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May 2016    
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           Hello, this is Deborah Lindemann, Clinical Hypnotherapist.
                        Welcome to our May 2016 Newsletter.

Here's your latest tips and tools to help you live the life you truly love. Remember hypnosis is the fastest and easiest way to change what's not working in your life
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 "Blessed is he who learns to laugh at himself; for he shall never cease to be  
entertained and healed
from within."


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                Feature Article                       
         Break Free From Your
            Emotional Prison

"We live mediocre lives because we adjust to our fears by adapting our lives around them."    (unknown author)

Did you know that your
entire life and your brain are psychologically wired to avoid pain and discomfort?

This is a fact both psychologically and physically. It's what your brain does. Your brain, specifically your unconscious mind, is designed primarily to keep you safe and alive. Your brain does this in an attempt to help you, to protect you, but it is only limiting you. Let me give you just one simple example and there are many I've seen with clients over the last 24 years.
Let's say you are a woman who's been fairly attractive all her life, but you got involved in an abusive relationship for many years. One of the ways the unconscious mind might try to protect you is by gaining weight as a way to protect yourself from any future unwanted behavior or abuse. By gaining the weight you've made yourself unattractive and you unconsciously think that will keep you safe. However, you've just designed a prison for yourself that keeps you from expressing your true authentic self, by not honoring your body.
You might have heard psychologists or counselors talk about the importance of having healthy boundaries. We all know healthy boundaries have a lot to do with having your own private space. We expect people to respect and honor our private space and how people interact with us.
However there's another way we use boundaries that only limits us. When you get close to a painful issue or a subject that brings up fear, you erect boundaries. Those boundaries are telling you to
not push beyond those boundaries because it isn't safe.
Emotional pain hurts. When you are locked in that pain you will do everything you can to escape it, to distract yourself, maybe even medicate yourself (not recommended).
Here's the big problem: because you cling to your boundaries and you keep them alive they stay fixed in place. Maybe you've heard the expression: "That which we resist...persists". By clinging to your boundaries in an attempt to feel safer, by keeping them alive and erect, you've created an island of limitations and your whole life is now adapted around avoiding that pain or those spaces that feel threatening. When you cling to your unhealthy boundaries you create brick and mortar and cement yourself into a very limited existence in which your number one priority is to avoid pain.
If you are living in your own self-constructed prison there is no room for joy, no room for growth, no room for anything, not even you. You have cut yourself off from life and a life that is truly worth living.
This may in part explain why so many people feel at the end of their life that they truly have not lived.
If you'd like to learn more about some of these concepts I highly recommend a book called: "The Untethered Soul" by Michael A. Singer. 
Remember, your unconscious mind is responsible for 90% of your actions, your behavior, as well as all your beliefs. Imagine living life with bigger, healthier boundaries that actually support you and your dreams. Hypnosis is the fastest, easiest and most permanent tool to help you let go of your self-imposed prison and to expand your personal boundaries to those that truly support you.
Just think for a moment, how have you created your own limited life experience? What do you struggle with? I remember one particular client who struggled with huge sadness for forty years. This sadness kept her trapped in a limited life. In just one hypnosis session, her sadness was completely gone. Her whole life was designed around that. At the end of her session, she simply looked at me and said: "Why did I wait so long?" What are you waiting for?
Call us for a free phone consultation and find out if hypnosis is right for you. (970) 494-1185.

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