A Message from Our Executive Director

Eric Vines
Today we are co-hosting a conference with Sustainable Northwest on the emerging movement of community forests. This is the third year of a conversation about how we can help communities connect with the benefits and challenges of managing forests around their communities, juggling the multiple interests and needs of people for what forests provide, while learning at the same time how hard it is to manage a forest.
These conversations, enhanced by the perspective of our International Fellows, are part of what bring the richness and diversity of thought to gatherings hosted by the World Forestry Center. We are working to unite competing interests toward a common goal, resilient forests. It does not matter whether you work for a government, an environmental non-profit, or a company that is timber dependent, each of us wants forests to be growing robustly well into the future. All of us depend on these forests for our health and economic well-being.
So as you read through this newsletter and discover the amazingly diverse individuals that make up our ecosystem of forestry practitioners, we hope you will join us on the path to discovering how we can work together to grow the worldwide resilience of our forests. There is room at the table for everyone who cares about these issues and wants to make a difference.  

Eric Vines
Executive Director  
Leadership Hall Spotlight
Harry A. Merlo

Chi non lavora, non deve mangiare. Translation: If you don't work, you don't eat. With that simple admonition, Harry A. Merlo's mother set in motion the life of a boy who would grow into a hugely successful businessman, steward of the land, philanthropist, epicure, connoisseur, sportsman and friend of many. 

Growing up in a Stirling City, California boarding house operated by his mother, young Harry's successes were neither predicted nor expected. Many obstacles stood in the path of a logging town boy helping his Italian immigrant mother carve a living from serving mill workers. Yet, the values instilled by Clotilde Merlo would in time empower her son to wear his well-earned cloak of accomplishment with grace and confidence. 

Harry A. Merlo

Leadership Hall Update 

We had the opportunity to honor Hank Swigert as we placed his biography in the Memorial Chest. 

Leigh Goldberg, Director of Communications; Reade Weber, Special Projects Manager;  Hank Swigert, Inductee; 
Eric Vines, Executive Director; Amber Morrison, Development Manager; Wendy Mitchell, Development Director
World Forest Institute News
Each month, you can learn about one of WFC's visiting International Fellows who has been selected for a six-month assignment to collaborate with forestry practitioners here in the Pacific Northwest. The Fellows are passionate, engaged in their local communities, and committed to driving change in forest management practices around the globe.

Join us at the World Forestry Center headquarters in Portland on May 26 for a unique opportunity to meet these global leaders in natural resources management from eight different countries. Read more and RSVP here.

International Fellow Spotlight: Samantha Kwan

Where are you from?

I am a Park Manager on the island of Borneo in the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

You've been here in the United States for two weeks so far. Tell us a little bit about your journey.

It's my first time in the United States. I travelled for over 30 hours through six airports before arriving in Portland International Airport. The U.S. Embassy in Malaysia recommended that I watch the show Portlandia before arriving to help me prepare. So far, it's pretty accurate.

What attracted you to the World Forest Institute Fellowship Program?

Portland has one of the best examples in the world for management and rehabilitation of urban forests.
What were you doing before you arrived in Portland?

I work for the Sarawak Forestry Corporation - which is the implementing agency of the ordinances related to wildlife and forestry - owned by the Government of Sarawak. As the Park Manager,I'm responsible for stopping prohibited activities like illegal wildlife trade, illegal logging, and illegal encroachment into protected areas. I believe I am one of the few female enforcement officers in Sarawak. Right now, I'm overseeing a multi-year 220-acre rehabilitation project for Piasau Nature Reserve, which was a residential area for employees of Shell Oil Company since the 1940s.
What's on your wish list of things to accomplish while working at the World Forestry Center?

A deeper understanding of plant phenology and how environmental changes and urban population can affect the habitat of wildlife in urban forests. Personally, I hope to leave with a more holistic view in life and be more open-minded with how I go about my work as a forester. By the end of the program, I'll have learned about forest practices not only in the United States, but also in Nigeria, Poland, India, and other parts of the world.
What's one of your most exciting observations so far?

More cost-effective and sustainable solutions for utilizing rainwater.
Tell us something obscure about yourself.

My ancestors were headhunters. In some traditional houses back home, they still keep the skulls of their enemies in the attics. I'm also a scuba diver. I love being underwater.
What do you miss the most about home?

The weather and my family. I can connect with them through Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and video technology. But the time difference is 15 hours, so that is challenging. They are already into the future.
You can meet Samantha and the seven other Fellows at the WFC's International Night on May 26th. You can email her at skwan@worldforestry.org.
World Forestry Center's International Night 
May 26 from 5-8 pm

The World Forest Institute International Fellows are here! The 2016 cohort, consisting of eight exceptional Fellows, are bringing us stories of the natural resources in their home countries and the issues and innovations in forest management that are going on around the world. As we start showcasing the best practices in natural resource management in the Pacific Northwest, we are also introducing them to the culture and customs of the US and we would like you to be a part of this journey too!
We hope you will join us for the World Forestry Center's International Night  on May 26 from 5 - 8 pm.  The night will be filled with food, drink, and engaging global conversation. 
This is a complimentary event, you just need to register or RSVP by May 20th to Chandalin Bennett, Sr. Programs Manager, at cbennett@worldforestry.org or at 503-488-2137.

We look forward to seeing you there!

WFI Alumni Updates

Our only two Irish alumni met for the first time at a Society of Irish Foresters conference held recently in Ireland. Vincent Upton (2014, on left) and Richard O'Hanlon (2012, on right) had very different research projects during their Fellowship programs, but both brought their love of Ireland's forests and both work today to promote healthy forests in their home country. 

WFI Director Sara Wu was fortunate to meet up with six generations of Taiwanese alumni on her recent visit to Taipei and share a wonderful dinner with them all. Back row from left: Hwa-guang Shang (2012), Jiunn-Cheng "David" Lin (2004), Ruo-Yun "Zoe" Yeh (2014), Li-Wan Chang (2013), Chia-Chen Wu (2011), Chiung-ping "Bonnie" Liu (2002), Chin-Chun "Rebecca" Hsu (2016).  Front row from left:  Yen-Chang Chen (2001), Joyce Lai, Liang Hung Wu, Sara Wu, Chao-Nien "Carol" Koh (2015).
Community Events
Maintaining Magnificence: Tree Preservation in Urban Areas

We know the myriad benefits trees provide, but how do we value, preserve, and care for healthy mature trees, stands of trees, and forested corridors in and around our cities? Can large beautiful trees co-exist with new housing developments? Is there a better way to include and plan for the care of these great community trees that have literally stood the test of time? What options do satellite and GIS technologies provide in assisting communities to effectively maintain the magnificence of these trees? 

Date: June 2, 2016

Event Location:    
World Forestry Center, Miller Hall
Portland, OR
Click  here to register or for more information.
Forest Products Society International Convention

The annual International Convention is the premier event for professionals in the forest products industry. The Convention brings together hundreds of scientists, design professionals, managers, decision makers, and others from academia, government, nonprofit, and private industry sectors to discuss the state of forest products research and learn about innovations in the field.

Date: June 27-29, 2016

Event Location:    
Portland Marriot Downtown Waterfront
Portland, OR
Click  here to register or for more information.
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Our venues are perfect for a variety of business meetings and social events including fundraising auctions and holiday parties. The warm wood tones of our halls and our setting in Portland's beautiful Washington Park create a natural and friendly atmosphere often not found in hotels or other banquet facilities. Now is the perfect time to secure your space for your organization's fall meeting or holiday party. Please call our Event Services Team at 503-488-2101 to schedule a tour or just learn about some possibilities for your next event. 

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