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You have several options to pay your PBHMD bill

By Mail
Paint Brush Hills Metro District
9830 Liberty Grove Drive
Falcon, CO 80831
Drop-Off Location
Paint Brush Hills Metro District Office Payment Drop Box
9830 Liberty Grove Drive
Falcon, CO
*Payments placed in the drop box after noon on the last business day of the month may incur a late charge. 
An Automatic Payment Plan (monthly electronic bank draft for your bill amount) is also available.  Please complete the Automatic Payment (ACH) form and  email it to
Online Payment
Payments may be made online by clicking here
*There are fees that apply to this payment method. 
Water Leaks Can Cost You
How much money are your leaks costing?
It's a tiny leak, how bad could it be?
Ev teardrop_icon.gif en small leaks and drips add up
fast. For example:
  • Dripping indoor faucet = $10/month
  • Dribbling or steady stream outdoor faucet = $50-$100/month
  • Leaking Toilet = $50-$100/month
  • Total = $110-$210/month or $1,320-$2,520/year
Did you know that the most common cause of dripping faucets and shower heads is a worn-out-washer? Did you know the cost of the washer needed to repair a leak is less than 10 cents?

If your water bill suddenly increases, but you haven't changed the way you use water, chances are you've sprung a leak. If you can not identify visible leaks, read your water meter. It's good preventive
maintenance to conduct a leak check of your house once or twice
a year.

How to Read Your Meter:
  1. Turn off all water-inside and outside, including your automatic icemaker and evaporative cooler.
  2. Record the reading on your water meter.
  3. Wait 30 minutes.
  4. Record the new reading on your water meter. If the reading has changed, you have a leak.
Source: Colorado Office of Water Conservation and Drought Planning
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May 2016
The Board of Directors and staff of the Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District  hope you enjoy this edition of the  Newsletter.
Board of Directors Meeting
May 19, 2016 Regular Meeting
The next Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors will be on Thursday, May 19, 2016 7:00 PM in the District Office, 9830 Liberty Grove Drive, Falcon, Colorado. The Board Meeting Agenda is available on the District's website. All meetings are open to the public.
May 3, 2016 Regular Election
The District's Regular Election was held on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.  The Election Canvass Board met on Thursday, May 12, 2016 and issued its Canvass Board's Certificate of Determination (Certificate of Results).  The newly-elected Directors will have their respective Oaths administered during the May 19, 2016 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors.
New Billing Statements
The District's new billing system is now operational and you should have received your first billing statement from it this week.

What's Changed?
  • Previous balances and payments made since your last statement appear on the statement;
  • Water usage billing tiers are shown with the amount of water and charge for each tier; and
  • A graph showing your past 13 months of water use will appear (this data will be incomplete until June 2017).
What Hasn't Changed?
  • Your account number is the same; and
  • If you're on Auto-Pay (ACH), you don't have to set up a new one.  We transfered your Auto-Pay information to the new billing system.
Please contact the District Office at 719-495-8188 if you have any questions about your bill.
Submit Your Billing Preferences Questionnaire
Take advantage of the new features with launch of the District's new billing system in May 2016.

Please complete the online Billing Preferences Questionnaire. We will update your billing information so that you can take advantage of the new features when they become available.
TABOR and the 5.5% Statutory Revenue Limits
The District will not be able to retain approximately $26,000, or 7%, of the property tax revenue it collects under its mill levy in 2016. This will require the District to refund what amounts to approximately $35.00 per household or temporarily reduce its mill levy so that it collects approximately $26,000 less revenue in 2017 in addition to the TABOR and statutory limitations that may be imposed on its 2017 property tax revenue.
There are three options for the District's Board of Directors to consider as a result of the limitations to the property tax revenue it can retain. The three options are:
  1. Reduce expenses;
  2. Increase fees;
  3. Ask voters to exempt the District from the TABOR and 5.5% revenue limitations.
The District recently mailed a detailed Fact Sheet to District residents concerning these limitations. The Fact Sheet is also available on the District's website in case you missed it.
Water and Sewer Rates Adjusted
The Board of Directors adjusted water and sewer rates and fees effective July 1, 2016 based on a Rate Study presented at the April 14, 2016 Special Meeting. A Notice of  Rate Changes was included with your May 2016 billing statement.
Landscape Irrigation
Water Demand Management Strategy
District residents are starting to water their landscaping.  The District has a Water Demand Management Strategy in place to help it meet the increased water demands that come with landscape irrigation.  The District requests that residential and commercial landscape irrigation be limited to three days a week based on your street address as follows: 
  • Odd-numbered street addresses:  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Even-numbered street addresses:  Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
Additionally, the District's Rules and Regulations states, "Irrigation systems, either manual or automatic, shall only be operated during off-peak energy usage periods (10:00 p.m. through 10:00 a.m.)." 

See more about the District's Water Demand Strategy.
We hope you enjoyed this newsletter and found that it contained helpful information and links.  What do you think?   Send us your feedback.

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