May 2016
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now provides Private Investigation Services for workplaces. Have a violence and                                            harassment case? We can help you through it. 
Human Resource Topic of the Month:

Healthy Workplaces

Providing a Healthy Workplace has a couple of benefits..

 Read more here .

Health and Safety Topic of the Month:
North American Occupational Safety & Health Week (NAOSH)
May 1-7, 2016 is North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week! 

Click here to read more about NAOSH week.
 Ministry of Labour Blitzes
Blitzes are workplace audits conducted at random by  the Ministry of Labour to ensure businesses are practicing safe work procedures. The new schedule has been released! This a schedule of the upcoming blitzes for Spring 2016:

Temporary Foreign Workers
Employment Standards Food Services, Retail Trade, 
Construction and other sectors known to employ temporary foreign workers
May 2, 2016 - June 30, 2016
Young Workers
Employment Standards
Food Services, Retail Trade, Construction and other sectors known to employ young workers May 2, 2016 - June 30, 2016
Falls Health & Safety Construction, Industrial, Mining May 16, 2016 - July 15, 2016
New & Young Workers Health & Safety Industrial July 18, 2016 - September 2, 2016

For more information,visit:
April 28, 2016 was the National Day of Mourning. 
Workers who have been killed, injured or suffered illness due to their jobs were commemorated and remembered on this day. 
More than 2.5 people die every day due to workplace deaths in Canada. 
Let's work hard to reduce these numbers and make our workplaces a safer place to be!
Read more about the National Day of Mourning at the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety Website.
The Ontario Government is rolling out a new WHMIS program called WHMIS 2015. Beyond Rewards can help you develop your WHMIS 2015 program inclusive of training at our workshop! 

Contact us at:  519-821-7440

To read more about the upcoming WHMIS 2015 Workshop click here.

Breakfast at Your Desk:
Aird & Berlis

Have a look at their website for archived complimentary webinars or to find upcoming webinars!

Upcoming Webinar:
Changing Demographics in the Workplace: How to Manage and Thrive.
Mark your calendars - May 31, 2016!
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Training Courses for Spring/Summer 2016

Legislative Update Lunch & Learn 
May 30, 2016
Register for this Lunch and Learn training where we will review some of the latest legislative changes that affect your workplace! We will cover:
Bill 132
WHMIS 2015 

WHMIS - 2015 
June 8, 2016

During this WHMIS 2015 one day workshop you will receive information, tools, resources and consulting on how your business can meet the new legislative requirements that came June 1st 2015.
Don't wait until the Ministry comes knocking - get your program in place today!

Supervisor Due Diligence Training 
June 15, 2016
Supervisor Due Diligence is the expected level of judgement, care and actions that a person should undertake in situations at the workplace. 
Attend this training to learn what your due diligence responsibilities are under legislative law under:
Health & Safety
Human Rights
WSIB Claims Management
June 22, 2016

Are you aware of the costs of a workplace injury? Do you know how to track and verify financial statements related to worker injuries? Do you have an effective documented claims management and return to work control system?

Cert 1 Training
Dates: Coming Soon!
This Generic Training is required for all Health and Safety Reps for Certification. All Reps need to know what their responsibilities are under the Act.

Cert 2 Training
Date: Coming Soon!
These two day industry specific courses are required for Certification of Health and Safety Representatives.
   If you only have Cert 1 - get fully certified. Take this course.

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