performed 100 hours of environment service they are eligible to apply for an honor stole and certificate from NGSS. Complete an applicationtracking form, and letter of intent (a 1-2 page essay outlining accomplishments). Send in your $35 fee by May 16th to Green Schools, PO Box 323, Mansfield, MA 02048. Send completed documents to Maureen Aylward, Director of Students and Schools,


National Green Schools Society honors and develops bright, civic-minded, environmentally literate citizens in your schools and communities. Students in grades 5-8 and 9-12 develop their passion for preserving the environment, while improving schools and communities through environmental service, leadership, and activism.


Created and developed by the multi-award winning non-profit organization, Green Schools, Inc., National Green School Society provides a structure for student engagement in environmental projects as well as recognition for the work they do in your schools and communities.

Excellence in Energy and Environmental Affairs Awards


 Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Rick Sullivan honored 27 energy and environmental education programs at the 20th Annual Secretary's Awards for Excellence in Energy and Environmental Education held on May 6, 2014!




Special thank you to Robin Organ for being the emcee and Meg Colclough for coordinating everything!


The energy at the State House today was really amazing. Feel free to pass on the link to your networks in celebration of the tremendous energy & environmental education happening in MA!


See the 27 Honorees


Green Schools Partners with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is
 excited to partner with Green Schools to provide opportunities for students, schools and communities to create native habitats on schools grounds to benefit student learning and local wildlife. The mission of the Schoolyard Habitat and Outdoor Classroom Program is to get students from across the country outside to experience nature. To accomplish this mission, the Program helps schools create natural spaces on school grounds where students will play, observe, draw, write, think and question.  
To download the Schoolyard Habitat Project Guide or to learn more, please visit the website
Youth Climate Change Forum


Up on the roof of EPA Region 1 building in Boston, MA with Green Schools, EPA, Boston Green Academy and Bedford High School during the Youth Climate Change Forum on April 16, 2014.


The Massachusetts Climate Change Youth Forum encouraged high school and college students to educate themselves on environmental issues and inspires them to be the next generation of youth leaders. The Forum is designed to advance the knowledge and perspective of Massachusetts' high school and college students with interactive roundtable discussions on local relevant topics.


The critical factor for a sustainable future is in preparing the next generation to understand and value the interconnectedness of environmental responsibility, social equity and economic development. The Forum empowers, encourages and mobilizes Massachusetts' high school and college students to be local Thought-Leaders for positive impact.


Healthy Schools Hero: Dr. Mark Logan


Posted FEBRUARY 24, 2014

Foxborough Regional Charter School: A Commitment to Learning and Leadership
Nominated by Robin Organ, Executive Director/Founder, GreenSchools:
"When it comes to identifying a Healthy School Hero, Green Schools believes the Foxborough Regional Charter School (FRCS) is exemplar! The entire FRCS community embraces the importance of Health and Wellness throughout key elements of their mission, including academics, service, and leadership."
Dr. Mark Logan, "Enter to learn. Exit to Lead"  
Executive Director Dr. Mark Logan has a bachelor's degree in legal studies and a master's degree in business. Throughout his career, he has worked with youth as a teacher, coach, and mentor. After spending years helping at-risk early adolescents and teenagers focus on overcoming obstacles and making smart choices, he formally changed his career to public education, seeking to improve the learning opportunities for a greater number of students.  Now twelve years later, he is making such a difference as the Executive Director of one of the largest K-12 charter schools in the state. 

STEM2 Summit: Celebrate STEM Innovation



STEM´┐Ż Summit: Celebrate STEM Innovation!









Celebrate STEM Innovation! The first  STEM summit for Elementary Education!


Come be inspired-learn how STEM is moving humanity forward. Hear about cutting edge innovations developed - all right here in Massachusetts! Don't miss this opportunity to hear major innovators speak about their personal path to STEM. You might be surprised to hear their passion for STEM began early on in elementary school and how their resulting contributions changed society. In addition to learning about Massachusetts' culture of STEM innovation, we'll be holding breakout sessions focused on elementary STEM resources, STEM grant identification, and how to write a successful STEM grant. Teachers, administrators, STEM Industry, and policymakers are all invited to join this celebration. Participation is FREE and paid for the by the US Department of Education's Race to the Top Fund.


Celebrate STEM Innovation! The first STEM summit bringing together innovators and educators. .Come be inspired-learn how STEM is moving humanity forward. Hear about cutting edge innovations developed - all right here in Massachusetts! Don't miss this opportunity to hear major innovators speak about their personal path to STEM. You might be surprised


Register Now!



Wednesday June 4, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM EDT



Gordon College

255 Grapevine Road

Wenham, MA 01984

Driving Directions


Engineering Toolkit: Engineering a Sustainable World

Check out this amazing Educator Toolkit from the National Environmental Education Foundation!
Click to find a resource guide for green engineering lesson plans and activities for grades K-12 education.


International School Grounds Month - May 2014

In May 2014, the International School Grounds Alliance is calling on schools around the globe to take their pupils outside to celebrate their grounds. It's as simple as that. We believe school grounds are very important to children and shape their experience of the world around them. If you agree with us, we hope you will take some time during this month-an hour, a day, even a week or several different times during the month-to go outside into your grounds with your students.
Learn more and how your schools can participate

MA Clean Energy Center 2014 Internship Program


Dear Friends,


The  Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is now accepting applications for the summer 2014 Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program, which provides paid internship opportunities for college students and recent graduates at Massachusetts-based clean energy companies. 


Offered by MassCEC and the New England Clean Energy Council (NECEC), the program focuses on enhancing the talent pipeline for Massachusetts companies engaged in the clean energy industry. 


MassCEC will provide Massachusetts-based clean energy companies with stipends of up to $12 per hour for up to 10 weeks for each full-time intern, with a cap of $4,800 per intern.


If you are interested in becoming a host employer or you are a student seeing an internship, visit the internship program website for more information. 


Best Regards,

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program Team


College of Atlantic Summer Field Institute for High School Students



College of the Atlantic's Summer Field Institute includes three distinctive programs for rising high school juniors and seniors: Islands Through TimeRivers: A Wilderness Odyssey, and Farm to Fork: Understanding Our Food. Our classrooms include canoes on the river, farm fields, rocky island shores and the woods and waters of Maine and Acadia National Park. Here students explore the connections between science, art, and the humanities while they engage in an intensive program combining academic work with field experiences. These programs will provide you with opportunities to reflect on your place in the world and develop skills you will use in college and beyond.


Learn more


'RoboClam' Could Anchor Submarines

RoboClam was inspired by nature- the razor clam is 'the Ferrari of diggers'

By James MorganScience reporter, BBC News, April 9, 2014


A new burrowing robot for anchoring miniature submarines has been developed - inspired by the humble razor clam.

"RoboClam" could be used to lay undersea cables, and potentially even destroy mines, its inventors say.


The device mimics the digging action used by razor clams to turn solid soil into liquid "quicksand", helping them slide through.


A prototype is described in the journal Bioinspiration and Biomimetics by engineers from MIT in Boston, US.




Student Film Project

Do you like films?  Do you care about the environment?  Have you ever thought about combining the two?  Now is your chance!  We're excited to open the call for submissions for the 2014 Student Film Project contest!


 Click to Learn More


Casting Call for Fox TV: Utopia
Fox TV- Utopia - A new world is coming.. will you be chosen to Fox's new ground-breaking social experiement? 

Fox TV is searching for pioneers to become the first inhabitants of Utopia.  They are looking for 15 "brilliant" people from around the country who want to live in Utopia. 

Visit the website to learn more


Watch the trailer




National Grid Working with Schools



Check out this video and see a great partnership between National Grid and schools! 


Grant Opportunity Seed Grants  Deadline: Ongoing

Are you working to start a community action project or program with your friends? Do you need money to put your ideas into action? A $500 Do Something Seed Grant is given out every week to help young people just like YOU! These grants can be used towards project ideas and programs that are just getting started, or to jump-start your program and realize your ideas for the first time. These grants can also be used towards projects that are already developed and sustainable, towards the next steps of your project and organization to help you as you look to expand your project and grow your impact. Click Here   



Robin Organ

Founder and Executive Director

Green Schools