Go Tell It on the Mountain

May 2015 Newsletter
Skyland Community Church

10:30 Sunday Service

Rev. Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310

9th African Library
Now in Progress



 Angela Patterson reports:


 We are getting ready to launch  another African Library, and we have  quite a lot of books in the room next  to Stephen's office.


 We would like to send a few specific  items with the library and hope that  the community can help. We have  some children's books on tape and  we would like a small working tape  player and a supply of batteries,  usually AA.


 We also have a book on chess so we  would like to send a chess set (and  board). 


 All donations would be gratefully  received and can be given to Angela  Patterson, Shannon Edwards or  Anne Evans. We will keep you  informed as we progress with our  application to send another library,  our ninth, to Africa.




Meditation Moment

I will praise the Lord, who            counsels me;

even at night my heart instructs    me.


I have set the Lord always      before me.

Because he is at my right hand,

 I will not be shaken.


Therefore my heart is glad

 and my tongue rejoices;

 my body will also rest secure.


                        -- Psalm 16:7-9




Altar Flowers


The remaining open date for donating flowers this month is May 17. Please sign up in Whitaker Hall.



beaming day lily,

baby's breath, freesia, Scotch broom --

ikebana joy!

- - Haiku by John Heyes

 Minister's  Column

Land Transfer Complete; 
plus - Margretta Turns 95!
Skyland's New 'Emerald Triangle'

Dear Skyland Friends,

It's not every month we have big news to report, but I am delighted to be able to tell you that our church has acquired the property on the corner of Skyland and Miller Hill from the generosity of the Wicht family!


We will be planning a celebration for that event soon but I want you to know that it has happened. The Church Council will be leading some visioning opportunities to discuss how we might make best use of the property, so they will look forward to hearing your ideas.


On behalf of the whole church community, I want to express particular thanks to Barbara Wicht and the entire Wicht family for making this possible, and to Skyland members Lucy Lofrumento, who handled myriad legal details, and Paula Leary, who handled equally myriad real estate details. I am fond of saying "God is still creating" and it will be really fun to see how God works with us to create in our new space!


The other big news is that our beloved choir director, Margretta Dollard, turns 95 this month and we will be celebrating that glorious event with a festive potluck sponsored by the Deacons, with cake and song and your tasty contributions. Newsletter editor Cliff Barney presents excerpts from an interview he did with her and a picture of her in action! Just keep reading.


So many blessings! So many ways God is at work in our midst! Gratitude!


-- Cheers,  Stephen


Choir's-eye view of Margretta at work

Margretta's Upbeat at 95

Though she has been a familiar figure at Skyland for 25 years, Margretta Dollard, everyone's favorite choir director, is like many of us an East Coast transplant, happy to be here. Margretta turns 95 May 28, and Skyland will celebrate the event with a special potluck, sponsored by the Deacons, on May 17.

Margretta has sung in the choir since she arrived at Skyland in 1977, and she has sung in choir wherever she has gone since she was a child. She lived then in Washintgton  D.C., the fifth generation of her family to do so, and began taking piano lessons at age 9. She left home during WW2, when she applied for a government job and was sent to Florida to become a cryptographer.


There, Margretta says, she met her late husband Neil, then an intelligence worker but later a pilot whom she married on his acceptance into the Air Corps and traveled with while he was training at several southern bases. 

Much," says Margretta, "to my parents' chagrin."

Chagrin or no, the couple moved to California after the war, at first to Palo Alto, whence Neil flew as a navigator for Pan Am.  After a few years of this, they fled the suburbs for the more rural Monte Sereno; there they found a three-acre place which was their home for 25 years. That's when they moved up the mountain and Margretta found Skyland.

She still lives in the mountains, with her daughter and son-in-law nearby and several chickens and farm animals sharing their life.

"Every place we had gone, I had found the church with the best music - sometimes Methodist, sometimes Congregational," she says. "Elizabeth Elbon was directing the choir at Skyland. She started it; she lived in Los Gatos but her best friend lived on the mountain, and they were both musical. They found people up here and started a really good choir. It was big - must have been over 20 people when I started."

Margretta has become known for her lively manner of singing while conducting the choir. She's proud of their work.

"We try to do a variety of music, so if you don't like what you hear one Sunday, perhaps the next we will really please you. We're very congenial and happy and welcome anyone to join us."

In fact, she adds in a familiar request, "We can always use new singing members; men are particularly welcome, for balance."

Men, women and children are all particularly welcome at the celebration for Margretta May 17.

-- CB



NOTE from your treasurer:


Final total of your generous donations for One Great Hour of Sharing is $2116.


Pledge gifts are catching up to commitments - only $971 less than planned for these 11 months of our fiscal year.  Offering donations are also continuing strong and are currently $1200 above planned donations.


Here are our operating finances for Apr. 2015 as of Apr. 27.                   

Summary of Operating Finances


             Apr. 2015      |  Jun 1,2014 to Apr.27               Actual   Planned |  Actual    Planned 

   Income   $10,615 $ 9,361 | $166,369  $159,429

   Expenses $ 9,932 $ 9,951 | $155,101  $156,703

   Net      $   683 $ (-590 | $ 11,268  $  2,726


-- Gerald J. Alonzo, Treasurer