Taste of Summer
Baby Beachballs
Feast for Father
Welcome to our latest newsletter.  Tho' Summer is technically a month away,  we're enjoying temperate, extended Springtime weather, aren't you?

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The Pear Speaks:

"Asian Pear Spread, better than 
A-1 Steak Sauce!" 

- Linda from Coopersburg, PA

    May 2016

Taste of Summer.

Soon, we'll be celebrating the arrival of Summer along with other area producers, right in our own backyard during Taste of Kutztown

Under the glorious arbor of giant trees in the Kutztown Community Park on June 11 th, we'll be sampling and selling Asian Pear offerings as well as visiting with attendees.  

Take in a lovely stroll through the park, tasting and shopping good fare from area farms, chefs, wineries, breweries and artisan producers. Event proceeds benefit community programs organized by the Kutztown Rotary. For event info and tickets.

Baby Beachballs.

Young Asian Pears
Our pears are growing daily; tho' still tiny (approx. half inch in diameter).  It's hard to believe each will swell into sizes ranging 4 - 5 inches in diameter by the time we pack up our Summer beachgear and get ready for Fall. 

Summer dreamin' already about the taste of our fresh Asian Pears?  Email us with your order reservation now and receive your fresh Asian Pears as soon as we start Fall harvest.

Can't get any fresher than this right-off-the-tree experience?! Mention free shipping code firstpick in your email a nd you'll receive free shipping when your wonderful box of our Pears makes its way from our farm to you.

Fruit Feast for Father. 

Tree for Dad
A long cool, wet Spring is giving way to lots of grass to mow and lots of green leafy foliage sprouting everywhere.  

Working your own backyard seem as challenging as working an entire orchard? So give Dad an inspiring yard project he won't have to lift a finger for:  Adopt A Tree this Father's Day. We do all the work, Dad gets to enjoy sweet, juicy and crisp fresh fruit.

If you are looking for a more modest gift for Dad, we recommend our Asian Pear Spread as a simple, "thanks, Dad!" gift.  We enjoy our pear spread as BBQ sauce on our chicken, pork, and burgers.   Free shipping for our Pear Spread for Fathers' Day and for all summer long:  PearBBQ

Dried Asian Pear Stuffed Porkchops
How about cooking for Dad on Father's Day?  Of course you can't invade his territory (firing up "his" grill) to cook something for him.  So here's a porkchop dish that will appeal to his inner grill-man... and easy to prepare in the kitchen.
To download this recipe from Chef Terry, please click below: 

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