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May 2016 Newsletter

Springtime in Central Texas!

Greetings fans and supporters of sustainable local food!  We're happy to report that we are busier than ever helping socially responsible food companies raise money from local impact investors.  

As you may recall, last year we saw 59 deals and led, facilitated, or enabled 5 to close.  So far this year we've seen 28 deals, and closed 3, all of which we led.  21 deals are currently in process!

Here are some highlights:

New Artisanal Dairy

Visitors to any of 8 farmers markets around the Austin area, and diners at premier restaurants like Odd Duck, Jack Allen's, and Lenior are familiar with Jim, Kay, & Mike Richardson, along with Jim's cousin Bobby Fellers, who've provided organic meats, eggs, and vegetables for years.  Now, with Jim's brother Tim joining the crew, they'll soon be selling organic milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

And, it turns out small scale artisan dairies are a "thing"...   see this 4/12/16 New York Times piece "Milk Jumps Onto the Small-Batch Bandwagon".

Cuernavaca chickens, courtesy Martin Payne.
AFI Photo Contest: $1,000 in Prizes

We want our website to show the beauty and bounty that is the Central Texas food scene, rather than the boring stock photos we have now.  So we've launched a Photo Contest, open to anyone involved in food around here, looking for your great photos of farms, factories, restaurants, and experiences with healthy, consciously-grown & consumed food.

Some of the cash prizes are for folks that send along this newsletter, or tweet about it, or text or email or otherwise refer their friends encouraging them to enter.

Par-tay!  Par-tay!  Party!

Close followers of AFI may have read in Edible Magazine about an event we had planned called ATXFood+Finance16.  It was to be a combination of speakers, workshops, networking, and eating, all around the intersection of local, sustainable, food, and finance.  But the more we thought about it, the more we realized that there are so many of these kinds of things, and others do them so well, and all we really care about is the networking, and what do you call "networking" with some beer thrown in?  That's a Party!  So forget the serious "event", and join us instead on May 25, around 5, at Hops & Grain just to hang with other folks who care about good, clean, fair food and investment.  And great beer!  We'll have tours of the brewery, maybe a super-short update on AFI, and hopefully a simple great time.

Now Accepting New Investors

OK, so we've always been accepting new investors.  Now we really mean it!

Sign-up is easy.  There are no joining or participation fees.  There are no minimum deal participation requirements or minimum investment amounts.  There are no regular meetings.

We currently require that all investors be "accredited", per the SEC definitions.

Know of someone that might be interested?  Please forward this email.  Or, have her or him contact us, we're always happy to sit down in person and discuss the food system, private company investing, and business-as-a-force-for-good for-profit entrepreneurialism.

Sign off...

Hope all this rain has been good for you;
hope you're finding ways to eat healthier;
hope your investments are doing well;
hope you get a chance to help each other;
hope before hitting "forward" or "delete" you can take 6 seconds to sit back, take a huge breath, and be thankful for all that we have!


Curt, Jarred, & Eric

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