May 19, 2014

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May 20  - Certification Coffee, Home of Jennifer Cohen, 3 Old Barn Rd., Hawthorn Woods


June 2 - Board Mtg.

Rolling Meadows Library


A Welcome from Our President
Maureen Flood
Dear Fellow Members:

Congratulations to Mary Anne Block, our Member of the Year.  It is the contribution of our members that makes us a great organization.

We are grateful to our new President, Robin Meredith-Kramer, Vice-president - Mi Young Kim and Corresponding Secretary - Janice Wilkans.

I know you will give them your help and support.  I have appreciated all that you have done for me.

Whether you are a new or long-time member, you will get more out of your membership, if you find a place to participate.  We are willing to help you find an opportunity that will match your interests.  Please let me know where you might like to jump in.  Our committees will be happy to welcome you. 

Maureen P. Flood
President, NWSMTA
Review from the National Convention


My husband dropped me off on Pedagogy Saturday and picked Marcia Mally and Fran Onley and me up on Wednesday. I forgot my cane and Fran Onley was nice enough to pack it in her suitcase. I was there for Pedagogy Saturday and Fran came Sunday. I enjoyed the sessions on improvising. Brian Chung and Forrest Kinney were funny when they were improvising on Pedagogy Saturday. Byron Janus was 86 years old and the audience sang happy birthday to him. He had a big, tall white birthday cake with frosted flowers. I was eating lunch one day with Fran Onley, Suzanne Murray and Suzanne Fleer at the Harvest Restaurant and Byron and his wife were having lunch, too. Janice Razaq, as our President, spoke how there were people from Switzerland, Iceland and Brazil and Canada. I am always taking notes and this was the one time I didn't and I wish I did. I did get her picture, though. There was a married couple from Brazel who performed The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky which I loved!. The exhibits were on the 4th and 7th floors. We had to get the exhibitors signatures in order to try and win a prize. I got the exhibitors from the 4th floor but then, I lost my signature card and I had to do it all over again. It was so hard for my back and feet to walk so much. My feet were hurting and swollen from all the salt in the food.I bought the 3D technique of Fred Karpoff and I bought a pedal from the Air Turn exhibit that will help me video tape my students. We walked to a restaurant for the Illinois State Music Teachers dinner. I had a hard time doing that. After dinner, I decided to walk back and all the pretty lights at night and the architecture took my mind off of my back and feet. I loved how Karin Redekopp Edwards, George Litterest and Shana Kirk said hello to me, like I was their friend. I enjoyed the session on ipad apps and online teaching. My room was $200 a night with all the tax. I had a nice fluffy bed. I am thankful that Marcia Mally and Fran Onley shared a room with me to help with the cost. It was exciting because Stecher and Horowitz were in my elevator with me! I never really had the opportunity to meet them. Food was expensive, too. I enjoyed meeting all the teachers from out of state. This was Constance Hughes and Carol Ekblads first convention. I really enjoyed the conference. Now to save my money for Las Vegas!


Janice Wilkans


Change of Contact Information 

Mary Ann Eichorn's contact information has changed.
5852 N. St. John's Court, Chicago, IL  60646
Phone 847-634-0075 and her cell is 847-217-9085.

Summer Piano Camp



Three classes, based on age: 5-7 years old, 8-10 years old, and 10-12 years old. Each class will have between five and ten students. All skill levels are welcomed - students do not need to have a musical background (private lessons, band, choir or orchestra) to enroll. All are welcome!



The music class will incorporate music theory, notation and history through activities and games.


Students will engage in note and rhythm reading, learn about classical, jazz and rock composers, play games that use learned concepts such as music history or theory, and every student will make a percussive instrument with materials provided in the class. Students will have access to world percussive instruments, engage in drum circles (providing some inspiration to their instrument making!) and also use boom whackers to work with pitched instruments. We will also work on creating our own catchy commercial jingles!



The camp will be held at Alexis Ross's home music studio in the Scarsdale neighborhood of Arlington Heights, where I will have access to my piano, teaching materials, and instruments for the students, with the help of another co-instructor.



There are two sessions. The two sessions are not identical - each session varies with lesson plans and materials learned, so students are able to enroll in both sessions and learn completely different concepts.


The first session runs June 9th - July 3rd, twice a week, either a Monday/Wednesday session, or a Tuesday/Thursday session. Each class meets one hour on the session days, twice per week, for 3 weeks - a total of 6 1-hour classes. The second session will use the same format, running from July 7th-24th.



Registration begins online May 15th. The cost for one session is $90. Registration can be done online at 



For a more detailed description, please visit, or contact Alexis Ross at



Northwest Suburban Music Teachers Association
Maureen Flood, President
Chieko Garling, Webmaster

Deborah Lynch, Newsletter