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May 2015 - In This Issue:
Conference participants visit exhibits at the 2015 VOS conference in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Greetings, VOS!

This time of year is associated with transition for many of us. It is when residencies end and the excitement of the next stage in our lives propel us towards our hopes and dreams. Jobs change, people move away and as the years pass we look for things to connect us as we make our way through these times of transition.

VOS has been one such thing for me. As my residency ended and I moved away from everything I knew to start a life filled with uncertainty, VOS helped me maintain my connection to my friends, faculty and colleagues. I am looking forward to helping all of you out there, whether seasoned members or newcomers, stay connected with each other and with us.

This organization has grown great through its membership and its long rich history of dedicated organizers, so help us continue this by staying connected through renewing your memberships, joining us at our annual conferences (look out Big Sky, Montana), enjoying our monthly newsletter, and of course, plug into our social media veins, Facebook and Twitter.


Dr. Katja Lin

A special thanks to outgoing Communications Chair Mike Karlin for taking up the daunting task of a new position and helping to connect VOS with its members!


Katja Lin, DVM, DACVS 

Communications Chair
Veterinary Orthopedic Society


The VOS office is moving to Colorado in June!


Effective June 10, 2015, our new address and telephone number are:


Veterinary Orthopedic Society

P.O. Box 665

Parker CO 80134

Telephone: 720-389-6479


Our website and email address remain the same:





Due to the move, the VOS office will be closed from June 3-17. 

VOS 2016! 
Photo by Michel Tallichet, courtesy of Big Sky Resort / Montana.
Photo by Michel Tallichet, courtesy of Big Sky Resort / Montana.
Big Sky Montana logo
Mark your calendar for the 2016 VOS Conference in Big Sky, Montana.

2016 VOS Conference 
February 27-March 5, 2016 
Big Sky, Montana

Save the dates, and plan to join us in 2016! Registration will open in the fall. 

Steve Petersen



Kenneth Bruecker

Past President


Rich Evans 

President Elect


R. Mark Daye



Katja Lin 



Janet Van Dyke

Advertising / Publicity Sponsor Chair


Andy Bathe

Scientific Program


Reunan Guillou

Scientific Program, Assistant Chair


Jonathan Suber



Matt Stewart



Cheryl Tano

Exhibit Chair


John Chandler

Director, Education Foundation


Richard "Dick" Lau

Assistant Director, Education Foundation 


Maralyn R. Probst

Executive Secretary


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2016 43rd Annual Conference

February 27-March 5, 2016

Big Sky, Montana

2017 44th Annual Conference
March 11-18, 2017
Snowbird, Utah 
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In this issue, we are featuring two key sponsors of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society. Look for more sponsor profiles in future issues.

Arthrex Vet Systems logoLocation: Naples, Florida


What year was the company started?

1981, Arthrex Vet Systems was established in 2004.


What products / services does your company offer? 

Arthrex Vet Systems offers products specifically developed by veterinarians such as the Canine Unicompartment Elbow? (C.U.E.) SynaCART?, TightRope? CCL, Meniscal Knife, Stifle Distractor and InternalBrace? TPLO Plate and IRAP, along with many orthopaedic devices and orthobiologic products.


What should Veterinary Orthopedic Society members know about your company?

Arthrex Vet Systems is a division of Arthrex, a privately-owned company, that has a team dedicated to working with veterinarians in the development of new products and techniques that help surgeons treat their patients better. Arthrex Vet Systems is also committed to providing high-quality continuing education to both advanced veterinary surgeons and general practitioners in order to improve the overall care offered to pets.


Can you explain a challenging situation that your company was able to solve?

Arthrex has been challenged with providing world class medical education opportunities to clinicians across the globe. By utilizing the Arthrex Lab Services network with facilities across the globe, we are able to offer continuing education in state-of-the-art labs in areas where veterinarians can easily travel to attend courses. 


Can you tell us about any new products or services your company is developing?

Arthrex is continually enhancing its imaging and resection products, including the Synergy? system which has HD and 4K imaging capabilities and an iPad interface to help surgeons better communicate with customers.


Arthrex Vet Systems now offers two or three-day continuing education courses for participants who desire more hands-on lab time. This helps to further develop the confidence and knowledge of a procedure before trying it in a clinic case. Strong post-course support is also offered to all participants to ensure proper surgical techniques are being performed.

Visit the Arthrex Vet Systems website to learn more.

Arthrex's Synergy system
Arthrex's Synergy? system with HD and 4K imaging capabilities.

NGD New Generation Devices logo Location: Offices in Glen Rock and Ewing, New Jersey, and Naples, Florida

What year was the company started? 2001

What products / services does your company offer?

We develop, produce and market instruments, implants and biomaterials for the surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of the animal skeleton and soft tissues.


What should Veterinary Orthopedic Society members know about your company? 

New Generation Devices (NGD) understands the importance of choice-the last thing you or your patient needs is to be limited, either by cost or by the devices themselves. NGD helps veterinary surgeons find the right balance between what's best for your patients and your business, with innovative, cost-effective orthopedic technologies that offer unmatched intra-operative flexibility and integrate seamlessly into your approach.


Can you explain a challenging situation that your company was able to solve? 

Implant Fixation / integrity had long been a challenge for the veterinary surgeon. To solve this age old problem, NGD introduced the first veterinary-specific locking plates to the industry in 2004. NGD now offers the most comprehensive line of Dual Compression Locking Plate Systems on the market. All of our plates feature our patented dual compression locking technology for unmatched locking screw placement versatility. And our unique drill guide and screws also allow our plates to work seamlessly with your current plating instruments and approach, making integration simple and affordable.


Can you tell us about any new products or services your company is developing? 

Since early 2012, NGD, in collaboration with Drs. Neil Embleton and Veronica Barkowski, has been developing an innovative internal stifle repair system. Simitri Stable In Stride? is a three-part modular system that has been designed to provide the surgeon with an option for the management of any form of canine stifle instability. The Simitri system may be of benefit in speeding up the recovery period by providing immediate stabilization to the instability. Laboratory and clinical research (presented at 2015 VOS, available upon request)  have shown the Simitri system to be an effective method of managing canine stifle instability. And, we believe that the traditional approach of performing an osteotomy will be replaced, in the near future, by a stable implant system for normal joint mechanics and stability in all phases of stride.


Visit the NGD - New Generation Devices website to learn more.

Colleagues pose for a photo while socializing at the 2015 VOS Conference in Sun Valley.
"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."
- Socrates

That being said, we all have through our experiences learned a thing or two that we wish we would have known as we finished our residencies. Well, here is your chance to impart that knowledge on future surgeons.


Please email Katja Lin at with one or two sentences of wisdom for the outgoing residents. These will be collected and shared in our upcoming newsletter. 

VOS Call for Abstracts VOS invites practitioners, academicians, and researchers interested in large animal, small animal, and exotic species to submit abstracts of novel studies in practical and scientific topics related to veterinary orthopedics and traumatology. Preference will be given to abstracts that have clinical relevance.

Papers addressing results of controlled retrospective and prospective clinical studies are strongly encouraged. Clinician investigators should also consider submitting innovative surgical techniques, or case reports describing unusual or difficult cases as these will be reviewed separate from the scientific abstracts; as will submissions for the Complications and Corrections session.


Read the complete VOS Call for Abstracts.

The Veterinary Orthopedic Society's State of the Industry talks provide an opportunity for our valued sponsors to share with the membership interesting scientific research, clinical data or information about new treatments, developments, and/or techniques. These should be presentations with scientific merit rather than commercials.

Presentations will be 10 minutes long plus 5 minutes for questions. The time limit will be adhered to strictly. PowerPoint files (or PDFs of these files) must be submitted to the Sponsor Chair ( 14 days in advance for review by the Chair and the Session Moderator. This ensures suitability and enables time for any necessary revisions. Late submissions may result in loss of the preferred time slot for presentation.
Conference attendees enjoyed an outdoor picnic lunch on a sunny day in Sun Valley.
AARV logo At NAVC 2016, the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians will feature the presentation of original scientific studies pertinent to the science and practice of rehabilitation therapy. Material is currently being considered for verbal presentation (15 minutes) at AARV's track at NAVC. Reviews will be performed by a minimum of two reviewers with final approval by AARV's Board of Directors. All accepted abstracts will be published in AARV's newsletter (February 2016 issue).  
Abstract submission guidelines are detailed on the AARV website. Please submit your abstracts for review and/or questions to Dr. Carolina Medina via email at
Important Abstract Submission Deadlines

June 1, 2015  Final call for abstracts 
July 1, 2015  Abstract submission deadline 
August 1, 2015  Decisions notified to authors and corrections requested 
September 1, 2015  Corrected abstract submission deadline 
October 1, 2015  Final decision notified to authors 
January 18, 2016  Oral delivery with PowerPoint presentation of study at NAVC 

Read the abstract submission guidelines.
The American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians has established a competitive annual awards program to add to the evidence base for veterinary rehabilitation by providing grant funds to highly meritorious applications. We encourage individuals to submit grant proposals that advance the science of canine and/or equine rehabilitation.

The total funds available annually to support research applications are $5,000. This is divided equally between two available grants. The AARV Research Grant ($2,500) is for clinical research related to the field of animal rehabilitation. The Aratana Research Grant ($2,500) is for research related to the field of veterinary rehabilitation with the stipulation that the research must be in the areas of pain management and/or stem cell therapy for canine or feline patients.

Applications must be submitted by July 1, 2015. For complete details, please see the Research Grants page on the AARV website.

Thank you to the following companies for supporting the Veterinary Orthopedic Society.

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AO Vet Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management

TheraCellVET ad

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